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Tensions Escalate as Iran Sends Warships After US Bombs Yemen

Tensions Escalate as Iran Sends Warships After US Bombs Yemen

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Iran reportedly sent two warships to the Gulf of Aden on Thursday, following news of the first-ever U.S. cruise missile strikes on Iran-backed Houthis late Wednesday.

The republic's naval commander confirmed that two naval destroyers had been deployed off the Yemeni coast "to protect trade vessels," as the semi-official Tasnim news agency reported.

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Pentagon: “We don’t seek a wider role in this conflict.” DoubleSpeak Alert! Translation: “We’ve got to get rid of some of these old missles, they’re so five minutes ago, we need to upgrade. Oh, here’s a good place…”


Not ww3: Naval assertion of US exceptionalism increasing in ludicrousness. insightful for Iran to call the bluff. An inspiration to all who oppose the expending of the United States (with our victims) in our quixotic reprise of the British Empire. Obsolete economics and ideology is a flailing anachronimity poised for a great fall analogous in world opi ion to the USA’s iconic Trumpdy-dumpty


How did those missiles work in terms of casualties? Great huh? Now you need more money for your depleted arsenal, right?


What a bullshit line. That the Iranians benefit from this provocation by US forces.


Why do I get the feeling. The US is about to get there ass kicked. At the cost of hundreds of millions dead, perhaps billions.


WW I started with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria.

The way the U.S. is tossing matches around in the mid-east, one of them is bound to hit a fuse.


perhaps meddlesomeness, smugness. Insensitivity to the validity of other humans, self-entitlement, tribalism, racism, etc but

then there’s karma (along w the reality that this whole military-industrial cataclysm heralds Gaia’s biggest reboot since secondary sentience).


Watch out! Iran is sending their two destroyers as a symbol of protection. I am afraid it will not be long before the Reich’s Kriegsmarine sinks one or both, “Defending itself against an attack.” If an investigation proves that there was no attack, it will turn into a “mistake,” a misread radar reading or somesuch.

  • As Iran has some pretty powerful allies including Russia and China, things could get out of hand very rapidly, especially if this incident was used to justify an attack on Iran. And then, there’s Syria…

Our entry into Vietnam was caused by one bullet hole found in one of our ships in the Gulf of Tonkin. That provoked our attack in retaliation (supported unquestioningly by our media) and the sending of troops. The rest is history. It took us some time to take to the streets over the cruel stupidity of this war. Years later, it was shown that the one bullet hole might have been trumped up.


I read something a while back. That said they already have a plan. If they are arrested and brought to justice.

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The only plan that Obama has left is called: Reaction.
He and the neocons are up to their asses in alligators.
The only people who still believe a word they say are the politicians and even the Right won’t listen to them anymore.
This must have been what it felt like just before the old Soviet Union collapsed into a pile of rubble.


Right, history redux. Like the Borg, the US Fourth Reich seems to feel that “History is irrelevant.”

  • Edmund Burke and George Santayana both said, “Those who do not know (or understand) history are doomed to repeat it.”
  • How many millions or billions must suffer or die with this repetition?
  • I wish people would stop playing the lesser of two evils game and remember that the lesser of two evils is still evil! That tired old game has been played out every four or eight years since Johnson stepped over Kennedy’s corpse to assume the Presidency, and this nation has become worse with every repetition.
  • I think Jill Stein is a real breath of fresh air. I see no evil in her. Her concerns are much the same as Kennedy’s. How can we achieve peace, how can we better the condition of humanity and the earth itself. She gets my vote! I won’t play that LTE game, ever again.
  • Dr. Jill Stein, Green, 2016 and beyond. Real hope for the future!

Something to do with they would use all available force to not let it happen.

We have GOT to get rid of these chickenhawks in the Pentagon starting with Ash Carter. That asshole reminds me of the insane Gen. Curtis LeMay of WWII who thought nuclear weapons are the solution to any and all diplomatic problems. Now we have the insane neocons directing our foreign policy. Is it possible to ever get someone who isn’t stark raving mad back in control of our government? Ever since WWII all we had had are increasingly crazy imperialists.


