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Testimony: Northeast & Mid-Atlantic States can lead nation toward 100 percent clean, renewable energy



"EPA expects nuclear power to be a key partner in achieving the goals of the CPP."
When the US government uses the term "clean energy" they usually mean nuclear power. This is NOT the answer to climate change, this is NOT clean energy.


Marilyn, I could find no reference to the use of nuclear in relation to this article. Moreover this is not the EPA here but a coalition of northeast states. It seems like a great plan and while I haven't read every word, I could see no reference to carbon trading scams either which means maybe this once that they actually mean to make this work using solar, wind and tidal renewables. Hope so anyway.


Check the article for the link for CPP and it will bring you to the EPA and a long PDF of the rules for the plan. That's where I got the quote I used. The information on nukes is always layered and hidden. But whenever Obama admin talk CLEAN energy you can bet they include nuclear power.