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Tensions Boil Over After Baltimore Police Call Protesters 'Lynch Mob'


Tensions Boil Over After Baltimore Police Call Protesters 'Lynch Mob'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Demonstrators still seeking answers over the mysterious and troubling death of Freddie Gray, who died of a spinal injury while in the custody of the Baltimore Police Department, circled City Hall on Thursday after Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced that he had called in state troopers to help quell the protests.


Now that white supremecists can’t lynch with impunity as they once did, they are obviously taking every opportunity to imply that others are trying to lynch them. I’d say that white supremecists are pissing their pants in fear and bemoaning their fallen state. Ha ha… Keep pushing for those Civil Rights everyone!! You have everything to lose if you don’t.


Orwell is alive and still going strong. According to this police logic, the KKK never lynched any African Americans, the KKK was lynched by them for protesting!

How many more innocent Freddie Grays have to die before this is put to and end?


I couldn’t agree more. But I’m afraid for my children, cause America is about to reap what it has sowed. I knew this was coming when George Bush invaded Iraq.


111 AmericAns killed by Cops in March 2015 alone.

Did they have `due process?


The Feral Pigs have taken over Baltimore, you can tell from their frantic squealing.
Way past time for a pig hunt, give them a quick trial and a speedy hanging.

Gov Larry Hogan must love bestiality, he sure is bending over and letting the pigs screw him.


It is the political establishment of a city, town, whatever, that controls the police. The mayor and or the commissioners can sack the police chief in a flash. You can bark all night at the cops and all you’ll get is lung filled of chemicals or a felony beating.

Cops are not chosen for their intelligence. They are chosen for their predisposition for violence and are mostly sociopaths. Police revel on exercising their brutality on peaceful citizens and usually the first to violate codified Constitutional guarantees and they almost never punished for those criminal violations. They kill with impunity.

OTOH, police shrink before citizens who are determined to protect their Constitutional rights and equally armed. Witness the Cliven Bundy Incident.

The police state is upon us. Anyone failing to be aware of that fact just isn’t paying attention.


“In fact,” the statement continues, “the images seen on television look and sound much like a lynch mob in that they are calling for the immediate imprisonment of these officers without them ever receiving the due process that is the constitutional right of every citizen, including law enforcement officers.”

When us ordinary people murder somebody the police arrest us and lock us up. Sometime we are allowed to post bail, and we are let out, until it goes to trial. When a cop murders somebody the police department sends the cop on vacation.


That is the problem; so many are not paying attention. Thanks for your input.


► You reckon Cliven Bundy could tell us something about this negro?