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Tensions Mount as ND Governor Cuts Services, Orders Evacuation of Standing Rock Camp


Tensions Mount as ND Governor Cuts Services, Orders Evacuation of Standing Rock Camp

Nika Knight, staff writer

Peaceful Indigenous water protectors battling the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota have faced water cannons in subfreezing temperatures, rubber bullets, and police tactics so violent that one protester nearly lost an arm.


There is a typo here. It should read:
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the illegal owner of the land.

This land was seized by the Army from its rightful owners in 1944.
The Water Protectors are the rightful owners.


This is despicable. Failure on Obama's part to stop the police violetince is equivalent to supporting it IMO. His name will live on in infamy. Just the most recent POTUS to violate treaties with Native Americans and allow them to be driven off their land. And we referred to natives as 'uncivilized'.

Still very little in the MSM about this, though my local station did a piece last night on the bus taking reinforcing Protectors from Spokane this week. Even they neglected to mention the water cannons. Like it never happened...


This has gone too far! Does anyone else see the symbolism here? We have the Native Peoples of this land, once again, standing as a bridge between the ruination of our land, water, air, wildlife, etc., as the "Core of the Military" trample the rights of humanity!

Will it always be this way? Will the White Man's Machines always win over those who want to protect Nature?

I'm thinking, this fight should be where ALL of us stand firm! We ALL should stand at Standing Rock!


What this all comes down to is the planet, water protectors vs. the greedy,( $3.8 billion ) oil protectors. The water protectors have displayed non-violence to protect the water and the oil protectors have displayed the most egregious, violence to protect the oil. And instead of standing with the legal owners of the land according to the Lakota Sioux treaty of 1851, the Governor, who has absolutely no jurisdiction, is now cutting humanitarian services and illegally ordering evacuation of the Lakota, Sioux from their land is just unconscionable!


From a moral perspective, that is doing what is right and just and for the greater good, the only side one can take is the side of the protectors.

This is one of those definitive moments in History. This is very much siding either with the forces of life or of death and few things represent the side of death as much as this black snake carrying that oil.


Every day, we see more evidence of fascism at work. Government supports the corporations, the corporations reward the government for their "services" and the people get ever shorter shrift, and more violence to teach everybody the lesson. "Keep your mouth shut, don't question or protest, do what you are told, or else."
* They are using Standing Rock as a lesson to us all.
* I say the lesson we should learn from Standing Rock is that fascism is evil and we should all do our best to resist, and eventually eliminate it.
* Every action by government and the Greedopoly at Standing Rock has been in violation of the Constitution and Bill of Rights that is supposed to lead and govern this nation.
* It is time that the "We the People", who were the authors of the Constitution so long ago, see that it is returned to the Halls of Government, intact and functioning! And that the illegal, immoral, misnamed and unconstitutional "Patriot Act" and all of its spawn be discarded to the dungheap of history.
* I Stand for Standing Rock!


Yes, this has gone too far! From vicious dogs, water cannons, flash grenades (where it cost one protector her arm) and rubber bullets among other horrible and violent reactions to the peaceful water protectors.

That tells me that the DAPL protectors are getting panicky since they have resorted to violence against the Lakota Sioux, probably because they know they are trespassing on the land legally owned by the Lakota, Sioux.

The good news is over 2,000 veterans are arriving as reinforcements next week and we all need to stand with these brave veterans and the brave Lakota Sioux and help any way we can.


Not a typo, an outright lie!


Yes! I wonder how these Vets will get in? With the roadblock, seems the only way is by helicopter!


Good question, but they and the Lakota, Sioux will find a way.


We're facing a rapid unveiling of 500 years of industrial scale media/political/economic collusion in indigenous genocide, under the guise of whatever the corporations can get politicians to collude on.
We, as a society, must demand that these sorts of practices be regarded, reinforced and flatly rejected, completely non-negotiable and completely unacceptable. It is immoral and as has been stated by others, to be silent under such circumstances is to collude.
The sort of karma generated by these practices is accruing interest charges that make profits pale in comparison. The condition of the planet being irrevocable testament to the vicious legacy served up in the name of "energy".

To sanction practices so deleterious to all life on the basis of successful, well paid MEDIA SPIN for decades and centuries, does not make it right, healthy or somehow magically immune from the plethora of consequences. The latter swept so deeply under the rug for so long are now stripped bare. We ignore them at our own peril.
Mining Companies Encounter Barrier at Barriere Lake

(...) The struggle against Copper One began in June 2016 when the Algonquins of Barriere Lake discovered that the Québec Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources had unilaterally lifted the moratorium it placed on mining within their territory in 2011. The moratorium protected 10,000 square kilometres of land identified as traditional territory of the Algonquins of Barriere Lake in a 1991 Trilateral Agreement on renewable resource management, signed by the Indigenous community, the federal government and the provincial government of Québec. (...)


The Governor needs to be indicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity,


Contact the slime ball governor:

Office Address
Office of Governor
State of North Dakota
600 East Boulevard Avenue
_Bismarck, ND 58505-0100 _
701.328.2200: phone
701.328.2205: fax

Jam those phone lines! Send faxes!


Call him. I just left two messages and let him know that he is trespassing and should get the hell off Indian land and not the water protectors. This land was not ceded by the Sioux. And even if it had been it would have been a gun point. This issue is about native rights and the rights of our common home planet.


Call the racist governor. Contact below in thread in bold.


If I understood correctly, the cretins have reinstated the no fly zone.


I agree completely. This is our collective red line in the sand.


I am imagining farmers with those huge tractors could help make a passage.


May the First Nation Peoples continue to stand in strength and beauty. Solidarity!