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Terror on Trial: Family of Drone Victims Vows to Fight German Court Ruling


Terror on Trial: Family of Drone Victims Vows to Fight German Court Ruling

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Three years after a U.S. drone strike in Yemen killed two civilians attending a wedding, a German court on Wednesday ruled against a member of the victims' family in a case that challenges international support for the so-called "War on Terror."


Like an Iraqi? Or an Afghan? Or a Palestinian? Or…


Mr. Jaber is right to sue those criminals who killed members of his family. However, to sue Germany is beating the donkey instead of its rider: the USA. Germany is simply an opportunistic vassel state occupied by American military forces, without any means to drive out the occumpant. While Russian military has unilaterally cleared its military bases in the East of Germany without any preconditions, the US is still holding on to German soil from which they are spying on German citizens, government and corporations. US forces are behaving as if they were above local and international law in Germany and there is nothing German authorities can do about it,.
I would recommend to Mr. Jaber to sue the US either in the International Court in Den Haag or in the UN, or directly in the States.


Absent a Congressional declaration of war, all deaths caused by military combat actions are murder. That includes those the executive branch has designated as “terrorists”. The authors of the Constitution had good reason for specifying the Congress as the body given the responsibility for declaring war and those officers of the federal government, whether elected or appointed, are oath-bound to support, abide by, and defend the Constitution. Flagrant abuses have their price. In this case it is innocent lives on the one hand and the dignity and prestige of a nation that prides itself as a champion of human rights on the other.


US of A ought to declare war on catastrophic climate change instead of any nation. Our military industrial complex firms are well able to make most of the equipment needed to both harden our electric grid to withstand an electro-magnetic pulse and replace fossil fuel with renewable energy. It is also technically feasible to capture CO2 from ambient air, but still very expensive. But will likely need to do so. Bio-diesel is also technically feasible but no where near economically feasible.


And what nation would that be? Certainly not the US.


I would hate that government, and if it is a democracy or a reasonable facsimile, I would also hate the people of that country and demand vengeance! I would then lend my efforts to extract that vengeance!


Directly in The US won’t work. Even with solid proof of guilt, the American “judicial” system is so disgustingly corrupt that no fair trial on such a matter would ever be allowed