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'Terrible News for Workers' as Supreme Court Makes It Harder for Them to Fight Back When 'Screwed' by Employer


'Terrible News for Workers' as Supreme Court Makes It Harder for Them to Fight Back When 'Screwed' by Employer

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday dealt a blow to worker rights, saying that employers can bar their employees from banding together to challenge workplace abuses including wage theft and sexual harassment.


Might as well get use to “arbitration clauses” and ambiguous terms like “medical necessity” because a great deal of your decisions will be based on them.


If employers and the company they represent are allowed to go one on one with individuals within that company, that individual has a right to be a part of a larger entity as well, such as a union, to even the playing field.

A “Working People’s Union” must be established to allow “all” working people to join and provide representative protections including legal advice.


The CEO of the offending Corporation should have to face the offended employee in court alone also.
To be fair about it.


Good point. Even State workers have a union, most decent paying jobs with benefits have unions. But they too maybe subject to this ruling. Hummm.

Edited: Germany has a workers council and they have far better representation and better benefits, wages etc.


Will signing these forced arbitration clauses be a condition of employment?

That alone should be a strong sign for workers to take their labor to alternatives to corporate big business employers. If this happens, maybe a renaissance of small businesses and worker-owned cooperatives, where worker rights are valued.


Workers deliver blow to Supremacist Court.

New Headlines:

Millions write letters to Court affirming that they no longer have any confidence in justices decisions.

Urge Congress to disband Court as “not in touch with the people.”


Ann Gorsuch Burford’s nit is now a full-grown louse.


Well you can try applying the same old remedies but that is probably not going to work. Education has become part of the problem, if your already a debt slave there are not to many alternatives. Which behavior is easier to change ours or theirs.


How abou:t ‘Millions of workers turn in their letters of resignation to corporations and companies that force them to sign contracts with forced arbitration clauses in favor of work at places where their labor and humanity is valued.’


Outstanding idea!

Now, if only we had “Guaranteed Basic Income” to soften the blow, we’d have them by the, ballsy idea.


In Trump’s Murka only media (of all types), war profiteers, and legal services have “a guaranteed income”.

The SCOTUS transcript notes that Trump appointee Neil Gosuck delivered the verdict.

Not that Trump supporters have any inclination to connect dots concerning anything that gets in the way of Trump’s stories and their stories.


The robed right-wing court (jesters) allow and believe money equals “free speech”, that corporations “are people” and workers can just die at the hands of corporate parasites and do nothing…vulture capitalism is alive and well in the R’Con SCOTUS!

If trump gets any more nominations you all can kiss our republic goodbye for good…given the complicity and betrayal of the “opposition” fraud party establishment that may be coming soon…


The court is already past the tipping point you make. That’s what happens when a appointed judge, who was a member of the Fascist club in college, gets approved to the court.


Luckily the Democratic Party is all over this. Photo ops, sound bites, and fundraising ‘asks’ have surged noticeably nationwide.


The Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) was originally conceived as exactly such a “One Big Union” for all workers. They are still in existence.


Small businesses - construction/home improvement contractors, restaurants, small manufacturers, produce farmers and the like can be some of the most abusive and union-hating of employers.


I was faced with this very thing some time ago. A small group of us got together and sued after we got terminated. The lawyers that represented us did so on an individual basis and it worked. But this is no way preferable to being in a union. It is getting to be the case that every worker will need a lawyer on retainer ready to pounce.

Also, since we have strength in numbers and they know it and fear for their accumulated wealth they made on our backs, isn’t it time we engaged in total, non cooperation to hurt them financially?


Probably because there aren’t many places where they are valued, and because this decision will encourage such places to reconsider the monetary cost of such values.


Let’s get everybody enrolled in the IWW.

Yunzer, you up for that task?