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Terror Attack in Nigeria Kills At Least 65 People in Latest Example of 'Sharp Increase' in Extremism Tied to AFRICOM

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/29/terror-attack-nigeria-kills-least-65-people-latest-example-sharp-increase-extremism

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If war is nearly always fought for money and religion, why not reject both?

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According to its mission statement, AFRICOM “disrupts and neutralizes transnational threats” in order to “promote regional security, stability and prosperity.” Yet, the report found that that mission is not being fulfilled—in fact, the rate of incidents is rising.

Orwellian. Something like promoting the spread of “democracy and freedom” wherever the US has financial interests. Such mendacious use of language to thinly cover the real intent should have ceased to fool anyone long ago.


why doesn’t the US government attempt to “eradicate terrorism by force” domestically?

From the article:

“‘If anything,’ added Hartung, ‘attempting to eradicate terrorism by force may be exacerbating the problem, provoking a terrorist backlash and serving as a recruiting tool for extremist groups.’”

Maybe that’s the whole point: if we stop creating enemies, pretty soon we’ll have nobody to fight—and then how do we justify all that Pentagon spending?

What gives the U. S. the right to have military “commands” on five continents and somewhere north of 800 military bases around the World? I submit that nothing gives us that right, and the people who live in those places have every right to be up in arms about our presumptiveness. Those in power are lucky that I do not have a voice or seat at the table of power, because I call for gutting the U. S. military budget by at least half; closing 99% of our overseas bases; getting out of every military misadventure we are involved in; ending all of our overseas “commands”; ending military and economic aid for every dictatorship and repressive regime we currently support - which is most of them, including close murderous allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia; cutting our carrier fleets at least in half; drawing down our nuclear weapons in concert with the rest of the world to zero; and ending the “black budget”, and shutting down all 16 of our so-called “intelligence” agencies, so we can, for the first time, join the family of nations as an equal, instead of being the bully on the block.

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I have a different take as to what fuels these “terrorist attacks” and so a bit of history on incidents past.

In the 1960s a number of bombings and “terrorist Incidents” occurred inside of Europe. This included the assassination of Political leaders and the attacks attributed to Communists or groups linked to Communists.

As it turned out a number of these attacks where orchestrated by intelligence agencies including the of those Western Governments in order to discredit the Communist party and to keep the Cold war going with Russia. This was labeled “operation Gladio”

During the troubles in Ireland the British secret services had infiltrated the IRA with their own people and these peoples manufactured and set off bombs and committed assassinations which were all blamed on the IRA which allowed the British Government to justify “counter-measures” to counter the terrorists.

Shortly after the collapse of the Marcos regime the US Military was expelled from the Philippines. The US always saw that Country as their own territory and wanted back in. A number of bombings and terrorist attacks attributed to Muslims in Mindanao started to happen. A raid on an apartment complex performed by the Filipino security forces ended up with the arrest of a US National with ties to the CIA who was manufacturing bombs in the complex. US Government agents arrived in short order and the individual was whisked out of the Country.

After the invasion of Iraq and collapse of the Hussein Regime there were a large number of IEDS that went off and were blamed on the Sunnis. An arrest was made of two individuals in a truck with the bed loaded with IEDS. The men were dressed as Arabs but were in fact British nationals and members of the SAS. They were taken into custody but freed after a few days after an attack on the prison they were held in by “special forces”.

ISIS appeared of a sudden in the Middle East and of the many pictures of them in action one thing that stood out like a sore thumb was those white Toyota pickup trucks they used in great numbers. There no plant that makes this Truck in the Middle east and it was a particular model that was only manufactured in Texas. Export licenses showed a large number of trucks from this plant sent to the Balkans where they likely transited through Turkey and down into Syria and Iraq. I find it doubtful this occurred without some Government involvement.

In Libya the French Government recently acknowledged that one of the factions involved in its civil war are using French weapons. They would not reveal how those weapons got to them.

I could go on and on with example after example but the point being made is that these “terrorist groups” have to get their arms and money from someone and someplace and that someone is very often the SAS, the CIA, The COS and other “special forces” groups and clandestine organizations of those Western Governments. These Governments both encourage and welcome these incidents so they can justify inserting their own Military into the region.

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