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Tensions Simmer as Madrid Imposes Direct Rule on Catalonia Following Independence Declaration

Tensions Simmer as Madrid Imposes Direct Rule on Catalonia Following Independence Declaration

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy exercises extraordinary authority to fire Catalonian government

Catalan independence supporters hold a rally in front of the Generalitat de Catalunya after the Catalan Parliament voted to declare independence from Spain on October 27, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo: Jack Taylor/Getty Images)


If you step down now the yoke will be one of Suppression with Slavery to Madrid’s whims


Treat your Neighbors with Respect not Iron Fisted abuse of the people

Mutual Respect Not Totalitarianism

Build as Equal Peoples


Maybe we should just leave Spain to the Spanish.


“Exceptional measures need to be adopted when there are no other ways to go back to normality,”

Less than a week ago Catalonia agreed to forget independence if they could have new elections. Rajoy turned that down with absolutely no attempt at dialogue. He was bound and determined from the very first to escalate the situation to give him an excuse to release his inner Franco in order to destroy Catalonia’s autonomy. That Franco is alive and well and being channeled by Rajoy has been obvious ever since Rajoy was first elected to be prime minister. If you think that drumpf has gone wild with his executive orders, he’s a piker compared to Rajoy.


Not when one lives in a Basque Family

The days of Overindulgent Monarchy are done
Madrid’s Response is Colonial at best

These People Voted Peacefully over a length of Time Adhering to a Time Honored Tradition

Let Them Be Free


Here is the Primary Interst To be Supported

The sovereign microcultures need to Be protected to ensure their survival as a viable cultural species

The Kurds are entitled to self preservation and self determination
As are the Palestinians, the First Nations, the Native Americans, the Aboriginal People and so to the Basque and Catalonian.

Mutual Healthy Growth and Regional Economic Success does not end with independence, it ends with ruthless suppression of the free vote


Same exact thing is happening to the US. Alabamans are telling the ones who pay the bills what to do and what to breath.

That don’t work. Never has and never will.

Having been to Portbou, Catalonia, and its border with Cerbere, France, absolutely heaven. You will find, you truly will never want to leave Portbou, Catalonia, and Cerbere, France. Long live Catalonia!

So you are saying that Alabamans should accept that they are sub-citizens only, who must do what they are told by those lucky ehough to live in richer states? It seems you do not understand the meaning of either democracy nor of cooperation. Satisfying everyone’s wishes may be impossible, but treating them with respect is not.

But it seems that being Spanish is pretty compkicated, doesn’t it? Catalans don’t regard themselves as Spanish, or at least 50 per of them don’t. Nowadays, when society no longer exists, we no longer know how to cooperate and get on with one another. We just want to throw tantrums and stomp off to sulk in our own personal corners surrounded by our personal toys.

Not a fan of John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine,’ then? Yeah, let’s all go back to our tribal beginnings and ignore the sweep of history towards human unity. More war, competition, rivarly with ‘the other’ is just what we need right now, lots of it, until we’re extinct.


Can’t believe that Common Dreams linked, as though a reliable source, to an article in the Daily Telegraph, the most right-wing, anti-progressive newspaper in the UK. I look forward to following links to breitbart in the future!

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Catalonias are plying with fire, it is utterly stupid for them to oppose unity and peaceful coexistance within Spain as one nation.

They will be better off by keeping their identity as part of Spain not another little insignificant country to be manipulated by others.

Fascism and Capitalism are like Ebola. Highly contagious, spreads rapidly and often fatal to those infected.
*We the People of the World have to find an antibiotic that will erase it. Global BDS might do it without war and violence. Nothing seems to cause apoplexy or a bile backup quicker in a billionaire than realizing that there is a dime out there he/she hasn’t collected and stored away.
*The problem is that it will require sacrifice and determination. I haven’t seen too much of that lately in more than a few dedicated folks who know what the consequences of the infection are.
*Another antibiotic would be for the rank and file who do the work to put aside all the little political dreams for a while and work together as a coalition to defeat the Corporate Duopoly and get them out of office.
*The rank and file who do the work have another inoculation at hand. Don’t do the work! That will require that We the People will have to learn to cooperate and help each other through tough times. We did it in WW-II, successfully. We helped each other, we planted Victory Gardens, we shared, we repaired our own tools and cooperated with each other on neighborhood projects. When local politics got corrupt, we formed community clubs which eventually linked together to vote the crooks out. We worked toward one goal and we achieved it.
*If the “I’m for Me” generation could agree to put aside their flashy toys and work for the common good, become the “We’re for Us” generation, we could perhaps defeat that disease and recover our health.

