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Tensions Simmer as Moscow Sees 'Direct Threat' From New US Missile Defense System


Tensions Simmer as Moscow Sees 'Direct Threat' From New US Missile Defense System

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

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Tensions between the United States and Russia continued this week with Moscow calling the U.S.'s newly activated missile defense site in Romania a "direct threat" to security and part of "the start of a new arms race."


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For those who have forgotten or (never knew) Below is link to a political map of Eastern Europe;


Notice that Poland shares a common border with the Russian federation, also Romania, and Lithuania. Recall that back in '62 when the Soviet Union placed IRBM's in Cuba how it nearly led to nuclear war between the US and USSR.

So now with this history in mind what is the US doing? Placing anti-missle defense systems in Poland, Romania, and Lithuania and saying (with a straight face) that it is to protect Eastern Europe from the North Koreans and Iranians! What nonsense!


What’s worrying is Putin’s statement that Russia "will be forced to consider putting an end to the threats emerging in relation to Russia's security.” In other words, Russia is taking the installation of Missile “Defense” System as a declaration of war and might well attack the missile site in Romania. Such pre-emptive action is very much a possibility: Russian planes went to Syria precisely because it saw the West’s attempt to overthrow Assad as a first step towards endangering the security of Russia.


Well this is fucked up!

This time I am maybe the conspiracy theorist. Why in this climate change break free from fossil fuels era does this even start to occur? A new Cold War? What is this some cruel joke? Now? For what f'n reason? I am suspicious. I really am. No I don't think it is fake nor collusion by Russian and American oligarchs. I am wondering why this is happening. Suddenly just as fossil fuels are getting pushed from dominance, the USA and Russia make getting off fossil fuels a secondary issue. Yes Russia is dependent on fossil fuel exports and the USA is the king of oil or rather the army of oil. It still comes back to fossil fuels, pipelines, agreements ( like between Russia and Iran ) and the oil rich Mid East currently under continuing destabilization.

Why now? Yeah a conspiracy theory that is hard to believe? Sounds like one that might be true. Conspiracy theories that seem easy to believe are probably fake unless done by sheer incompetents. This one seems an unstated mutually assured agreement about fossil fuels. One side using the other in a chess game that retains the use of oil as a priority but they aren't in collusion but manipulating events anyway. Call it an unintentional conspiracy Cold War. It just happens to make getting off fossil fuels quickly less likely doesn't it?

Dampens dissent too maybe? I hope not... The hour is late despite the intention of oligarchs and warlords.

The waters keep rising.


From the headline QUOTE: Moscow Calls New US Missile Site in Romania a 'Direct Threat' UNQUOTE
...and that it clearly is!


This affirms our obligation to carry Bernie's 'revolution' through to its successful conclusion well beyond the next election for the sake of world peace.
Even if Bernie wins the presidency, the fight will have to go on for representation in the congress, for without that the revolution will falter.


Russia has every right to force the US to remove those weapons or if not take them out


Yes just rubbish, go to church and pray to gizus don't bother your little heads with politics or finance or where your glow in the night food comes from get cancer, die like a rat and do it quietly.


pffffff about time you woke up fellow NEVER TRUST THE US GOVERMENT or the rich or corporate America!!!!


So right on and he has every right and obligation to do so. The US has violated many treaties signed in the past and cannot and should never be trusted.


The arrogance and corruption, the utter stupidity of the MICC and NATO war-machines knows no bounds. WTF are these psychotics thinking - whether "threats" from Iran or Russia, the pattern of provocations does no good for anyone or thing! Dr. Strangelove lives!

The obscene Military budget steals the future from civilian societies, and ALL mechanisms of war rather than peace threaten everyone, NOT make anyone safer - the inmates are in control of the asylum!

"Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.
This world in arms in not spending money alone.
It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children." -- Dwight David Eisenhower - a man that saw close-up the "brutality, futility and stupidity of war" http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article9743.htm

Another aspect is that war is very profitable as Marine Maj-General Smedley Butler wrote/spoke about in "War Is A Racket".

https://www.sdvfp.org/us-military-spending/ How much is stolen from civilian priorities to feed the obscenity of the war machine?


