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Terrorism 101: Occupy and Student Groups Labeled 'Extremist Threat' by Police


Terrorism 101: Occupy and Student Groups Labeled 'Extremist Threat' by Police

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Once again demonstrating how Western governments and law enforcement are actively working to conflate environmentalists and activists with al Qaeda and other so-called "terrorists," reports this week revealed that London police are including such domestic, liberal groups in a presentation identifying extremist threats.


Domestic extremism.
Translation: Any domestic movement by the people, that is perceived by the economic elite as either a perceived or potential threat to their wealth and political, power.


And this surprises more strident activists and law abiding citizens alike? TIA ( Total Information Network ) with J. Negroponte and the gang in the Security State has been working on this for 23 years, that we know about. But, the police and those " few apples " are putting a lid on the barrel. Order is first, then Law. if you’re lucky enough to have a good attorney and can reach him. Orwell and Huxley were optimists and, remember to eat your pudding. " May I have another, sir? "


Anyone who can write " al Qaeda and other so-called “terrorists,” with a straight face can’t be taken seriously. If al Qaeda isn’t a real terrorist organization the word has no meaning. And if al Qaeda is only a “so-called terrorist” then why not put domestic protests in the same pot–they are only out of order there if they aren’t real terrorists and al Qaeda is.


Room 101!


Muslim rapes of non-Muslim girls and women should be counted terrorist crime. If Muslims fart or sneeze or both at the same time, that should be counted as biological terrorism. All Terrorists are Muslims… Except the 99,6% that Aren’t.we are not terrorist as west call us but we are victims of terrorist like BUSH.

US & NATO FORCES ALREADY KILL MILLION,S OF INNOCENT PEOPLE ON THE NAME OF WAR AGAINST TERROR (IN IRAQ,AFGHANISTAN, AND THEY ARE DESTABILIZING ALL THE MUSLIM COUNTRIES .) THIS IS NOT A WAR AGAINST TERROR. THIS IS WAR AGAINST MUSLIM STATES. What comes to MOST ATROCIOUS acts of terrorism, US of A is having a good lead… Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki, US ambassador in UN saying that half a million dead Iraqi children is “worth the price”, 1,5 million dead civilians in Afghanistan. It’s quite hilarious how Americans are so hysterical about WTC, since they only got what they’ve been asking for a long time. Usually, we mean a terrorist attack civilians. Then why the US army that killed 1000000 civilians in Iraq and half of the figure in Afghan, would not be termed as terrorist? A terrorist should not have any identity for state, Religion or ethnic. The two weapons of mass destruction dropped on Japan----now that’s what I call terrorism! killing 120,000 men, women,and children in the blink of an eye. In the art of killing, the Yanks are specialists in this area.

What Does Islam Say About Terrorism?
Islam, a religion of mercy, does not permit terrorism. In the Quran, God has said:
God does not forbid you from showing kindness and dealing justly with those who have not fought you about religion and have not driven you out of your homes. God loves just dealers. (Quran, 60:8). Islam and Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)may long live.Ameen.
The Prophet Muhammad used to prohibit soldiers from killing women and children,1 and he would advise them: {…Do not betray, do not be excessive, do not kill a new born child.}2 And he also said: {Whoever has killed a person having a treaty with the Muslims shall not smell the fragrance of Paradise, though its fragrance is found for a span of forty years.}3

Also, the Prophet Muhammad has forbidden punishment with fire.4

He once listed murder as the second of the major sins,5 and he even warned that on the Day of Judgment, {The first cases to be adjudicated between people on the Day of Judgment will be those of bloodshed.6}7

Muslims are even encouraged to be kind to animals and are forbidden to hurt them. Once the Prophet Muhammad said: {A woman was punished because she imprisoned a cat until it died. On account of this, she was doomed to Hell. While she imprisoned it, she did not give the cat food or drink, nor did she free it to eat the insects of the earth.}8

He also said that a man gave a very thirsty dog a drink, so God forgave his sins for this action. The Prophet was asked, “Messenger of God, are we rewarded for kindness towards animals?” Additionally, while taking the life of an animal for food, Muslims are commanded to do so in a manner that causes the least amount of fright and suffering possible. The Prophet Muhammad said: {When you slaughter an animal, do so in the best way. One should sharpen his knife to reduce the suffering of the animal.}10

Remember one thing we are all human beings it is a fact that we all are not up to the task our holy prophet is the best man ever seen in the world if some people thing that he is not a good man then then visit WWW.history of Muhammad.com we all come together to get common aims for betterment of the world Allah keep this world for betterment but at the day of judgment we all come to know what is true and what is wrong Allah bless you all He said: {There is a reward for kindness to every living animal or human.}9

In light of these and other Islamic texts, the act of inciting terror in the hearts of defenceless civilians, the wholesale destruction of buildings and properties, the bombing and maiming of innocent men, women, and children are all forbidden and detestable acts according to Islam and the Muslims. Muslims follow a religion of peace, mercy, and forgiveness, and the vast majority have nothing to do with the violent events some have associated with Muslims. If an individual Muslim were to commit an act of terrorism, this person would be guilty of violating the laws of Islam.