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Tense Tuesday as Democratic Rivals Battle Over Midwest... and Momentum


Tense Tuesday as Democratic Rivals Battle Over Midwest... and Momentum

As voters turned out for the next round of presidential primaries in five states on Tuesday, Bernie Sanders is aiming for a possible set of Michigan-esque victories in the key mid-western states of Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri.


The Washington Post reports strong turnout in, quote, Missouri, Ohio and the Chicago suburbs, unquote. That’s perfect for Bernie.

Patch.com reports that Kasich is beating Trump decisively in Ohio because a great number of expected Hillary Clinton voters switched tickets to vote for Kasich.

OK, maybe not.

Wait a minute, isn’t this the state where, in the last election, voting totals for marijuana legalization violently jumped 100,000 votes backward in a few minutes? Is Governor Kasich racking up more than 100% of the vote?


On the inane NBC “Meet the Press” Chuck Toad followed-up this SNL skit by saying “Bernie has won the message game”:

You watched a little Saturday Night Live Clearly.

ALEX CASTELLANOS [Republican strategist]:

The campaign belongs to Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren. It’s not Hillary’s campaign. She’s the figurehead. And that’s why it’s so different.


But she grabbed it. She’s going to grab the message.


But, Chuckie, in reality, the only message beyond the “Occupy” message,
which has been fueling Bernie’s campaign — and the only message that
Bernie can use to bury Killary — is to go beyond “Occupy’s” one-word
sound bite, and ‘come-out’ against “America acting like a global EMPIRE

Because Hillary is the paramount CAUSE of “America acting like a global Empire abroad” (and an economic tyranny at home).

IF Bernie chains the crime of making our country “act like an Empire
abroad” around her neck ---- Killary sinks like a pirate’s chest!

And IF Bernie fires a non-violent “Shout heard round the world” and makes
his message a full sentence (with an ‘object’): “Political Revolution
against EMPIRE” — THEN he floats into the White House!


BTW, Here’s how Hillary was really “Fighting for us” as reported by NYT in 1998 — when she was fighting to be a political and social climber in the Hampton’s that summer:

Wow, you can’t top that oh so funny SNL skit about Hillary smiling and
taking on Bernie’s message by the new and oh so funny SNL (although a
shadow of the old and actually ‘hard hitting’ satire of the old and real

But wait, maybe you can top it by reading this article
about the supposedly serious liberal Killary and her laughing fun
husband spending time with some working-class people and poor kids in
their fun stop-over in the Hamptons.

Just reading this one accurate social scene article from a 1998 NYT
will give a close look about the candidate who is running under
HER>>>>> “Fighting for us” banner.

This answers the question ---- of how much fun it was then fighting for who???

Wow, what fun it was then, in the good times, when a phony social and
political climber could enjoy a weekend at the Hamptons with Hillary’s
good friends Biff and Muffie, eh?

The only thing Hillary was ever “Fighting for” was her elevated position!

And it’s still going on the same way now in her presidential run with the
“Big MOney” set in the Hamptons for her 2016 campaign kash hoard:


That ain’t going to happen.


The Wall Street and War Woman is win, win, winning. Oh, the lobbies are happy tonight! Oh, what sickness is ahead.


Any advice on what to say to my 18 year old daughter who—with hope----voted for Bernie yesterday.

As we watched the “results” come in she said she wants to live on a different planet due to the number of stupid humans here on earth.
I’m not a religious person, there is not much I can offer for consolation.
This was our last chance.
Bernie Sanders has too much compassion to be at the helm of this brutal country.


Well----you gotta love millenials! As I was posting this my daughter sent me the following link----
For what it’s worth:


It’s all over. Clinton is going the be the Democratic nominee. You can thank the corporate media for this through their memory-holing of Sanders.

Time to move on to other stuff… I feel sullied ever allowing myself to get emotionally invested in electoral politics. Change, when it comes, will happen in the streets and a good event to get out in the streets for is this - this Sunday - we will be confronting Hillary’s beloved AIPAC…

Further Edit: And better come out now because demonstrations such as this (80-90% of the protesters will be Arab-USAn Muslims) will probably not be permitted, or will face violence from his redneck-thug Sturmabteilung once Trump is running things.

