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Tests Reveal Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' in Aerial Pesticide Showered Over Millions of Acres in US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/01/tests-reveal-toxic-forever-chemicals-aerial-pesticide-showered-over-millions-acres


As long as we have no opposition party, this will continue


During the summer of 1972, I took a job with Grace-Davidson Chemical as a Chemical Operator.

My position required me to start batches of chemicals, and maintain them until barreled and cleaned up.

At various times during that summer, I noticed other workers walking here and there and the one thing they had in common was, their noses were bleeding.

One night soon after this I was in charge of watching a chemical blend called “V-Pop” being barreled in 5 gallon barrels, I left the room where it was being processed and walked towards the lunch room in another building.

While walking, I felt a warmth flowing down over my lips and my hand found blood coming from my nose.

Those 3 months that I worked there earned me enough to sustain me in my next year of college, although the toll on my health I knew would be determined at some future date.

“Better Living Through Chemistry.”


Lots of info here and Interactive Maps.




As a retired guy I spend a lot of time in my garden. And, I always have extra produce that I sell to a local food co-op. Never would I ever consider using a pesticide.

Recently I delivered a large box of butternut squash that were rather beat up because the chipmunks tried to take bites out of them, and there were certain deformities due ti insects. I said to the produce manager, “these are not exactly perfect, but, to the astute eye they probably prove that they are local and genuinely organic.” She replied, " That’s OK, they have Integrity!"


Being in Massachusetts, I’m glad it was mainly the wealthy communities that were sprayed and not mine.


Mosquito problem? Build bat boxes. Cheaper than pesticides.


Bon Appetite !

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It’s as if we’ve learned nothing over the decades since Silent Spring.

…because we haven’t.


To say nothing of the aerosol spraying of aluminum, barium, etc., for so-called sun dimming (solar radiation management).


Even the perpetrators of this will be subject to the cancers that will arise throughout the population over the years. There will be no escape through being an insider or a corporate bigwig. We all live in the same environment.


No worries, at the pace humans are going soon the entire planet will become mostly sterile, no more mosquitoes, no more bio diversity, no need for the endangered species act, just no more. With any luck, hopefully, the next go around will come without the creation of ‘In God We Trust’ hominids attached to a material world and detached from the natural world.

Those who created this disaster should be charged criminally, and the maker of these products should additionally be held liable. It will only be then that this kind of nonsense begins to end.


Indeed, we create one mess, kill or control all or most of that, which creates another mess, and repeat the same process. It is serial regional dis-affective disorder. We are doing this to ourselves and other species as well.

“Affective disorders are illnesses that affect the way you think and feel. The symptoms may be quite severe. In most cases, they won’t go away on their own. The most common affective disorders are depression and bipolar disorder . Depression.”


I was in one of the nearby chemical plants for one day. I think it was Monsanto. The engineers joked about not being able to leave schematics out overnight, because the lines would disappear.

There was a car wash as you left the place, so your car’s paint wouldn’t get eaten.

And people breathed that air all day, every day. Many people lived within a few miles of it, and/or the many other chemical plants.


When I was a kid, we used to chase after the mosquito trucks so we could play in the “fog”. The adults just chuckled at the kids having fun.


Thank you so much for this information. The interactive map showing the national contamination sites is incredible. There are places that should have water filtration systems in every home and business. Along with high level restrictions for these chemicals. North Carolina stands out along with Pennsylvania.


I was a summer engineering intern at a Dupont Biochemicals plant on the Houston Ship Channel in the 70s. I did my job of inspecting relief valves, which took me to every pipe and tank in the plant. Plant evacuations for area leaks were common and we sometimes had to run.

At the end of the summer I was invited to return every summer with a cushy package coming when I graduated. I declined. I value my health. I gave my manager a list of ten egregious health and safety violations and said goodbye.


(tech upgrades have made some links broken, but still leads to original reports)

It is a data rabbit hole. Not for the timid.
North Carolina is well documented in particular.


Hi Jayce:
Did Rachel Carson die due to a kind of cancer related to pesticides?

Yes I agree, excellent information.

Drinking Water

EWG’s Tap Water Database, based on tests by almost 5,000 utilities nationwide, shows that the drinking water supply of at least 16 million Americans in 33 states is contaminated with one or more nonstick chemicals. Many more people were not told that their drinking water contains harmful levels of PFAS, because the test information was not made public. From what EWG has been able learn about this secret data, we estimate that 110 million Americans’ drinking water is contaminated with PFAS.

If PFAS chemicals have been detected in your water, reverse osmosis and activated carbon filters may be effective for reducing or removing the contaminants.