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Terrified of Progressive Enthusiasm Sweeping the Nation, Corporate Democrats Have Begun Plotting Their 'Counterrevolution'


How about the Pizza Party?


I don’t see where I referenced anything that I base my beliefs on particularly. My belief, if you will, comes from my OWN analysis of years of reading politics, etc. As a critical and independent thinker I don’t depend on anyone but myself to come to a conclusion. I read an array of materials and consider history in coming to my beliefs about things. I am a student of Noam Chomsky writings. He encouraged his readers to question and research on their own and to make up “your own mind” and not to listen to others. That’s what I do, don’t you?


You are free to believe anything, but I prefer to ground my beliefs in evidence. The evidence right now suggests the VIPS memo does not comport with reality and that’s its advocates believe something in spite of it, not because of it.