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Tensions Rise as Russia Retaliates Against New Sanctions Bill


Tensions Rise as Russia Retaliates Against New Sanctions Bill

Julia Conley, staff writer

Members of the U.S. diplomatic staff in Russia will be expelled in the coming weeks, following an order on Friday by the Russian Foreign Ministry. The move was made in response to a new economic sanctions bill that passed in both houses of the U.S. Congress.


Bomb manufacturers must be salivating.

Direct Democracy


Yes. Expect Raytheon, General Dynamics and Blackwater(ie,) Academi stocks to sky rocket. War Pigs of the power.


Sanctions are an act of war. The vote for war with Russia was 419 to 3.

The US congress has shown itself to be a cruel enemy of all US people and all life on Earth.


The US Congress has shown itself (once again) to be a cruel enemy of all US people and all life on Earth.


No wonder Trump’s on the rag. His Bro-mance with Vladimir is being threatened.

No more Golden Showers for Donnie is Russian Hotels.


U.S. M.O.: Sanctions first, then regime change. N. Korea, Iran, Russia, Venezuela…

“Russia is not my adversary. Warmongers and their colluders are. You are.”



But the support for Saudi Arabia and Israel will go on without a hitch…
Full Spectrum Dominance, please continue.


No but soon all of us might be getting a radiation shower.


And note that even Sanders only voted against it because it included Iran. He tweeted later that he was all for Russia sanctions.


I’m just gonna leave this here for now.


The sanctions hit Vlad right where it hurts, in his bank book and pocket and those of his kleptocratic kinsmen. Sanctions did not stop Exxon, just stemmed the flow somewhat. Myriad ways around the sanctions will escalate and continue as there are profits to be made and millions of acres of land to be laid to waste for those profits. “Prodolzhat’ Idti” (march on) mother Russia…goose stepping all the way. Posturing and chest-thumping will leave both sides in piles of ashes. DJT’s cozy coterie with Vlad et cie just took a hit.


Imagine just how many Congressional members are totally grossly hypocritical and lacking in basic common sense. It works out to almost 100%. 100%? is that not amazing? What a bunch of complete fools! I can hardly believe that any one nation could corner the market on imbeciles in its main legislative body. Absolutely nightmarish!


It’s very frightening to realize that our current Congress is just as crazy as our “President”.

Makes you wish we had some actual adults running things, and trying to solve real-life problems.


You can’t have it both ways, either Russia is the “enemy” or it is not. If it is the enemy then it gets sanctions. Personally, I think CNN and Wapo should change their motto to " All Russia, All the time".


If only Kennedy had your mindset during the Cuban Missile Crisis… :roll_eyes:


I don’t think you got the point. Russia has only become the enemy since the media started the drumbeat against it. Many are jumping on the bandwagon. I’m no fan of Putin’s, but Russia is not the enemy they make it out to be.


A man far wiser than I, Gramps, once told me; “True Americans have always survived and carried on in spite of their corrupt government.”
Well Gramps now that you and all other Indrpendent minded True Americansre dead and gone, today those who pretend to be Americans are so mentaly bound as to have become wards of the State and all its’ official bodies, every aspect of their lives now depends upon the Whims and whimzys of government.
They look to fn corrupt officials and lazy to the bones bureaucrats, and nutcase Presidential leadership to save their sorry butts.
The system makes them each of being unworthy even unto themselves.
You can get mass rallys to scream about freedom to screw any way they want, while mot caring to correct the out of control military industrial might that kills for individual members of their fraternity economic gain.
No mattrr the History that shows that when an Empire has conslidated its stolen foreign gains, it will then turn to oppressing its own people willing allowance for the slaughter , those oppressions will
then be turned upon its own peoples.
History does not lie and no mattrr your deliberate ignorance of it and fantacys of own glory, history will rear its foot and kick you in the balls


Ah okay. Thank you for clarifying.


And you still believe government determinations? So much chaos in the world comes from US faulty rulings! … and please remember the US neocons (the authors of ‘exceptionalism’) who have so much say over US foreign policy employ seeds of chaos as the first step toward overtaking a country. google: projectforanewamericancentury


The vote shows that the “two party system” is really just a one party system in many, if not most, ways. “Sanctions are an act of war.” May cool heads prevail. We need more time but if things like this keep happening, coupled with D.T.‘s unpredictability and the warmongers’ agenda…