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Tensions High as Combat-Ready Police Confront National Black Lives Matter Protests



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In the photo for this article there is a man in military outfit with assault rife with 30 round clip. Against legal protesters that are unarmed. WTF? Is this an act of war that our leaders love so much? Feeling like you live in Libya, Syria or Iraq? How much shit will you eat in your next traffic stop? All of it?


Same as it Ever Was

No Amount of Weaponry Can Take Away Your Fear.

Conquer Your Fear First.

(photo by Bernie Boston)


The police response is silly and ridiculous. There is no place in a civil society for them to be showing up with military grade weapons and defences. What in the hell is wrong with these people? I have an idea. Go talk with the protesters and make sure the lines of communication are clear. Then 90 percent of your problems disappear.

But let's be honest. It has never been about communication. It's about power and seeing yourself as above and separate from the public. This is an absolute disgrace and the police chief should be fired for incompetence.

Come on President Obama. Time to poke your cautious head out and make a stand.


They are doped-up militarized cops - aggressive, violent and out of control from steroid madness and the cop mindset of confrontation and attack as normal operating procedure!

"Steroid users are twice as prone to violence"!
"Scandinavian research suggests they may also cause brain damage linked with long-term violent behavior".

When police unions claim "cops have the right to use steroids" regardless the linkage to violent behavior something is very wrong!



We are stuck in a feedback loop.

I look at these officers in some kind of robo-cop gear, and wonder
"What is In Your Mind, You are Marching on the Citizenry."

Each of these men have put themselves into this position, have donned such
farcical garb simply to approach this Courageous and Beautiful Person of Dignity.

Even in our time the Troops finally gave up.
They refused direct orders.
They could no longer Continue the Abuse.

We Can Break this Cycle of Abuse.


The people aren't the problem -- the COPS are the problem!


All we are saying, is give police a chance.

Oh, wait, maybe I got that wrong:


What I have difficulty understanding is, after the shooting in Dallas, why the public is at least publicly not hearing of police easing back on appearing confrontational. After all, the police are public employees, and if they continue to portray themselves as confrontational, minority voters certainly will support candidates calling for reduction in budgetary allocations to police departments. This especially as many U.S. inner cities are experiencing "white flight", converting "minority" populations into majority populations paying the police officer's salary. Insofar as the political foolishness of police departments not appearing publicly accommodating is blatantly obvious, the only conclusion to which I can arrive is the individuals who ascend to the rank of chief of police are not terribly bright. If so, then perhaps this is where change need begin.


I LOVE "farcical garb"! If you haven't copyrighted it, can I use it?


Who is the civilized person here?


So where is the fund I can donate to that provides protesters with body armor, gas masks, riot shields and earplugs?


Too Funny...Farcical...I mean what other way to describe it.

What the hell are they afraid she is going to do?

It actually looks Cowardly, but then we get into "Hurt Feelings"
God our Cops are thin skinned. Bad Training. I mean...Grow a Set.

But if this is the way you respond to this peaceful citizen....
How are you going to handle the tough stuff.
...like the 80 yr old Viejita (little old lady) telling you which way is UP.


I can only respond with what I have witnessed to have worked.

"How do you dismantle a group?" ....With an Idea.

Even the elites can't handle that.

When I spoke of the Troops even "standing down", it comes from a time of
equal duplicitous and spurious government actions.

Nixon and the Rednecks of that era couldn't even control their own militaries
once the word was out that they were beyond common decency.

We are at that same place now, different scenarios, different facts on the ground,
but same same "Rule by Extortion"

We broke it before, we can break it again.

Look at the conversation about the failed "War on Drugs"
Actual Police are finally saying there has to be another way.

The failure that I see was that while we changed hearts and minds during the 60's and 70's, we didn't expect the Bush's and Cheney's to steal the Republic from us. To rob our own store's till as it were

We thought, naively, that we had already solved these questions of morality and had set the answers
in Dr King's manifesto "Letter from Birmingham City Jail"

We hold these Truths to be Self Evident !!!

That doesn't mean you won't have to explain them again to a new generation,
in a new town, in a new street...speaking truth to power...

..I have sworn upon the altar of god eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man....TJ


The armed forces are sworn to protect American citizens. They may brutilize and torture the enemy (not anything new in the country's history) but they will not take orders to kill or attack great swathes of civilians. Am I naive? Would soldiers sit back and allow their family or friends to be put in crosshairs? It makes very little sense. The services may be ruthless in battle but agreeing against civilians is another thing. On the other hand, if the goal is to INCITE the masses, it's working very well.


Oops, I forgot about Kent State. Maybe they were bots?


Not really. Both enlisted personnel and officers are sworn to "...support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;..." (see Oaths of Enlistment and Oaths of Office),

So, enlisted personnel and officers just need to be trained to view certain domestic groups as enemies of the state.


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The police state swells with ever murder they commit. Like the 1% say: We can hire half of the nation to kill the other half.

Sanders surrender is probably the right thing - after all, the DNC rigged the system for their interests. Killery will end up supporting everything she wants and will bury the Sanders progressive programs in some committee. I'll do every thing I can to support anybody but Killery and the DNC.

The political establishment is no longer able to disguise the sham of democratic ideals and the genocide being perpetrated against Black and Brown people. After all, American police kill more innocent Americans than all America's wars.