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'Terrible Day for Journalists All Over the World': Dozens Killed as Coordinated Attack Targets Reporters in Kabul


'Terrible Day for Journalists All Over the World': Dozens Killed as Coordinated Attack Targets Reporters in Kabul

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The Islamic State is claiming responsibility for twin suicide bombings in Kabul on Monday. The coordinated blasts—being described as the deadliest attacks on the media since 2001—killed over two dozen people including at least nine journalists.

At least 45 people were also wounded in the bombings.


Ain’t religion grand, folks? Power-religion-profit: the trio from HELL!!!


Trump says nothing which is how he views journalists.


Wow. RIP to the deceased and condolences to their families.
This puts fear in my heart for press freedom and I’m not even a journalist.
They’re being attacked all over the world.


As long as the Taliban can go and back and forth to Pakistan this type of violence is likely to continue. The US has no obvious plan to end this conflict yet the number of US troops has been increased. It should be noted that Bernie Sanders voted in favor of this war and has avoided discussing it in any detail. Overall I think Bernie is one the best politicians around but on this issue I have to give him low marks. Rather than facing this issue he seems more concerned that it would hurt his efforts to lead the progressive movement. But people are continually being killed there and as a leader of the left he should speak out. How do you vote for a war and when it still going on 17 years later not take some responsibility? He preformed very poorly in the debates on this particular issue and more should be expected. I find his silence on this issue unacceptable. But apparently he is going to continue to exclusively focus on a domestic agenda and avoid dealing with the war in Afghanistan.


Did anyone vote against Afghanistan?


Sanders is another tool of the warmongers like a puppet on a string. One can not hold political office without being controlled by the bankers who have stolen our nation from underneath our brainwashed silent majority who are oblivious to the impending danger.


“In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. Sadly such revolutionary acts will be met with increasingly excessive force by the oppressors.


I give you low marks. Very low marks.