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Terror, Tennis Balls, and Tamir Rice


Terror, Tennis Balls, and Tamir Rice

Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

CLEVELAND—Welcome to Cleveland, where the Republican National Convention (RNC) is underway. The RNC is a highly scripted, elaborately staged and lavishly publicly funded private party. Here, credentialed Republican delegates, most of them party activists from around the country, circulate within a militarized perimeter of what authorities have designated a “national special security event.” As such, the U.S. Secret Service is handed complete control of an area, in the case downtown Cleveland.


The NRA is the domestic arm of the MIC. There can't be one without the other, and both rely on Hollywood movies sexing up gun ownership (and firepower) and a mass media that's essentially the Propaganda Arm of the Pentagon's Make-War-Business.

"Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin told us at the protest, “We think that the NRA has, unfortunately, been setting the agenda for this entire nation, especially the Republican Party. It’s unfortunate that the NRA has so much power in this country. That’s why we see guns on our streets and people being shot every single day, every single hour of every single day.” Eventually, with all the tennis balls safely confiscated, the police marched away."

Christ advised that one must "be ye as children to enter the kingdom of God."

I totally applaud Code Pink's imaginative--childlike in their innocence--methods of shining a necessary light (of exposure) on the Mars Rules State.