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Terror and Geopolitics: Manchester 2017 and 1996


Terror and Geopolitics: Manchester 2017 and 1996

Juan Cole

Manchester, UK, was hit with the deadliest bomb attack on Monday since a June Saturday morning in 1996, when a massive 3000 lb. Provisional Irish Republican Army blast leveled the city center shopping district to rubble and left 200 wounded. The toll at the Ariana Grande concert so far this morning is nearly two dozen dead and over 60 wounded.


"Unfortunately, we are in the Age of Trump, an age of the exhalation of the strong man (i.e. dictator) and Diplomatic Solutions are seen as mere weakness."

And the Captured Media does everything they can to keep us seeing it that way.

That is why Bernie's "...it's not about me, it's about us." was so threatening to the PTB, as the majority of American Citizens do not want War.


Can the Sunnis (Wahhabis) and Shias really be so stupid as to kill and maim their religious brethren and others over a theological question regarding the succession of leadership of their common religion?

Historically there have been many massacres done in the name of various religions.

Since the practice of religion has proven itself a weapon of mass destruction, perhaps it's time to ban the practice, and teach respect for humane treatment of all beings in its place.


Islam=Submission without regard to brothers, sisters, other Muslims


"Western Europe has colonized Muslim countries for centuries". I would say that description fits the Ottoman Turkish Empire, not Western Europe. . They ruled the entire middle east for 800 years....up to 1918. I never hear them brought up though...weird.


There is a bit of a disconnect between claiming to know history, and then spouting nonsense. Northern Ireland was not occupied by the British. The counties of northern Ireland voted to remain part of Britain while the other counties in what was then a united Ireland did not. The majority were Protestant and many were historically of Scottish descent. They did not wish to unify with the catholic south, and in doing so become a minority. So they elected to remain within the United Kingdom. Sad to say that your pronouncements on this matter make your pronouncements on other matters I know less about consequently more suspect.