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Upon entry to the Indian Cultural Center at the Smithsonian, the first wall one sees is covered, 15 ft high and maybe 50 ft long, with all the Names of all the Native Tribes in the Americas as originally inhabited.

Then at the end on the Showcase Wall is a very telling word “Extinct”

I am talking about preserving those cultural identities that will be worn down, finally homogenized, to the point where they will not even be remembered, not culture, not language, not self determination, probably no longer even mentioned in the sanitized history books.

But of course why not homogenize all groups into the Koch roll of bowed supplicant.
Why protect Kurds or Palestinians , need a tar sands pipeline through your Sovereign Virgin Indigenous Lands.

KowTow before the Emperor.

You can preserve cultural identity without fragmenting and atomising human unity. Look, for example at Wales, they were annexed by England by Edward I, Longshanks, in 1282, neary 800 years ago, and became part of the United Kingdom but they still have their own culture, language and even a football team. Where does this atomisation end? Shall the UK revert to how it was before the viking invasions when it was divided into lots of small kindgoms, Mercia, Dumnonia, Wessex, Anglia, Northumbria, etc, (there are people who want that, here’s an example:https://www.mebyonkernow.org) constantly at war with themselves for 500 years, years of brutal bloodshed. They only became unified under Alfred and his heir Athelstan to defeat the invading vikings. Coming together in unity saved them against that threat and the nation of England was born. History is moving always to such unity, the EU being one impressive example for a continent that has been at war with itself for the last 3000 years, yet now nations talk, work together, cooperate, but continually we are challenged by the knuckle-draggers amongst us, those who, instead of rising above their innate tribalism and petty nationalism, the most base, primitive instincts within us that has led to countless wars against other humans who are essentially the same as ourselves, instead cultivate this baser side and as an inevitable consequence of that, will see other human groups as ‘the other,’ a source of competition, eventually as enemies. (History has proven that over and over again.) What does that even mean, you are Basque? You could have been born 50km away and been Spanish, does it matter? Enough to bomb innocent people about their business as Basque terrorist did? Strange about the Catalonian seperatists, they want to break away from Spain wherein they are a wealthy region who subsides the poorer parts of Spain (including the Basque coountry) yet simultaneously want to be in the EU wherein they will receive subsidies from wealthier regions of Europe. Pretty pathetic, hypocritical, dishonourable and cheap, if you ask me. But there, I suspect you have the real reason for the nationalism: we have the wealth and we don’t want to share it. Bit like the wealthy strata in society not wanting to pay higher taxes to help the worse off.

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Well I guess as long as they have their own football team everything is just crackerjack

It shows their cultural identity is still intact after 800 years of integration, without the need for your primitive, idiotic, violent nationalism. I take it you agree with the rest, then.

Because we have football we have retained our Cultural Identity?

That’s reasoning straight from the bottom of a pint at the local pub

And how does prolonged campaigning with subsequent free ballot equate with terrorists bombing except in your bigotry. The only terrorists were the Madrid army who beat pollsters and destroyed ballots

While half my family is Basque, they understand suppression and no they don’t like being told to sit down and shut up, your place is in the back of the bus

The other half of my family would like to express our amazement at the bang up job you Brits did with our family, your neighbors, in Ireland

What a stellar example to follow in working with the local Culture

But you’ve already shown how you view the local culture and it plays out to State Sponsored Terrorism

How is it a crime to campaign and vote. But not to beat, pillage and destroy ballots.