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Tensions Flare as Putin Calls Turkey's Downing of Russian Jet 'Stab in the Back'


Tensions Flare as Putin Calls Turkey's Downing of Russian Jet 'Stab in the Back'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Turkey has taken responsibility for shooting down a Russian fighter jet near the border with neighboring Syria on Tuesday, as both Moscow and Ankara put forth conflicting narratives about what led to the incident which has sparked an emergency meeting of NATO allies and strong rebuke from Russian President Vladimir Putin.


The Turks and Erdogan are playing with fire by this act of arrogance! To show such little regard for international relations in a tinderbox displays an agenda beyond reason. The hidden agendas of many might be exposed by this incident. Turkey has especially focused on destroying Kurdish aspirations, violating the cease-fire that had been in place, as they empowered Daesh for quite some time in various ways, at the same time attacking the Kurds who are the only effective counter-force on the ground to Daesh. This may get a lot worse before it gets better........Do some want larger war so badly they risk even wider conflagration?

"Turkey’s action, using US-supplied F-16 planes, was taken with the full knowledge and advance support of the US. In fact, given Turkey’s vassal status as a member of US-dominated NATO, it could well be that Ankara was put up to this act of brinksmanship by the US."


I do not believe that the Turks would have shot down a plane without knowing that they had the full support of the strongest NATO nation.

They're not about to launch a war against Russia, unless they know someone's got their back.


Not surprised. I was wondering why the US was allowing IS to make money on oil sales. Once Russia entered the picture, the US had to start acting like they wanted to destroy IS, and not just contain them. Instead of following the oil tankers back to their buyers, the Turks, something the US knew, but didn't want to acknowledge, they just started blowing up some oil trucks on the highway. If the US really wants to fight terrorism, We should start bombing the Turkish facilities that are receiving this oil.


Lovely Russian soldiers got lost in Ukraine now pilots got lost on in Turkey , should we give mr Putin some TomToms?


There is no need for explicit support, Turkey being part of the NATO has all of it support. An attack on one member is an attack on all.

Teaches Putin not to get lost on foreign territory.


And I am sure US had briefed their moderate terrorists on the ground, to kill the pilot as soon as he touched down. Usually the terrorists would want this guy alive, but that is something their handlers don't want to deal with.


Of course the downing of a Russian jet is a stab in the back, 100% approved by the USA.


It seemed inevitable that this would happen but I'm glad it wasn't us (directly) that shot down that plane. Still the situation can easily escalate to WWIII.


It's hard to picture Putin saying, "Oh well," and doing nothing. He knows that otherwise this will be the first of many Russian planes shot down.
Some very scary shit going down right now.


It well known that the bulk of the oil being sold by ISIS to support their operations is routed through Turkey, sold to intermediaries and then into the world market,

The press in that region also suggests that one of the firms buying this oil is BMZ.

Bilal Erdogan , son of the Turkish President is a major player here and pockets millions through these transacations.

From the artcle.

Gürsel Tekin vice-president of the Turkish Republican Peoples’ Party, CHP, declared in a recent Turkish media interview, “President Erdoğan claims that according to international transportation conventions there is no legal infraction concerning Bilal’s illicit activities and his son is doing an ordinary business with the registered Japanese companies, but in fact Bilal Erdoğan is up to his neck in complicity with terrorism, but as long as his father holds office he will be immune from any judicial prosecution.” Tekin adds that Bilal’s maritime company doing the oil trades for ISIS, BMZ Ltd, is “a family business and president Erdoğan’s close relatives hold shares in BMZ and they misused public funds and took illicit loans from Turkish banks.”

In addition to son Bilal’s illegal and lucrative oil trading for ISIS, Sümeyye Erdoğan, the daughter of the Turkish President apparently runs a secret hospital camp inside Turkey just over the Syrian border where Turkish army trucks daily being in scores of wounded ISIS Jihadists to be patched up and sent back to wage the bloody Jihad in Syria, according to the testimony of a nurse who was recruited to work there until it was discovered she was a member of the Alawite branch of Islam, the same as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who Erdoğan seems hell-bent on topplin
First appeared: http://journal-neo.org/2015/08/24/erdogan-s-dirty-dangerous-isis-games

Oh , and there no way the USA does not know this.

