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Terrorism for Profit


Terrorism for Profit

Robert C. Koehler

Donald Trump stands cluelessly at the edge of history, exemplifying everything wrong with the past, oh, 10,000 years or so.

The necessity for fundamental change in humanity’s global organization is not only profound, but urgent.


“Here I Come To Save The Day, That Means That Mighty Louse Is On His Way.”

(Newer version of Mighty Mouse Theme Song featuring little Donnie Trump in the star role.)


well, robert, we can see you must have enjoyed a relaxing vacation getting away from it all! :open_mouth: welcome back.

ten thousand years or so! yes, indeed, the time has arrived that the human species must put humanity, (humaneness; benevolence*), into humanity. i chose that 2nd definition because it so well exposes the false pride in defining ourselves as unlike the rest of the natural world, a most virtuous and compassionate species. of course the 1st definition simply states the all-inclusive human race.

i love this phrase, “---- the paradox that civilization remains economically tied to its own destruction.” that’s one i’m saving in my “favorite quotes” file. and kohler is so correct saying that no one person should have the authority or power to declare war. last night i heard a general speaking in an nbc interview. personally, he feels that a preemptive strike against north korea would not be advised, but, alas and alack, he’s signed an oath to the constitution and feels compelled to follow the orders of his “commander and chief.” hmm, my copy of the constitution states that congress declares war, not the president–and congress hasn’t declared war since the u.s. joined ww2. also, during our “police action” in viet nom it was decided that any soldier could refuse to take an order he felt to be morally wrong. in other words “just following orders” is no valid excuse for participating in a crime.

* i tried to put an embedded link to the humanity definition, but for some reason it wouldn’t take. can we no longer embed links or was my search link too long for our system to deal with?


Your existence is the a narcissist’s profit motive.


This is another great one from Robert Koehler, a voice of truth and sanity in a nation that has gone off the rails due to its worship of militarism, greed, racism, and warped version of “Christianity”.

The thought of people such as Erik Prince, Steve Bannon and Stephen Miller, unelected and not even subject to Senate confirmation, having such an undue influence on this administration, is very scary!


Its what empires do. A few countries not concerned with greatness, but with good government and the welfare of all:


Kohler writes: “Trump leads a political system that’s still grounded in the colonial era.”

True that! But that is true of every President. The economy is built on the foundations of colonialism, grand theft continental, genocide, enslavement, and still operates on the same logic.

We need a total reset of the economy, prioritizing ecology and humanity above “wealth”, “ownership”, and “profit”. We need to ABOLISH the investor-owned, limited-liability corporation as the basic building block of the economy. These “corporate persons” were invented to carry out colonization. The British East India Company, Dutch East India Company, Hudson’s Bay Company and the like were the original investor-owned, limited-liability corporations, and their descendants are today’s corporate behemoths that claim “ownership” over the whole Earth and life itself.

We need to educate ourselves, know what we are up against, and what we are fighting for.


There Must be a mass uprising against the fascist fraud and his band of evil lackeys! That means not just the masses in imperialist amerika; But, World-wide!
Yes, the Rising is happening, join!


The bottom line at the bottom of the pile of bodies


#1 terrorists in the world – American exceptionalism.


We are all terrorists - patriots - whatever ~

From the earliest tribes to now.

At present, during our 10,000 year civilized period - we are simply more organized.

Bigger - necessitating others, who wish to survive - to be better organized and bigger too.

Can we change ?

Maybe - culture is our forte - faster than evolution.

Maybe necessity will work where reason has failed ~


This excellent article demonstrates yet again the most dangerous and active terrorists in the world wear business suits with American flag lapel pins. For shame.


Trump can’t endure. If he starts a war to protect himself, his Generals will take him out to protect themselves and their baby.

Trump was elected as an administration. They must be removed and replaced as an administration through new elections and re-administration.