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Tensions Soar as Syria Decries Open-Ended US Military Presence 'Act of Aggression'


Tensions Soar as Syria Decries Open-Ended US Military Presence 'Act of Aggression'

Jon Queally, staff writer

Tensions rise in Syria as Turkey threatens invasion, Damascus vows to "shoot down" planes if attacked, and Secretary Tillerson lays out troubling plan for permanent U.S. engagement


This article provides one possible answer to the question:

“What started the Trump recession?”


The Hoover Institute where Rice and Tillerson are pictured is also promoting more cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and other “domestic programs” in order to keep increasing funding for the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC).


Humans = Virus.


Us militarism and interventionism must end of course, but the vile murderous Assad, or the only slightly less vile Erdogan are not the people anyone should be getting behind to deliver this message.


Why is the government of Syria unhappy about the U.S.'s decision to station U.S. troops in Syria?

Surely the U.S. government would not object to, say, China or Russia stationing troops in the U.S.


Regime Changes R U.S.


Arm and train a 30,000 member fighting force in Syria? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha - holy effing s#$t! Of course the pinheads in the military will build on their resounding successes in Afghanistan and Iraq. Gold-plated ghost soldiers, a miracle of modern military mendacity. Meanwhile back on the farm, the shorn sheep begin to circulate the rumor that the wool wasn’t enough, now the wolves are coming for their mutton.


Actually the better analogy is that Assad has not objected to Russians helping prop up his regime, so he should not object to the US military helping prop up his regime either.

Contrary to the tin-foil-hat types here, the US has always supported Assad even if sometimes in
an arms-length way - he has been their most faithful torture-center operator through the long so-called “war on terror”. Just ask Maher Arrar…


War is always state sanctioned murder for profit…


Yes, but in my view, and of course I would fervently, hope my view is wrong, there is no “may” about it! Not if; but when!


I agree with your analogy: Ass…ad would rather be a Russian, quisling thug, than an American, quiisling, thug!


Driven by the parties of the Duopoly.

Give credit where credit is due.


Excellent rebuttal!


Syria is going to have to push the US out - the US isn’t giving Syria any other option.
This means it will very likely be war.
Very likely WWIII due to the number of countries with vested interests on either side, and the number of military weapons involved.
Days like this, I just want to go back to living in the country without any tv or wifi.


Wars R U.S.

Brought to you by the Duopoly parties and those Americans who overwhelming enable them.


Invade and conquer and call it ‘spreading democracy’. However, doing the work of the zionists is very profitable for the MIC.


No: I would agree if you wrote “Western Humans=Virus”. Ask the First Nations Peoples about what this virus looks like.


Maybe but the point I rather hoped would be: Does the US (or any other country for that matter) have the right to interfere if not invited by the sovereign leader regardless as to how awful we perceive them?


The Democrats are in charge of the Hoover Institute, now? They’re in charge of Condi and Rex? Try being accurate and say the Clinton/Lieberman/AIPAC wing of the Democratic Party or The Uniparty ( Adelson and others, et al supports Trump ) Zionists in both parties would work, too. The Mercers are in the mix, too. Saudi money goes to whom?
The MIC and the NYT are filthy with this Zionist propaganda; as are all MSM outlets, pretty much.
Sandernistas, not so much. This accounts for some of the reason people feel Bernie was cheated out of the nomination. Zionists in the DNC is not that farfetched of a conspiracy. Very likely had to do with Saudi/Clinton Foundation co-mingled $$$.