Added to this Turkey , with regularity violates the airspace of other nations , In particular Greece , Iraq and Syria. This is very dangerous. Turkey still controls the Bosporous which is how Russian Naval vessels enter the Mediterranean and escalations could lead to a major war. (See the Suez Crisis )


Well put! Turkey had an open border for anti-Assad forces for years; Turkey advocated establishing a buffer zone, not on its own territory but on the Syrian side. So Turkey has violated the sovereign borders of its neighbours many times. Turkey's posturing is utter hypocrisy and reckless escalation towards a major war. Will Washington's European poodles go along?


No, that's not quite true. If it can be shown that an ally has launched an attack when they ought not to have done so, then we don't have to come to the aid of the warmonger.

It's a defensive alliance, not an offensive one.

BTW, Canada has already said we do not consider the attack in France to be an attack on all of us.


That is something Putin has wisely dealt with for some time -- most recently in Ukraine.


Get ready to hear:

"Mistakes were made..." as that someone prepares to up the already planned ante for an escalation of war.

What better time to do so when so many are distracted by the holidays, and a series of simultaneous "terrorist" events managed to bring the requisite state of trauma to so many persons that who can think clearly?

These attacks trigger the blind "fight or flight" syndrome. Out of that raw, directionless passion, it's a strategic time for the war-minded "leaders" to ride that force. It could be said--to be quite graphic--that these terrorist events are the foreplay to war. Truly, that is how the ilk BENT on igniting a WW III see it.


I find it sad that this comment received praise from 5 people... so far.

What it demonstrates is that some who gravitate to a Progressive News site and self-identify as such are just as STUCK in the War Paradigm as those who have made war their business... for too many generations.

You cannot fight terrorism by bombing anything! To think or act in terms of bombing puts you in the same position AS the Terrorist.

But you probably can't understand what I just said.... since you think what counts is who wins versus who loses, as if war is a game and the tactics don't matter: only the outcome.

Tom Engelhardt and other writers are stuck inside this same frame, too. What it suggests is Machiavellian--an ends justify the means approach: that so long as "our" troops "win," whatever methods used--and those methods are HEAVY on terror--are justified.

The only true way to eliminate terrorism is through justice and just dealings with others.


'It's the intelligentsia behind the Washington/pro-Israel/Saudi Terror Network that will have the blood on its hands."

There is a lot of truth in your comment; however, the above statement leaves out the influence of U.K, France, and Germany's bankers who have a lot of influence over European policies, altogether.

The conflict is made to seem like another Crusades with a clash of civilizations, Judeo-Christian versus Islam. But this morning what occurred to me is that it's really a clash between those who understand, would work for, and want peace with their neighbors, and those who look for things to hate and fear... and as a result, want war.

Furthermore, this division of worldviews is not so much based on religion as much as it is on SOUL development. There are no doubt people living in Turkey, Iran, Syria, Israel, Turkey, the U..S., France, U.K., etc. who WANT peace and have no problem with other people worshiping "another god," or living by very different customs.

The Crusades theme was pressed onto planned wars which, like all planned wars are aimed at acquiring another peoples' assets (or precious natural resources). But the Crusades theme plays better.


A Russian Helicopter in Syria was also downed by "rebel fighters" who claimed they used an Anti-tank missile to down the same. These missiles are supplied by the USA. Added to this new video comes to light showing Turkmen fighters inside of Syria executing the Russian Pilots from that aircraft that was shot down.

Note that the Turkmen fighter leader claiming his forces executed the Russians are fighting inside Syriia and said leader claimed they executed because Russia was attacking their forces. . In the interview the Rebel fighter claimed the Russian plane had dropped a bomb on their positions and was maneuvering for a second attack run when the Turkish aircraft shot it down. This was INSIDE Syria.This would seem to contradict the claims by Turkey that the plane was in Turkish airspace.

The Turkish president immediately "appealed to NATO" after the shootdown , a clear sign he feels he can use the self defense clause to escape retribution which in turn would encourage more such attacks on Russia.

Russia will no doubt retaliate with its own special forces on the ground.


I hope you never get assigned jury duty!

So, a handful of military hard-line jackasses are willing to put all of humanity
on the line and from their deed (this group representing a very small demographic) you would blame the entire human race?

Amazing dis-grace.


I think you may be confusing Tom Engelhart with Tom Freidman.Everything I've read in TomDispatch from Nick Turse to Andrew Bacevitch to Ann Jones to Tom himself has asserted that there are no winners in this war madness and have pointed (rightly in my view) that the US,its' NATO allies ,and their neo-colonial puppets are the protagonists of the terror war,not the respondents.
In any event your comment is most relevant in exposing the utter fallacy that ascending violence by any party can contribute to a solution to anything.