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'Terrible News' for GOP as Survey Shows Generation Z Shaping Up To Be Most Progressive Ever

'Terrible News' for GOP as Survey Shows Generation Z Shaping Up To Be Most Progressive Ever

Jake Johnson, staff writer

From their strong belief that humanity played a central role in causing the climate crisis to their overwhelming dislike of President Donald Trump, the young Americans who have been classified as Generation Z—comprised of those between the ages of 13 and 21—could be even more progressive than the slightly older millennial generation, according to a Pew Research Center survey published Th


It’s terrible news for the Inauthentic Opposition Party too, Jake—and I haven’t been this optimistic in a LONG time.


“While Pew was quick to note that it is “too early to say with certainty how the views of this new generation will evolve” over the next several years, Kreis [argued]…”

Herein lies my chief concern about this whole thing.

Which generation was it who fought to end the war in Vietnam? Who protested for civil rights? Who was the free love flower child generation? Who supported labor unions until the peak of their influence at about 35% of the workforce?

Then, who brought Ronald Reagan into office? Who supported the destruction of labor unions, and cut taxes on the rich to their lowest point in modern history? Who changed the Democratic Party into the Party of the Privileged Class II, and the Republicans into full-blown fascists? Who supported and still supports never-ending war and deregulation of banks and corporations?

The answer to both is, of course, the Baby Boomers. The anti-war, pro civil rights generation became the worst offenders as soon as they realized the profit to be made by screwing everyone. Why the next generation should be any different is a question yet to be answered, I suppose, but if you look at the faces of those in the alt-right and white supremacy rallies, you don’t see many septuagenarians there, they are all in their 20s and 30s.

The generation that once agitated and fought for civil rights now wants a wall to keep the country white and keep the “dirty, sick” brown people out. The generation that once declared that “God is dead” now wants to scrap the Constitution of the U.S. and institute Old Testament law in its place.

The generation that got their liberal arts education free at many top universities, now wants to load students with debt they will never be able to repay or forget about college and work in fast food all their lives.

And above all, the generation who saw so many of its members defect to Canada to avoid the Vietnam war, has now fully codified war as the most profitable U.S. export, and when one war looks like it may be winding down, starts another immediately.

So yeah, let’s wait and see how this new generation evolves, because I have a feeling it will be just like all the others. I’m not likely to see it though, since I pre-date the Boomers…


Generation Z is the logical consequence of being led, fettered, imprisoned, impoverished and dominated by fear ridden chickenhawk conservatives for far too long.

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Just in time to inherit the smoking ruins of a once beautiful planet.

I truly want to be optimistic. But that would require acts of denial I’m not capable of.


Not to worry. Humans won’t go extinct for at least another 50 years. Think how much wealth you could amass by that time, how many wars you can start, how many small middle eastern countries you can conquer…


Republicans are cautious about AOC because she is as stubborn as they are. They aren’t used to the fighting kind of democrats.


Easy on the champagne, hoss. We’ve been here several times before. Within a dozen years of the last great generational rescue, we had Reagan in the White House.


I am a 71 year old boomer and am nearly in tears each day when i think about my generation, and the one before me and what we’ve done to leave an incredible mess for my children and grandchildren. Count me - and virtually all of my boomer friends and relatives as 100% supportive of Gen X, Millennials, and gen Z - eliminate trump and the Repugnants in Congress - I have committed 100% of my life, and what’s left, to dealing with the massive challenges of climate change, inequality and the corruption by trump, the Rs and so many Corp. CEOs. I urge all young people to threaten your parents and elders to disown them if they even think about support trump and his corrupt cronies - they are despicable, dishonest and criminally corrupt and without a doubt will destroy your future if they are not flushed into the dustbin of history with the rest of the fecal matter they have created.


I am one of those boomers who went to NYU in Greenwich Village in the late 60s / early 70s. And never looked back. Never have i, or my friends and family ever supported the war machine, never voted for a Repub and think Reagan was only slightly better than trump. They are corrupt and care only about money and power for more money. Most boomers do not support trump or his henchmen / henchwomen. It is less about age (yes, to some extent true), but more about culture, education and milieu - rural, urban, suburban, value well-being of life vs value gobs of money. All people, of all ages must kick this scum out of political offices around the nation and say, “never again.” Do you read real or fake news (Fake = Fox, Washington Examiner, listen to scum like Limbaugh, Coulter, Jones and actually believe them); do you read books or alt right garbage. It’s far more than age.


“54 percent believe the planet is warming because of human activity”. Only 54%? Too much MSM I guess.

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I would love to be more confident of the conclusions here, but it sounds like the measuring system was seriously skewed.

Trump is often disapproved of from the left for his racism and destruction of social programs, but also from the right, bizarrely, for talking with Russia and Korea and for his incomplete alignment with the MIC. Both of these are common positions within the Democratic Party, but that does not make each of them progressive concerns.

Somewhat similarly, asking that “government should do more to solve problems” does little to clarify positions because it does not ask what government should do. It thereby plays into the old Reagan mythology of “small” government. Increasing ethnic diversity does say something, but it does not say how this should be done. It is quite possible to staff anti-progressive positions in plutarchic organizations, and we have seen this done right up to the presidency.

Seeing newer generations grow out of the “US is best” mythology and the old gender prejudices is nice, but incompletely revealing. This is mostly because the studies pointedly avoid asking the most relevant questions–those associated with the power structures of the US and of Western societies in general.

Altogether, we see nothing here to ask about endless war, economic inequality, the near-terminal looting of the commons by the wealthy, or the persistent erosion of the electoral process.

The opinions of our young people deserve better exploration. This looks like a study to determine whether non-progressive elements in the Democratic Party might manage to hang on without granting concessions to progressives.

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“There will have to be a leftward shift all around in the not so distant future or there will be no GOP to speak of…”

Don’t worry! The Democrats are ready to take the GOP’s place:

“For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up twomoderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.” - Chuck Schumer.


Generation Z-----hmm my favorite Doctor Seuss book was ," On BEYOND ZEBRA," and so the Z’s will go positively beyond where we are now. I mean Dr. Seuss was a soothsayer of the future , wasn’t he. : )

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You speak of Boomers as if we are a solid block in our ideology. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m 66, I never voted for Reagan. I believe Reagan started the nation on its current downward trajectory. I remain steadfastly against what the USA did in Southeast Asia.

You say my generation wants to build a wall. I’m a boomer and I do not want to build a wall.

Above all, I want to preserve the separation of church and state. As a matter of fact I think the churches should be taxed!

I think your goal is to divide us.


Phytoplankton creates most of our oxygen and sucks CO2 from our atmosphere. It is in a 50% decline in my lifetime due to toxic marine microplastic thus limiting the amount of CO2 removed from our atmosphere, thus warming our planet and oceans even more thus killing even more phytoplankton thus warming our atmosphere even more thus— Get the picture. Our demise is imminent and irreversible.

Obviously, arguing with someone of your disposition would be pointless. Thank you for your opinion.

A promising trend but will it come soon enough ?

I do hope they more open to a third party than are the progressives that have hitched their fortunes to the corrupt Democratic party. As to the Republicans watch them get even more extreme. A movement such as this will see the Republicans govern so as to ensure systems fail. They will then lay the blame on those “Communists and libtards”.


If somebody can organize these kids our future may not belong to the Trumps’ and the McConnells’…We are on the very edge of a Kent State moment and that is really scary.

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I think the churches and any other religious entity should be taxed also, and this cult of the “unborn” needs to veer away from politics - that is personal. Yes, I am a boomer also and a free thinking progressive.