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Tethered to Corporate Capitalism, Neither Party Willing to Eradicate Poverty


Tethered to Corporate Capitalism, Neither Party Willing to Eradicate Poverty

Jake Johnson

After her loss to Barack Obama in the 2008 Democratic primary, few predicted that Hillary Clinton would leave the world of presidential politics. On the contrary, it was widely believed that she would make another run for the White House.


A Green Party Vote is a Wasted Vote

1996 - Ralph Nader/Winona LaDuke 0.71%
2000 - Ralph Nader/Winona LaDuke 2.74%
2004 - David Cobb/Pat LaMarche 0.10%
2008 - Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente 0.12%
2012 - Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala 0.36%
2016 - Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka ?



And a republican, democrat vote is a vote to extend extreme poverty across America, forever! Case in point; 80,000 people every night, currently, sleep on the streets of Los Angeles County, and in my small city Washington State, kids and seniors sleep on the street every night! A vote for republicans, or democrats is a wasted vote to do anything to help the American people out of poverty, since republicans, and democrats created poverty in America in the first place!


The trolls want to have it both ways, claiming that a candidate who received 2.74% of the vote cost Al Gore the 2000 election AND claiming that voting for the Green Party is a wasted vote.

With 10% of Germany's Bundestag seats being held by Greens, you would find few Germans claiming that voting Green is a waste. The percentage of US voter identifying as Democrats has been in decline since 1960. with the steepest declines occurring during Bill Clinton's first term (when he did welfare reform) and Obama's first term (when he relabeled GOP "health care reform" the ACA). The percentage of US voters identifying as Greens has increased ever since Clinton ran in 1992.

Guess what happened to the money that was no longer spent on welfare for US citizens after 1996 "welfare reform" ? It was redirected to ever expanding corporate welfare programs.


And through his omission of either Stein or Johnson in this piece, Jake sheds the mantle of 'journalist' and takes on that of polemicist---$5 word roughly meaning party hack.
How does one legitimately address the topic of 'corporate capitalism' with respect to our political system and still manage to omit mention of one of its most prominent critics running in the race?
Dare not speak too much of Dr Stein lest folks begin to recognize some options exist.


Stein is the only 2016 POTUS nominee to even suggest untethering the gubmit from corporate capitalism. It is not even on the radar of the other three.


Both parties, joined at the hip, envision a country that used to be....in the slave days. Plantation mentality is alive and well with both Hillary and Trump. They say get a job but there are few jobs, thanks to them. Pretty slick way to cast blame on the victim.
Some say a vote for Stein is a wasted vote. I say a vote for Hill or Trump is a dangerous vote. You may not need the social safety net now, but you will someday, unless you are in the top percentile financially. They plan to make this country into a corporate show piece for all to see and you won't be on the list of cares.
We are country of war and corporations not laws and immigrants. Wake up and realize there is a coup taking place. You really want to vote for it? You won't be spared because you're white. If you are poor you are right where they want you. They want a large separation between them and us and it's almost complete. A few more years of eliminating our constitution and voila, they win.
I will gladly "waste my vote" on real change toward integrity and accountability, Jill Stein is my choice for the first female president.


If one measures the outcomes of having either A Democrat or Republican in power , from the perspective of the working class, the Environment and those that want peace in our time, the only wasted votes are the ones cast for the Democrats or the Republicans.


Sanders has been in DC too long to cut loose from the red/blue duopoly paradigm.

Poor people are desperate people who have no leverage against the oligarchy. The duopoly completes its mission when the 1% own everything and the 99% own nothing. At that point the US will be a neofeudal nation of poor people enslaved to the 1%.


Corporate capitalism is the great disease of our age. What many of its apologists won't accept is that corporate capitalism relies heavily on widespread poverty to maintain its dominance and profits. Neither one of these prostitute parties will ever make any serious attempt to reform our economic system to reflect this truth. Look how Brooksley Born and Elizabeth Warren have been largely ignored in their attempts to warn of market excesses and the need for reform. The "collateral damage" to many, many millions of people around the world is deemed by these heartless corporate exploiters as an acceptable part of their business model.
It is interesting to see the Hillbots circling the wagons around HRC as the debates are beginning. The comment by the realtor was quite telling. It is no "waste" to vote your conscience and at least try to help bring about the rise of a Green Party in the U.S. that could be similar to the one that the citizens of Germany take for granted. I also happen to live in a non-swing state so, if the evil of Trump succeeds and he is the next President, I will be damned if I will accept any blame for that because I couldn't vote for the neocon-neolib Clinton. There might be some changes that she will propose but she also must know that a conservative Congress will block her just like they did Obama. When Barry the Liar said that a Clinton presidency was "continuity you can believe in" he just confirmed why I will never vote for the Red Queen.
I have to add, I'm wondering how the Hillbots will apologize for her if she wins and then, next year, backs some kind of amended TPP which is one of the ultimate forms of global corporate capitalism.




76% of Americans want Jill Stein in the televised debates.
0% of non-corporate parties will be in the debates.

More than half of voters hate Trump and Hillary, and are only telling pollsters they'll vote for one because they think the other will be worse.

50 minutes ago:


A Democratic or Republican vote is a wasted vote.

Under both parties for five decades now, wealth inequality has worsened while ecological dis-integration has accelerated.

Neither core issue will be addressed, by either a Democrat or a Republican in the White House, nor by either party controlling the House and Senate.

Stop wasting your vote on the Democratic or Republican party.


You lose! The country loses with any of the other three. The whole world loses with any of the other three. My vote went for Ross Perot because of NAFTA and he got 19% of the vote. Was my vote for him wasted? Nope. He was quirky, but he was correct. Jill Stein 2016.


OR address global warming in any meaningful way!


It's all working how is designed to work. The system is made by design to extract value for the everyday person and send it to the elites. They've done so well at extracting, why would they them turn around and give a bit back through welfare?

The answers are in our hands and is all about increasing person to person activity, without a central body extracting on behalf of the elites. Use local currencies, bitcoin or any type of exchange which doesn't use interest based central bank money.

Be a part if Cooperatives. Keep the value that is created in the hands of those creating the value.

Use and create people to people websites that aren't designed to extract your value, but empower people.

Use grass roots democracy tools like Loomio.org.

The power is in our hands, but we've been taught to look to government, which by design aren't there to help us


A wasted vote is when you don't vote for the candidate you want but the one others say you should.


Representative government was invented by the rich to stay rich by making everyone else poor.

Direct Democracy.


No, we're 20 years deep into one hell of a war on the poor. There has been no public will to legitimately address poverty. Liberals (media) have disappeared the poor, or tried to redefine them as no one worse off than minimum wage workers. Media work hard to maintain the myth that our deregulated corporate state is so successful that everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief.


And yet, Thom Hartmann who claims to be a "progressive" said that Stein was a "bottom feeder". An awful comment. She is the only one running who really believes what she is saying. She has my vote.