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'Terrifying and Totally Predictable': Pentagon Confirms US Forces in Syria Came Under Turkish Artillery Fire

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/11/terrifying-and-totally-predictable-pentagon-confirms-us-forces-syria-came-under

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The Art Of The Deal.

He’s made his deal, with his Devil.

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Death of US military all on Trump. Area also has 11,000 ISIS and 70,000 ISIS families getting out of their prisons due to the Turkey bombings and carnage. Is Trump guilty of treason?


why are we there ? bring the mercenaries back. repair america , stop wasting money on illegal invasions of third world countries


Fuck this shit. This is the US Military and the headline reads “Terrifying…” . Gads this just gets me so mad. The US Military has been bombing the shit out of women and children with their own artillery and their air strikes and I am supposed to feel for them because some Turkish shells fell on their positions?

Fuck the Pentagon and to hell with Ms O’Reilly and her terrified soldiers. I am a lot more concerned about those Civilians being killed by Turkish , Syrian or American soldiers then I am about the “Special forces” soldiers doing that killing. All “special forces” means is members of the military that are more eager to KILL than the “regulars”

Maybe Ms O’Reilly should sleep with some Afghan family only to have these “special forces” guys kick the doors in at 2 am and start shooting because that is what they do. THAT would be terrifying.


You got that right.


not too much mention that American forces are there illegally and constitute an invasion force in their own right. There is no country called Kurdistan, and these Kurds are also known by their legal nomenclature, “Syrians”.

The Turks are invading Syria. Again. That’s the crime here.
And the fact that American forces are on Syrian soil against the wishes of the government is also a crime.

None of this mentioned.


Incidentally, there is no reason to believe that all these “strategic desicions” that repeatedly windup aiding ISIS time and again are mistakes or somehow accidental.
ISIS may aswell stand for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, and we all know how the traitors in congress feels about them.


I would take any declaration of the Pentagon with an ocean of salt.


I want to know why the discussion isn’t centering around why were US special forces still in Kobani. The reporter here has conveniently forgotten to mention that Kobani is right on the Syria-Turkey border. What were they doing there when the American people were told that US troops were being pulled back, I believe to their base in the oil-rich town of Dier az-Zur.

One might ask, what were US special forces doing on the Turkish border rather than 150 miles away in the US base? Did they disobey orders to redeploy? Were they there to protect the “moderate” terrorists who shelled Turkish positions from the hills near our forces? Why is the word “illegal” nowhere in the article since the Turkish invasion, as well as the US invasion of Syria, is illegal and a war crime.

BTW, Kobani is a Syrian city, calling it “Kurd-majority” doesn’t suddenly make Kurdistan a reality. I want all US troops illegally deployed in Syria out, completely, and soon. The US has to admit their terrorist attempt at Syrian regime change is a failure. It’s ironic that while the United States flaunts international norms of behavior by their illegal actions, Russia defends the set of laws put in place to preserve the peace after WWII.


Try this: The American side demands their terrorist all wear orange jerseys … aha, I saw you shoot one of ours, that’s a five yard penalty out of Syria. Trump will fire the Referee and Biden will insist he get an ‘honest’ one from Ukraine. American ‘foreign’ policy at work.

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Hello Clovis, I concur with your statement about an ocean of salt. I would suggest not only one ocean but all of them full of salt plus all of the salt mines on land.

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Remember this?

The enemy of my enemy is (might, may, should, possibly) my friend unless he is a friend of my enemy’s friend then he is subject to denigration, belittling, attack etc…but if my enemy’s friend is my friend’s enemy then all bets are off…Hey, wait a minute!!
The Kurds have been betrayed so many times by America it’s pathetic…ask Kissinger; he did his share.


So far, writers above are pointing out that our soldiers are the bad guys.
This turk military invasion is using arab syrians from northwest syria who had fled to turkey to avoid the syrian civil war. Erdogan has them as foot soldiers pushing Kurds out of the area - to be resettled by the arab syrians who are waiting inside Turkey.

Not to be confused with ethnic cleansing, so far. Iraq Kurds who have been in this zone are returning to Iraq. Iraq is not accepting any Kurds who are Syrian or Turk home towns.

Americans are THERE !! Why the surprise? We have forward observers for air power and artillery. We have intel, signal, government, and more.

The american army soldier is not he bad guy in Syria, Kuwait, Afghan, or Iraq.
He /She will be the really bad guy when we get around to fixxing Pakistan !!

They probably bribed Deadbeat Don like others do

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Sorry, wlawlor. There is no profit in peace and spending to improve the country when weapons sales are the country’s profit backbone.

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It’s wrong to assume it’s the US’s responsibility to protect the Kurds of northern Syria. The US forces were there illegally and it was right for Trump to pull them out. I don’t know why code pink is being so pro war here.

I recall when US forces went into Syria and many at the Pentagon were warning the president about the illegality of the move as well as immanent danger to the troops. Now everyone seems to have forgotten all that opposition to US invasion of Syrian territory.

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Okay empower the Syrian government to root out ISIS which the CIA implanted there. It’s no business of US to get involved at all. The Syrian military has succeeded beyond all expectations in mopping up ISIS mess from most parts of Syrian territory. Let them succeed in freeing all of their country from all of foreign terrorists.

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