And with that German word it just occurred to me - I wonder what happened to Mairead? From the stories she used to tell, she was pretty old.


We don’t need no stinking $15.00 an hour!

We don’t need no stinking tuition free education!

We don’t need no stinking single payer system.

We don’t need no stinking tax reform.

…we don’t need no stinking…


yeah, this is looking like the worst case scenario for poor Sanders.I know most of us on the Left predict this stuff every cycle, but I hurt for the Sanders supporters right now.
Dear god, I can’t believe I lived to see what is probably the worst single choice for president in modern American history–even worse than Obama-McCain, which I thought would be the low water mark.


Thanks for sharing Tom. Yes, it is hard to refute that.
Bernie is still going strong right now ----talking about wealth inequality to yet another enthusiastic crowd in Arizona (Bernie2016tv on youtube, live). He is unbelievable.


Lots of expletives but it might feel good tonight:


Thanks Caroline.


At some point people should be starting to get honest with themselves, first.

It’s a rigged system that defies change from within. It is designed to resist the use of its own rules against it. Sanders found a narrow opening simply because of timing and extraordinary dissatisfaction, but it wasn’t enough.

The reality is that the Left is still getting this more correct than anyone else–the only hope you or your daughter have is to accept that history isn’t going to make this nice and easy for her or her generation. They’re quite literally going to have to fight for their liberation or get cozy shuffling along in chains. And people need to start making this decision more seriously right now, awful though it is.


The upbeat of the title is wish full thinking.

Clinton surrendered the prez to Obama in '08. The “establishment” is not indifferent to Hillery.

  1. Ohio gave us Bush-Cheney with, their crooked Blackwell, and if I remember correctly John Kerry was winning in Ohio until he took a dive - before the referee finished the count. Kasich has a firm hold in Ohio. Anyway, he sure saw to it Hillery blew-up Sanders. Kasich has a much better chance against Hillery.

  2. Illinois is owned by, Rahm Israel Emanuel, Bill Clinton’s Chief of Staff and can fix anything. Sanders doesn’t have a chance.

  3. Missori is in the Clinton bag simply because of “image”. Like Greenspan said: “It’s irrational exuberance”.

The good news is that Nevada is the only state Bernie doesn’t have a chance at. Arizona is in play simply because McCain married into, not just wealth, but historical wealth, and they don’t like Clinton “hill billies”! There is no reason why the West Coast isn’t in the bag. What’s left is looking very good for Sanders.


I’ll be dam! I just posted something almost the same possibility.


As Hillary wins Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, and leads in Illinois tonight, remember that you do not have to play this Trump/Clinton game the establishment is setting up for you. Refuse! Keep your integrity! You don’t want Hillary’s blood on your hands!


See Hillary at the AIPAC conference in 4 days time in Washington 20-22 March:-
Two thirds of the Congress will be grovelling there. There has been a cooling between Bibi Netanyahoo and President Obama, so much so that Obama has declined to be a key speaker. Never mind, there is still a star spangled line up of other Key speakers including:-

  • Hillary, who has already promised to “move the Israeli relationship to a new level”. (I wonder how she could do that without installing Netanyahoo into the USA executive. Will Hillary marry him?). Regardless, Hillary will no doubt be the star groveler, and I do hope that CD will publish her speech in full.

  • Donald Trump, who already said “First of all, there’s nobody that’s more pro-Israel than I am. OK. There’s nobody. I am pro-Israel."

  • Vice President Joe Biden

  • The speaker of the US house, Paul Ryan.

  • And by live by satellite, Bibi Netanyahoo, who for the first time in quite a while has declined to attend in person this year.


Thanks much, Caroline. Just posted on FB. Bummed. I know Ohio is crooked, but thought the vote might overwhelm the machines.


What should he bother? His ass is probably still sore from all the licking and kissing Congress gave it last time he was here.

Trump and Clinton can compete to see who can foam at the mouth more about BDS.

Same old, same old. Same as it ever was.