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Terrifying Ted and his Ultra-Conservative Vision for America


Terrifying Ted and his Ultra-Conservative Vision for America

Garry Leech

Perhaps nothing captures the imperialist arrogance of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz more succinctly than his campaign’s statement declaring, “What is best for America is best for the world.” In addition to the obvious issue that billions of people around the world might disagree with Cruz on this point is the fact that it is not at all clear that the Republican presidential candidate’s proposed policies are even best for most Americans.


Cruz met his Goldman Sucks executive wife while they were both volunteering for Dubya's 2000 campaign and illicit "election". No blood on their hands ?

The Cruz's are a crime family that make the Corleones, Gambinos and other mafioso look like Salvation Army bell ringers.


Theocratic troglodyte Teddie Cruz could be quite successful in satirizing the fundy dominionist movement. It is quite frightening that he means what he spews. When I first heard Rush Limbaugh (1992) I practically rolled on the floor laughing as I thought it was a brilliant parody of bigotry. Later learning of my error and furthermore of the extent of his lapping audience, I wept for rationality of discourse. Fortunately I don't believe that Ted is electable as he is far too ugly--his appearance isn't very good, either.


Ted Cruz is a byproduct of the corporate state. From an early age Cruz discovered that selling out the 99% by pledging an allegiance to a handful of wealthy sponsors, elevates him and his family from the day-to-day struggles that plague working class families. All of his talking points are pro-corporate from introducing a flat tax to his calls for "expanding the military". Arguments against Planned Parenthood and gay marriage are merely side show attractions that corporate America likes to see take up valuable air time so as not to debate issues that are directly related to corporate profits such as tackling poverty, rebuilding social programs, breaking up the banks and ending wars and the arms race. It is not that Planned Parenthood or gay marriage are not important issues, it is that they are issues that don't interfere with corporate revenues. Ideally corporate America would like to see a Ted Cruz/HRC presidential election, but that thorn in their side, Bernie Sanders, has't been removed yet. Expect the rhetoric to increase from both the Republican camp and Hillary as Bernie's popularity continues to rise.


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Dim S.O.B. Bush is ample proof of your statement!


Will someone with standing please file suit against Cruz as not being a "natural-born citizen", ineligible to be POTUS. I really have a hard time understanding why liberal Democrats don't want to pursue this method of taking a completely reprehensible a-hold out of the Presidential race. This is not settled law, despite Teddy Boy's protestations to the contrary. It could be a very clean and decisive way of getting him out of the race. Or, if the Court accepts the line of reasoning that his mother having been born in the U. S. constitutes being a "natural-born citizen", then the matter is decided for all-time. But this needs to be decided once and for all. Cruz should not be allowed to become POTUS without this being decided, however unlikely one thinks that possibility might be.


Ted Cruz is proof that when it comes to the Republican party, the inmates have taken what is left of the Insane Asylum that is called the Republican party!


Quit allowing the politicians and the media to redefine who someone is and what they're doing.

I'm a conservative - I want to see the nation return to the values that existed when I was growing up. I have to call myself a Progressive because it's going to take a lot, lot, lot, and a bunch to get back there.

Now, we have Hillary who was at the front of the pack in the charge to establish the DLC and transform the Democratic Party from being the voice of the People into a center-right political organization that only increased the corruption in Washington D.C.

Today, conservatives and conservatism have nothing to do with being conservative. They are neo-liberals and hail from the economic theories of the German fascist economist Friedrich Hayek who was hired by the Rockefellers to transform our society from the University of Chicago that was, founded and funded by the Rockefeller interests.


Cruz wants a crusade. He believes in imposing his religious perspective on others because he believes that it is right and anything else is wrong.

With Cruz you worry about science in schools and us backing Israel without questioning whatever their rightwing government wants to do which sounds like bomb Iran 'just to be sure'.

Cruz sees his beliefs as universals and has no problem casting an overlay of what he considers moral and righteous over everyone and perhaps the world. Not that he wants to conquer the world but in a political and military sense, he wants to missionary to the world.

As a religious minded person myself, I fear the right wing self righteous intolerance and hatred underlying the smug complacency of people like cruz. Cruz is one of those whom Jesus warned against - a hypocritical Pharisee - self righteous, intolerant, autocratic, domineering and controlling, a believer in wealth and power but hypocritically cloaking their appetites (mammon and war) behind an unreachable armor that cynically relies on religion to disguise what is its real goals.

Liberal, leftist and progressive religious folk who have long fought for tolerance and social justice fear the ultra right religious mentality of a Cruz.

Beware the leaven of the Pharisees warned a very progressive soul long ago. He was right about that.


I don't see the difference between Cruz and Islamic terrorists.


Cruz would have cruise missiles and nuclear weapons.


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Maybe he should stay in...and lose.


Actually, he sounds like the anti-christ as described in Revelations.


Lol ... I've always believed the antichrist voted republican.

I am not a fundie and I don't believe in biblical literalism, antichrists, end times, dinosaurs on Noah's Ark, Adam's missing rib or the book of Revelation (which was a dream and a semi gnostic treatise at that).

I do believe in the Christ of Revolution not in the Christ of Revelation.

My Jesus came for the poor, for those in prison, for the naked and hungry and peace ...not for the oligarchs and the wealthy and war. He said so quite plainly. They always seem to forget that part. He said so!


I expect you are right in that Planned Parenthood and gay marriage are basically meaningless to him and most certainly to his Wall Street handlers but they are issues that matter to his most likely voters. I am liking how these issues that the GOP has embraced only for votes and intentional divisiveness, are now destroying the party.


Damn--where are those "birthers" when you need them?



I'm not sure how you measure such a thing, but it would not at all surprise me to find that 40% of Americans would have voted for Hitler.

God help us! (says this anti-theist)


There are so many, many criticisms that are appropriate against this appalling POS. What keeps occurring to me is that he is a close approximation of the chief character in the famous Sinclair Lewis novel "It Can't Happen Here" about the rise of a theocratic, fascist American president. This fictional book seems to be coming true before our very eyes. At best, this reckless, fact-averse fake Christian zealot will simply sway the political discourse of the country already farther to the Right. At worst, he represents the continuing drift toward an even more unequal, intolerant and fascistic takeover of American politics with the apparent tens of millions who accept his loathsome interpretation of Christianity and the U.S. Constitution.
If you thought that his support of the government shutdown and his reading of "Green Eggs and Ham" during that Senate "filibuster" was awful just wait until he achieves real power. I think that Ted Cruz, influenced by his even crazier wingnut father, is one of the slimiest and most potentially dangerous politicians I have ever seen in the U.S. He is an excellent manifestation of the regressive extremist that we see over and over again in the U.S., the kind of political scum that can always be counted on to be kicking and screaming against anything like more equitable social change.
Like you, it is my fervent hope that this colossal ass burns out in the months leading to the RNC. However, I am not confident about that at all. The U.S. seems to be dividing itself into two countries. Sanders represents the Hope and Change we are still waiting for after Obama's sellouts. Cruz would be the opposite.
Let's all thank Texas once again for electing another right-wing asshole who endangers what little political progress we have managed to create.