They will end our lives on earth but trust me when it comes to threats to their lives or livelihoods it will be, let's back down for now and fight another day. The US has lost in Ukraine and Syria to Russia so far and needs to be cut into size, they have caused Brazilian coup d'état as part of the same plan. Recall BRICS?


An excellent to the point response, thanks a million -:}


I thought I made it plain that I don't trust either side. Putin is no angel and neither are we. It isn't about some simplistic arrogance or quest for dominance simply for bragging rights. Ask yourself what is the end game if you want to grasp the significance of some new maneuver in the big picture game.

When Russia and Iran made a deal for natural gas and then added in an accommodation with China for a new iteration of an Asian counter to NATO what did people expect to happen? When the USA destabilized the Middle East what did people expect to happen? The are mutual moves taken one after the other moving pieces on the big picture board but because there are time lags of years and months between moves people don't or can't follow the progression of events. Or don't connect the dots.

When Russia annexed the Crimea for whatever reason, it called for a response. When the USA went into Syria for whatever reason, it called for a reponse. When China a need the Spratley's , it called for a response. Too bad that when China annexed Tibet that it didn't call for a reponse because that was not a ploy but a very big deal that would have called for more than just a show reponse. The only real response would have had to be a war but that wasn't wanted, so Tibet became a sacrifice.

That is how the game Is played. However someone is ramping up the stakes because certain interested parties such as the Saudis and the Israelis want something done about Iran and push the whole world closer to war until the destabilization of the whole Middle East is completed. Note that the Saudis escape the Mid East destabilization as do the Israelis but nobody else.

Neocons are like the undead with just about as much empathy for others. These freaks see only the geopolitical game but not the humanity.


Three things that have to happen for US to "return to sanity" (That'll be the day!):
Rescind "Citizen's United" Corporations are "people"...
Dismantle the National Security State....


Bullshit again Wereflea ? Russians aren't coming and you shouldn't compare the two as if they are somehow equally evil. Putin didn't take the Crimea by force, it was the Crimeans who decided to re-join Russia being afraid of the US backed Nazi thugs in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Nazis under the US direction did their damnedest to kick the Ukrainians of Russian decent out of the country and back into Russia but they fought back and instead soundly defeated the US backed thugs. Despite the downing of the Malaysian airliner to smear Putin Russia remained firm and the international community sided with him.


The USA is the enemy of all life on Earth.


It isn't only about Putin. For all the 'oh pity poor Putin' baloney being shoveled here, it is more than just Putin. I notice that people ignore my point and go right back to the hate America and love Putin nonsense.

My point is that it is about the Russian, Iranian and Chinese rearrangement that has been introduced. People keep talking minor incidentals and strategic moves but in the end it is the west's NATO being matched by an Asian equivalent between the Russians Iranians and the Chinese, along with a slightly insane cousin North Korea causing trouble for the Japanese and South Koreans.

Whatever we put in Romania or the Ukraine or anywhere in Europe...Russia can mobilize an equivalent MAD response. Ever hear of nuclear submarines? Even close proximity detonations of MRV warheads while in the atmosphere would be catastrophic for European cities and nobody believes that any missile defense is all that effective or that the Russians don't have countermeasures specifically deigned to cancel out the advantages of any shoot down capabilities we have. What about theirs btw? Please get real about all of that.

The problem is what all this describes. I use that word intentionally. What do these changes describe in terms of the big picture? Has anyone been listening to the Chinese when they talk about the USA in the So. China Sea? Or that the Japanese remilitarization call forth a response. An Asian Cold War by the way!

It isn't only about poor widdle Putin. It is about both sides and their right wings. Everybody is dangerous and you watch as how this becomes a rationalization for continuing fossil fuel (oil) use.


Trump is right. NATO is a relic we can no longer afford.