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Terrified of Progressive Enthusiasm Sweeping the Nation, Corporate Democrats Have Begun Plotting Their 'Counterrevolution'


Terrified of Progressive Enthusiasm Sweeping the Nation, Corporate Democrats Have Begun Plotting Their 'Counterrevolution'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Corporate Democrats are extremely worried about the wave of progressive enthusiasm that is sweeping the country in red and blue states alike, and—according to reporting by NBC News on Sunday—they are beginning to organize a "counterrevolution" to beat it back.


Notice that the Third Way meeting was behind closed doors, probably with invitations for corporate donors and lobbyists. That’s real transparency. Too bad we now have to fight mainstream democrats as well as republicans.


“You’re not going to make me hate somebody just because they’re rich. I want to be rich!” Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) said during last week’s closed-door event, which was titled “Opportunity 2020.”

You want to be rich? Just remember, Rep. Ryan, when we become hungry enough, we will eat the rich!


Just know that they will taste like chicken…


… devolved to the nauseating loss of spine, poisonous slime of fear and incontinence lacking any societal potential for sustainability. In other words: anthropophagic knuckle dragging.


For all his faults, Bernie Sanders will provide the bridge to a new era of progressivism. He is one of the last of the old guard progressives, but has provided the means for the young blood to come forward and take up the mantle. His run in 2016 can not be underestimated.


OK, you sent me to the mat with “anthropophagic”. I guess I’ll have to put off lunch for a while. Glad your in my orbit, my thinking friend.


Where do we find the list of Third Way Senators and Reps in the House?


If Bernie did not endorse the Third Way’s Corporate Queen of Chaos and undermine and confuse the burgeoning progressive movement during and after the 2016 Dem Convention, we’d be having an absolutely different discussion. How can he be believed, despite his great speeches, after that historic betrayal?


Mainstream Democrats and Republicans are all part of the same pile of cr@p that needs to be flushed down the trumptard’s gold toilet.


The Third Way Dems have been the population’s enemy for decades. They’ve been able to get away with it because 1) unless we keep our eyes opened and stay informed propaganda does work, 2) the sheer egregiousness of the GOP, which have allowed the 3rd way gang to play the 'lesser of ’ game. The combination of those two political sources have done to the US what no Stalin or Hitler could ever do. This is being crystalized now more than at any point in my lifetime and probably everyone else alive in the country. If this movement can change this country then the world has a chance. It’s that important, perhaps the single most crucial happening in human history.


Make sure you use marinade.


I agree with Rachel, but from my perspective, the established, Democratic party of HRC is so corrupt it is beyond reformation! With very few exceptions, the corporate, democratic party is nothing but the fake opposition party. And does anyone need any more proof than what happened in the last election? If they really cared about what people want, Bernie would be POTUS.


Catsup, or barbecue sauce???


Duopoly supporters are most forgiving.



Pick your poison. :yum:


The Clinton’s are also the scum that came up with the ‘third way dems’ so you are right on target … I’d be very interested to know who created this ‘Third Way’ think tank – someone like Glenn Greenwald needs to research that.


So, then do you like the stupid fuck that we got even over the ‘Queen’, you think we have a better advantage now then we would have had with ANY Dem, rather than a fucking GOP throwback? Who would you have preferred that he endorse?


The Corporate Democrats have made losing into an art. Who in their right mind would work away from their strengths to their opponents? Progressive Ddemocrats must make the buddy-system of Wall Street and Washington and opposition to the destructive and counter-productive foreign policies key pillars of their proposals.

Progressive independents need to keep their pressure up.As a Lebowski 2020 sweatshirt said (relative to Republican anti-democratic efforts and Corporate Dems failed strategies and policies), “This aggression will not stand, man.”


I’d rather starve than eat an anthropophagic Democrat like Pelosi or Schumer, and I sure as hell wouldn’t waste a good marinade on scum like them! :-}) :-})