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Tests Reveal Toxic 'Forever Chemicals' in Aerial Pesticide Showered Over Millions of Acres in US

That isn’t happening on anything other than a beginning-concept-testing scale; though such ‘geoengineering’ is indeed proposed by some techies as a ‘solution’ to greenhouse-gas-forced climate change. (I get that some believe fervently that what they call “chem-trails” (jet exhaust contrails) are proof that this geoengineering is already being done in a conspiracy by (name the villain), but there is no real evidence of this conspiracy theory.)
While such geoengineering is indeed in our possible future if the public doesn’t rise up, the problem this article notes, along with other ubiquitous sources of chemical pollution of the environment has already been going on for some time and is verifiable.

Surprise, surprise! Who would ever have guessed that there are any dangers in pesticides applied to the public commons?


In the mid-70s, I moved from SE Michigan to Sarnia, Ontario, for a few months, doing construction on a new petrochemical plant. Sarnia was known as “The Chemical Valley”, something I didn’t really understand at the time, until I’d moved back home. The Chemical Valley is an area that produces crazy amounts of petrochemical compounds from crude oil. While I was there, for only a few months, I developed a weird condition that made it hard for me to keep my eyes open fully after only a few hours of wakening. I could function and stay awake all day, I just had to struggle with this desire to close my eyes. After work, after dinner, I went to bed early trying to sleep this problem off. I went to a couple of medical clinics, but no one had any answers. It wasn’t until I’d left the area that this condition slowly cleared up, never to reoccur.

Just like the home center sprays people use to kill off an insect infestation or control weeds or other vegetation, these compounds are generally inocuous, but highly toxic to our environment. They need to be regulated to a higher degree than they are now. Compounds used in farming, applied to roadsides, public spaces, need to be regulated to a point where nontoxic options are required to be used. Aerial spraying for any purpose needs to be regulated to the point where it is illegal. You or I don’t have the right to dump trash on a neighbors property, so should there be no right for any company or government agency to spray toxic compounds by air or ground application where it could impact people or other life.


My cousin has extreme chemical sensitivity due to being exposed to Dursban around 30 years ago. She lives a very constricted life now and even the new pipes in her building cause sores in her mouth. Other people’s dryer sheets, street work, toilet paper that’s been exposed to hand sanitizer, even through the wrapper, causes pain and anguish. Is it possible we actually have to share the earth with these dastardly creatures? I mean, insects and other humans.


um… “there is no real evidence of this”
but… “other than a beginning-concept-testing scale”
so… “what they call “chem-trails” (jet exhaust contrails) are proof that this geoengineering is already being done in a conspiracy by (name the villain)

you do see where your mistake is right?

No, I’m afraid not. If I made any error, it is in not stipulating that research to date has been limited to simulations (in labs). There is no evidence to support the conclusion that geoengineering has already been ongoing.

In fact, the writer of an article at Wired, obviously a fan of the concept and of human engineering for all ecological problems generally, said,

Solar geoengineering lags even further behind. To date the only significant real-world initiative in the field is Harvard’s Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx), which plans to inject calcium carbonate particles high above the Earth to reflect some of the sun’s rays back into space, effectively simulating a volcanic explosion over a small patch of desert in the southwestern US. Beyond the science, the chief obstacle to the project, according to director David Keith, is that funding agencies fear backlash from environmental groups. Similar to the fate of ocean fertilization, in 2019 a Swiss-backed proposal for a multilateral research initiative on atmospheric geoengineering was rejected.

See: ~ttps://www.wired.com/story/geoengineering-is-the-only-solution-to-our-climate-calamities/

The so-called “chem-trails” to which fans of the conspiracy theory point are the same jet contrails that we’ve seen since the beginnings of jet aviation.

This is not to downplay the valid concerns that it could be tried, that any restrictions and standards will be inadequate, etc. We should indeed all be concerned and vigilant about these developments. But those who indulge in wild leaps to conclusions and automatically adopt conspiracy theories without evidence only impede public action when it is needed. … because if , as their claims are, they are debunked, no one listens when the real wolf is at the door.

“Cloud seeding” and “weather modification” testing started in the 1940s
Is that geoengineering?
I am not even touching conspiracy theory, yet.

(for so-called sun dimming (solar radiation management).
there is my mistake… you clarify a position on “so-called sun dimming” only.

