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'Terrifying': Rapid Loss of Biodiversity Placing Global Food Supplies at Risk of 'Irreversible Collapse'


'Terrifying': Rapid Loss of Biodiversity Placing Global Food Supplies at Risk of 'Irreversible Collapse'

Julia Conley, staff writer

A groundbreaking report by the United Nations highlighting the rapid, widespread loss of many of the world's plant and animal species should be on the front page of every newspaper in the world, argued climate action and food access advocates on Friday.



Biodiversity is a direct consequence of “Life”. Life leads to life. A plunge in biodiversity is a consequence of death.

Capitalism is a death cult which generates profits based on the destruction of life.



There are many in high places willing to destroy the world chasing their money illusion.



climate and corn flakes. a song.



There are those in high, middle and low places who know the habitat is collapsing, yet still have more kids.



For a very long time now Dr. Guy McPherson has been warning us that we will die from loss of habitat. Not just our own but those of the animal and insect world. Without their habitat(s), they cannot sustain us and we die. Very simple really, sadly just now we are starting to listen.



I just downloaded the 576 page report. I hope to make it through the summary without the need of some single malt scotch but doubt it, I couldn’t even spell scotch…

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Years ago I had a “Save the snail darter” bumper sticker on my bicycle.
(The snail darter was a fish made extinct by a for-profit dam project spearheaded by the TVA. Congress explicitly overrode the endangered species act at the request of the TVA. The only economic sense of the project was that TVA would take land by eminent domain, build a lake, and then sell inflated value lake front lots at a profit.)

Anyway, I was confronted by a person who said it made a lot more sense to ignore the snail darter and instead concentrate our energies on gene manipulation so that we could recreate any species we want at any time we want.

With ignorance like that, all you need is Monsanto…



The snail darter was not made extinct. It was found in a number of other tributaries in the Tennessee River drainage besides the lower Little Tennessee, introduced into others, and has since been taken off the “endangered” list and moved to the less serious “vulnerable” list.

There were of course a lot of good arguments against this and other dams. But the snail darter ended up not being the best one.



We could also spend our energy going to Mars. But since that’s also impossible, we might as well spend our energy checking out reality.



That was not known at the time that Congress voted to sacrifice the snail darter.



“The cause” of this dis-integration of the ecology and crash in biodiversity and mass extinction event that is underway and accelerating…

Is not global warming, and will not be “solved” by electric cars or renewable energy.

Climate change is a latecomer to the extinction ball. YES climate change is extremely important and climate change MUST be addressed (by ending war, ending fossil fuels, ending the looting class, ending capitalism, and focusing our education, our media, and our enterprise on ecological understanding and stewardship).

BUT: The primary drivers of loss of biodiversity, ecological dis-integration, and mass extinction are habitat loss, land use, industrial agriculture (and agriculture in general), toxic chemicals, development, transportation, automobiles, highways, and cities. And now, including climate change.

Capitalism; Industrialism; The Economy. That’s what’s doing this, and THAT’S WHAT MUST BE CHANGED. FAST!

We need a MASSIVE PARADIGM SHIFT. We need ECOLOGICAL CONSCIOUSNESS, ECOLOGICAL SOCIETY, and ECOLOGICAL ECONOMY. We need agroecology, permaculture, and regenerative organic agriculture to REPLACE mono-cropping of industrial commodity crops. We need to END “CONSUMERISM.” We need REWILDING, REFORESTATION, and to ABOLISH THE AUTOMOBILE. We need to ABOLISH the for-profit, investor-owned, limited-liability corporation.

Don’t buy fake “solutions,” to climate change or ecological crisis, that do not go to the heart of how the economy is organized and how it operates.

i’m just being realistic. All the “realistic,” “mainstream,” “normal” people are the crazy ones. Don’t buy the fake “science” peddled by Monsanto and the entire industrial agricultural establishment. Don’t buy all the useless plastic crap they are selling, all the toxic industrial products they are selling, all the ENDLESS PROPAGANDA they pour into your brain.

WAKE THE FUCK UP. It is BEYOND “too late.” We need a real resistance movement, a mass movement of people working to educate themselves about reality, free themselves from the endless propaganda machine, and free themselves from the endless “employment” and consumption treadmills.




Oh the damn irony of this segment for those of us old enough to remember it:

(Part of a 1970s’ ad for Chiffon Margarine, a food-like substance right out of the laboratory of food “scientists”.)



Okay, so what is your solution. You failed to mention the single most important underlying factor.

People have children knowing the habitat is collapsing and without regard to basic math.

Resources are finite.


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If you are really going to be realistic then you have to acknowledge there are too many people trying to live on this planet. After you acknowledge that and since you have acknowledged it is already “beyond too late” there is only one realistic solution. Billions must die so the rest can survive. Politically, that leads to extreme isolationism. No more food aid to foreign countries. No more efforts to stop plagues, which means no traffic in and out of the nation, or maybe continent or hemisphere. In a century or so we could pick up the pieces. Horrible.

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"This should be at the top of every news bulletin and every government’s agenda around the world"

But of course it’s not, and will not be. The pursuit of wealth, that paper world that ignores and actively sabotages any sense of stewardship for the natural world and The Wild…of the critical urgency to protect and nurture what’s left of the other myriad lives and species around this beautiful Blue World that is being killed - extinguished - before our eyes, and the people that control the dialogue and our collective future don’t give a tinkers damn about other living things, our environment, a healthy planet, or other human beings…like the ignorant moron in the WH…all just numbers in a book of greed and self interest - a reality the people in control will not recognize in time to reverse the decline into extinction for far too many species.



They are waiting for the second coming of Jeez baby. He will solve all the worlds ills. But he can’t do everything at once, he might be taking care of some urgent problem in another far distant galaxy.



Look at suburbia, totally devoid of any biodiversity.

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Bullshit, it actually means JUST THE OPPOSITE of your horror presumptions, it means SOLIDARITY WITH ALL PEOPLES, mutual aid, support, humanity, humility, and taking care of each other in mutual humility, living in ecological ways that STOP dis-integrating the ecology.

Your bullshit hate-mongering is pure propaganda. i agree that there are “too many” humans for prime ecological heath, but i strongly DISAGREE that “humans” or overpopulation are the primary cause of ecological horror. It is human systems, industrial assault, capitalist economic overdrive, non-ecological living, war, hatred, and FALSE CONSCIOUSNESS like yours, that drive humanity and ecology toward mass destruction.

Yes “billions will die” but EVERYONE will die, that has ALWAYS been true. We don’t need to all die at once! If we adopt ecological consciousness and ecological economics, and TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER AND THE EARTH, with solidarity and humility, there is no telling how swiftly we could pull back the industrial assault and support the ecology to recover. We do NOT NEED to kill off humanity, we need to STOP THE INDUSTRIAL ASSAULT ON THE ECOLOGY.

If your bullshit consciousness thinks “Hmm, first let’s kill billions of humans” instead of “Hmm, first let’s STOP THE INDUSTRIAL ASSAULT,” then there is little hope for you until you WAKE THE FUCK UP. Try living sanely, FIRST, before you go all mass-murder on everyone.