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'Terrifying': Poll Shows 43% of Republicans Think Trump Should Have Power to Shutter News Outlets for 'Bad Behavior'


I’m not talking about people remaining complacent. Far from it. Just putting in perspective the numbers. The way the media plays it, Trump and the righties have the numbers to dominate. And that is just not the case. The numbers are overwhelming to swamp out Trump fascists but people have to actively do it.

The corporate state though is more insidious and more difficult to challenge. One mistake being made by those who support Trump - and I’m not talking about the racists and neo-Nazis but those who are less radical and identify more as mainstream republicans (maybe another 20%) - think he is challenging the corporate state. It may seem that way because he criticizes establishment Dems and even repubs (that support the orthodox “liberal order” [in the sense of Western Civilization]). But his challenge is one that opens the door for fascism.

The challenge that is truly for the people comes from the left. Unity and mutual support, not division.


The media is not wrong about Trump’s, or rather the establishment’s numbers.
Per capita America has a far greater percentage of fascists, or fascist supporters, then Germany did.
The populace is also more easily duped due to America’s low standards of education, in addition to facing a more insidious enemy with a much greater reach.
Moreover, a conservative estimate suggest that as much as 25% of America’s population are authoritarians. That add up to a lot of fascists in waiting.


If only we could shutter the White House for bad behavior!


Please give back your 40 hour work week, your weekends, and your childhood free of labor.

The stupid is what is killing the country.


Gee… reminds me of when 80% of “Progressives” wanted to shutter all Conservative organizations!
Hypocracy = Rule by Hypocrites (i.e. “Progressives”)