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'Terrorizing the Populace': Report Finds CIA-Backed Death Squads in Afghanistan Committing War Crimes, Atrocities

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/31/terrorizing-populace-report-finds-cia-backed-death-squads-afghanistan-committing-war

It’s not a “war” that we are fighting over there, in any of the countries where we have a military or mercenary presence. It is an illegal act of occupation and carnage. We are not fighting a war ON terror but a war OF terror, and our troops, mercenaries, and CIA-backed death squads have terrorized more people than any terrorist group that we are supposed to be fighting. I have zero respect for anybody who signs up to join the military. They are either too young and stupid to understand how wrong, counterproductive, and immoral these wars are (shoulda done their homework before signing up) or they are simply nationalists/imperialists who have no compunctions about killing people who are not white, Christian, and capitalist. And too many Americans are glorifying this carnage and these soldiers. This is one sick country.


I suggest the CIA role here is greater then even the article suggests. There a tendency to pretend these death squads somehow go rogue. It my feeling the CIA plays an even more active and direct role in these death squads just as they did in Libya and Syria and Countries to numerous to list.


I just can’t imagine what it takes to pull a trigger on a child. Someone looked at that child, not on a tv screen from miles away as in a drone bombing, but probably within a few feet, and made a decision to pull that trigger.

I keep telling people that The Walking Dead is incredibly mild versus what really takes place already in this world.


How dare you disparage “our heroes”?
If karma is real we are f****d.


The United States government needs a reformation from the top to the bottom.


No surprise, the entire US war operation is terrorism on a massive scale.
The only chance of these crime against humanity changing is through mass action on the scale of what is happening in Chile, Lebanon, and Iraq.


This is one sick. fascist, terrorist country. We now have a sick, Amerikan, Fuehrer leading the Fourth Reich!


In America it is just one sad day after another. Border kids, ME kids, American kids not getting nutrition or healthcare. What a wonderful country.
We pine for moral leadership. Trump could kill a child on 5th Ave. and the base would still vote for it.


The Phoenix Program never ended. In fact it was the template to be used in Guatemala, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. Read Douglas Valentine.



“CIA backed death squads”

How many times in the last 60 or 70 years have we read that phrase?

“CIA backed death squads” … in how many countries?

I think they called this the “El Salvador solution” when deciding to unleash it in Iraq.


When a great nation is ruled by fear…massive expenditures are made in weaponry. The citizens become enemies of the state. The people begin to live in the street, have no jobs and the environment becomes degraded. Isn’t that where this nation is and we have the wrong leaders who live off fear not vision.


This is news? We support repressive regimes all over the world.

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I am shocked I tell you, shocked! HRW must be confused, the CIA only trains and arms “Freedom Fighters”, just ask them, they’ll tell you. /s

They can grow all the beards they want but the locals can spot an American imposter instantly. That’s about as involved as these assassins can get.

Jesus , i hate this war crimes crap.
Even progressives have drunk the cool aid on this one.
WAR is the crime.
Making rules to war is nothing more than a clever way to legitimize war and turn it into a business.
Once people accept the rules , they give a green light to killing as long as it’s done by the Rules.
Ok , now flame away with the “Yes! but’s” and play the , you can’t be killing women and children card , which is code for i’m really ok with war as long as it’s done correctly .

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again, following the rules of war doesn’t work as well for the cia as just killing whomever, wherever, whenever they feel like. it is in our roots, our base.

This is the Phoenix Program, which has since been deployed in El Salvador, Iraq, Afghanistan, and anywhere the US has had to fight an indigenous insurgency. The person to read on this is Douglas Valentine. Start with: " The Phoenix Program: America’s Use of Terror in Vietnam and
The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World

You beat me to it. I added a couple of links (below).

16,000 Afghan soldiers and police DEAD, killed - murdered in 2018.
And not by any Americans.

We almost had a cease fire a few weeks ago.
One American soldier was killed.
And Trump walks away from peace.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. Mr. Clapper and Mr. Brennan are gonna get toasted along with the FBI managers for opening the doors for the russian interferences in our 2016 election campaigns.