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'Terrifying and Totally Predictable': Pentagon Confirms US Forces in Syria Came Under Turkish Artillery Fire

The Turks were ready to destroy the US compound with both US troops and Kurds when a US plane came down over their head ready to blow them away. Thank you US for ignoring as much as possible the traitor Trump. Soon American will feel it going off-shore as Trump trashes the US.

That an excellent point and one I had not considered before. Those Islamists are about as Patriarchal was one can get.

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Hi SuspiraDeprofundis:
and —sigh— America’s military is known for shooting anything that moves, : men , women , children, dogs, : (
I actually don’t think that the military thinks about winning anything. They just continue to kill whoever. There is big money in death making.
And when the Climate Crisis creates food and water shortages—I guess the military will find all kinds of reasons to name American cities and towns hotbeds of anarchy needing to be eliminated. : (
I suppose it will end when the military forgets and sends soldiers to whack their own hometowns.

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All the stories across all of US media bury the lead…“As tens of thousands of civilians northeast Syria…” Civilians are being killed, their homes and lives destroyed, while adding more people to the mass of migrants worldwide but the narrative is all about soldiers, the people who signed up for this s**t, being scared. And the headline at DNC HuffPost was a story about Tulsi (you know, the person who actually is willing to talk to Assad) possibly losing her House seat.


I am not at heart a violent person but as far as these volunteers for the US Military , I am simply tired of their shit and their lack of anything even related to what I deem moral values when it comes to being a “soldier”. At times I would just like to see these people blown up en masse so they stop cursing this earth with their presence. They are nothing more then mass murderers hiding behind words like “freedom and liberty and service to a nation”.

I am sick of it. People just want to be left alone to live their lives and not have some asshole from the USA or from France or from Russia or from China or from Canada coming into their countries and dropping bombs on everyone “for their own good”.

There are children in Pakistan that have to be treated by psychologists because they are in constant fear that the drone the USA has buzzing over their heads will launch a missile into a playground they playing in just because some shit hole excuse for a person sitting at some computer terminal in Texas thinks he sees someone nearby that might be deemed a “terrorist”.

My empathy for those so called “soldiers” drops every day. They are not victims here. They are voulnteers who wanted to do this stuff.


I’d give a shit, but chances are they voted for the Orange Sphincter

It stands for the islamic state of iraq and syria. Nothing to do with the ancient egyptians. Just coincidence.

Cold blooded murder:

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Watch the video:

I am fairly certain that “alt right myth” started with this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooHycqhmJnk

As a testament to your words, I’d like to post Mike Prysner’s speech about what he really had to do and go through as a soldier. If his words don’t question the way one feels about our military, then I fear there’s no hope (not that there really is anyway). The fact that very few people even know about this speech is further evidence that people don’t seem to care about our campaign of terror around the world.

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Thankyou for that. If all soldiers around the world woke up to these sentiments wars would end. Simply because there would be no-one to fight.

On the vital question of the welfare of the working class and the World Socialist Movement, we urge all workers, Turkish, Kurd, Syrian and others, to recognise their common interest in standing together as a class for the overthrow of capitalism. There are no circumstances justifying working-class support of capitalist governments or movements, including those that masquerade under the name of nationalism.


Trump the Betrayer. He has betrayed the Kurds, he has betrayed every single American, he is an agent of Putin and his oligarchs. Wake up America, we are loosing our freedom, we are loosing our independence, we have become a country where making money is more important then the preservation of life and liberty.

HI wingsofadove-----oh, I think that any chance the military has to diss women, then those in power will do so. : But then the US military never dose study the cultures that they intend on blowing up-------------sigh, America’s karma will be-----awful. : )