Great post Mark. Yeah, actually they are more than willing to start WWIII, “they” being the entire neoconservative cabal. While the MSM reports that Putin is trying to resurrect the Soviet Union and has already taken over Crimea which by the way voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia by 94% popular vote (and the clueless American sheep rally around the flag once more to fight evil Russia) we are closer to a nuclear war than we were during the Cuban Missile Crisis. SOS John Kerry (take the SOS anyway you wish) and Laprov the Defense Minister of Russia were trying to hammer out a ceasefire but finally the Russians gave up and walked away from the peace talks last week. Why? Because the U.S. government refuses to budge on the issue of toppling Basher Assad. The Russians, who were in fact invited by Assad as an ally to help defend Syria’s sovereignty are therefore in Syria legally by international law. Meanwhile, the U.S., which is in Syria illegally per UN Security Council Resolution, claims to be there fighting “ISIS” while what is really the goal is deposing Assad and Russia is very well aware of that. The U.S. has already established a defacto no fly zone over northern Syria which is basically a declaration of war on Syria. Russia has been trying everything in their power to avoid a conflict with the U.S. Putin knows the end result is thermonuclear war that will destroy civilization or eliminate humanity from the planet. But…the neocons in Washington refuse to back down. They keep pushing missile systems and military presence right up to the border of Russia both with Ukraine and Syria. The U.S. is pursuing a fierce propaganda war against Russia and Putin calling him the “new Hitler” and falsifying news that it is Russia who refuses to cooperate. They aren’t fighting for the “freedom” of the Syrian people as the MSM reports nor are they fighting for “democracy”. What they are fighting for is the ability to construct oil and natural gas pipelines across Syria from Saudi Arabia to eventually serve the EU thus cutting Russia out of the picture for oil and gas sales to Europe. If they topple Assad then they must topple Iran’s “dictator” and bring democracy to them as well so the pipelines can cross the final barrier to the Persian Gulf which is Iran, yet another Russian ally. So, what are the neocons risking a nuclear war over? Oil company profits…plain and simple. Hillary Clinton is beyond a doubt a neoconservative herself and will continue to support this insanity if elected POTUS which is ONE reason why I refuse to vote for her.


The USA’s involvement in Vietnam began in around 1944. Some timelines

1944-45. OAS supports Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh against the Japanese occupiers of Vietnam.

1945-1954.USA supports French return to Vietnam spending $4 billion helping the French and offering tactical nuclear weapons when it is clear that the French will lose at Dien Bien Phu.The French have the good sense to refuse the offer.

1954 USA and others including China decide on partition of Vietnam; agree on elections to reunify Vietnam to be held in

1956.USA organises through CIA a scare campaign about communists running northern Vietnam, and the communists were certainly extreme in their behaviour towards anyone with any wealth (a good few had been persecuted and shot by 1956 and their children and grandchildren black-listed), leading to mass exodus of tens of thousands to south of the 17th parallel. USA supports retention of Catholic Diem government in southern Vietnam contrary to 1954 Geneva agreement and starts sponsorship of sabotage in northern Vietnam.

1956-1964. USA sends in advisors totalling around 22 000 by 1964, if I recall correctly, in support of southern Vietnam government’s military efforts against infiltrating Viet Cong from northern Vietnam.

1964 USS Maddox, a destroyer, returning from picking up southern Vietnamese commandos who had been raiding something in northern Vietnam, is chased by north Vietnamese patrol boats when in Vietnamese territorial waters. Allegedy shots were fired from the patrol boats. This was the Gulf of Tonkin incident. USA Congress votes to start bombing northern Vietnam, which continued through to 1975 and also affected Laos and Cambodia.

Again, completely misjudged foreign policy. The OAS operative in 1944-45 was recommending collaboration with Ho Chi Minh. The historical imperative of Vietnam has always been to keep the Chinese out of the country, as evident from 2000 years plus of Vietnamese history. The USA had in 1945 a golden opportunity to support Ho Chi Minh to rebuild Vietnam as an allay; the Chinese were seen (and still are seen in Vietnam) as a threat worse than either the French or the USA.

The White House and Pentagon have a long history of simply not being able to “do Empire” properly. Bombing people is the mark of incompetence and failure. The Chinese are winning.



Historically, the Crimean peninsula has been part of Russia for around 40 years longer than the USA first existed as 13 rebellious colonies. Funnily enough, so have the Ukraine and parts of Poland.


Bravo Mark, add to it the neocons, the Zionists, AIPAC et al, as some have suggested WWII has never ended. Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Haiti, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Mogadishu, Afghanistan and now Syria it’s been a continuous pillaging and slaughter one after another by the US military.