I’ve read all kinds of denialism w/r/t human greenhouse-gas-emissions and climate forcing; and never, not once has any single aspect of the denials withstood a critical review. Every single one of the claims and supposedly contradictory facts has been addressed by NOAA, NASA, and other agencies tasked with the science of climate monitoring. Not only that, but every single major scientific organization with any link to climate research, geophysics, etc. has unequivocally stated their position that present climate changes are primarily triggered by human fossil-fuels combustion and release of other greenhouse gases, that the evidence is overwhelming and unmistakable, that it matches climate models and basic physics.
While CO2 is not the only problem (and in fact, melting of permafrost is now triggering massive releases of methane, which could be the beginning of runaway warming and the tipping point to chaos), as the Wash.Post (and others have reported):

Carbon dioxide levels are the highest they’ve been in human history ~ttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18480821/), and probably are the highest in 3 million years. The last time there was this much CO2 in the atmosphere, global average surface temperatures were significantly warmer than they are today, and sea levels were 50 to 80 feet higher.

So no, I read science and am far more willing to trust scientific consensus than conspiracy theorists and I’m not going to waste any more time reading the latter nor arguing with those who prefer unfounded claims to the actual science.

Ok… I get it. the slippery slope. So, yes, cloud seeding has been periodically used to trigger precipitation in areas lacking it … so I suppose that rhetorically, one could call that a form of " geoengineering", at least on a comparatively localized scale.

HOWEVER, my initial response was to the person claiming the injection of aluminum and barium into the atmosphere. To my knowledge, this hasn’t been and isn’t being done.

So let’s cut to the chase: Are you claiming that “solar geoengineering”, using the injection of aerosols into the atomosphere, is occurring? If so, please provide proof of the claim because all the academic papers I’ve found discuss only proposals and computer simulations.

While I believe my first reply to your comment is correct, I did subsequently find that NASA itself has acknowledged injecting aluminum, lithium & barium vapor “tracers” into near-Earth space, initially using sounding rockets, to study various phenomena. . See: ~ttps://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/sounding-rockets/tracers/metals.html

However, I found no mention of their use in the atmosphere, nor for solar-radiation ‘management’ .

How about the forever nuclear fall out rained over my gen for a decade before they sent us off to Nam or tried to?

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Once upon a time we were hunters and gatherers connected to the earth, the environment, and then we lost our way, and in turn developed psychological disorders.


The problem with (toxic) pollution is that it does not discriminate, nor recognize boundaries. Take for instance glyphosate, which is now found in rainwater. We hear right wing kooks complain constantly about the EPA regulating puddles of water on their land. Yah, what they fail to understand is that the pollution in those puddles doesn’t stay in those puddles.


good place to start…
A skeptical eye might see more than others…

I’m sorry but you’re both confused and confusing. I didn’t contradict myself. I thought I clarified my statements. I don’t know what your position is so I can hardly accept it.

I’m not sure to what “overwhelming scientific data” of mine you’re referring. If I cited a web page, be assured I read it before so doing.

But I’m glad you’re amused.

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You know nothing whatsoever about me, as evidenced by your insults about my intellect (hint, you’re out of your league), your linking me to Koch or corporate idealism, etc.
I suspect you’ve been drinking and somehow mixed me up with some other post you wanted to respond to.

Barring an apology for those wrongs, I won’t further respond to anything you have to say at any time. Good luck, friend. I think you’re going to need it.

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I would say at one time we lived closer and were more observant of our environment and on a much larger scale. Our lives depended on our understanding of how things were connected. At some point, we decided that some people were better at this understanding and made it somewhat subordinate to other objectives. Leading to disrupting not only environmental connections but also our understanding of those connections. Now we have an unhealthy environment on such a large scale it is not survivable for some species and is correlated to illness in human beings. It is really hard to imagine the scope of this issue or quantify the stress responses that humans have no real way of adapting to without some disruption.

I guess that is a long way to say hunter-gathers had a different perspective. Still environmental extremes isn’t well correlated to say, if all the grocery stores were empty and all the traffic signals were off would have on everyone’s day. Things like fluoride treatment of water we could live without, actually would be better off without, along with a thousand other things.

Sow the area with with dragon fly eggs.

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Yes. This is our reality.

Bless your cousin Marcia. Bless us all.


Phred, While I gave your comment a thumbs up, I feel you were not precise enough. It isn’t so much that we need another Party; rather, we desperately need to get rid of the plutocrats’ control of “our” government. That will happen one way or another. The real question is will it happen soon enough? Endless Wars, which could easily evolve into nuclear war, and life ending Human Caused Climate Change are fast approaching (now hiding behind the fog of the Coronavirus pandemic). Military spending and the fossil fuel industry are two main drivers of our economy and are addictions we as a society must kick if we are to survive.