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Texas Academics Told to Avoid ‘Sensitive Topics’ to Prevent Angering Armed Students


Texas Academics Told to Avoid ‘Sensitive Topics’ to Prevent Angering Armed Students

Peter Van Buren

Here’s another swanky benefit of our out-of-control gun culture: university professors should be aware that their students might shoot them.

The Texas state legislature voted last year to allow students to carry concealed handguns into classrooms, dorms, just about anywhere on campus, a practice with roots to when Socrates taught Aristotle.


Most students who failed my classes truly knew in the end that it was their lack of application that led them to fail to pass. That being said, I am sure that there were many times when each blamed me for being "unfair". Packing heat, they could easily have decided to become judge, jury and executioner in a moment of indiscretion. Viva retirement!


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Just waiting for the swastikas, brown shirts, and jackboots.

Protect your pristine Amerikan thoughts, and blast your way to academic freedom!


This is effin unbelievable! Reminds me of a CD article a while back discussing the culture of violence. America is mostly blind to how violent and militarized the culture has become. It extols the brutality of the wild west and can't seem to figure out that its chronic deficit problem is due to military/industrial complex. And this culture has permeated and is now controlling what professors can teach - how do you spell fascism and craziness?


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It's insane, completely out of control insanity. Wasn't Texas thinking about withdrawing from the United States? It seems like to me the South has never really accepted being part of the Union of States and are still fighting the Civil War, so let them leave. They want guns everywhere great let them have them in their own country. The militarization of this country, courtesy of the Military industrial complex and a lot of gun happy southerners.
If my state allowed guns in school my kids would not go to school. There's something wrong, deeply wrong with thinking it's ok.


Well, it doesn't get much more counter-intuitive than this given the history of school shootings that generate on a periodic, REGULAR basis.

More proof that inside the USA, today... Mars Rules!

The same maniacs that go to church on Sunday argue to close Planned Parenthood, make war on their foreign neighbors, and demonstrate homage to the all-mighty gun.

Someone should do a mock-up of Jesus armed and loaded. And ask: Is this what Jesus would do?


There's another element that so many are loathe to admit... or discuss.

It's the purposeful equating of masculinity TO violence.

I recently watched an interview with the mother of one of the boys who shot down classmates at Columbine. He specifically mentioned how manly he felt having all those guns.

Helen Caldicott, George Carlan, and yours truly have long seen a relationship between the gun (and other phallic symbols ranging from missiles to bombs) with a pumped up version of masculinity. In fact, some years back when I attended workshops on Shamanism in Peru, one of the first things stated by the spiritually astute shamans was that the U.S. was OVERLY identified with the masculine side of The Creator/Source.

How many young boys join the military to prove that they are "real men" to their cousins, brothers, uncles, and fathers?

How many get their knees and heads broken on football fields... with football serving as the MAIN segue way into "theaters of war"?

Hollywood sexes up the image of the soldier. Note Tom Cruise in "Top Gun."

The militarization of culture also gets far too much support from the Fundamentalist Christians and their huge network of churches.

By setting up a frame that Islam is a "false religion" that worships a "false god," countless young men (and currently, women) are "called to the armed services" to show fealty to their god.

I can back up the above statement, although when people hear General Boykin state publicly that "he knew his god was a real god, and theirs was not," or that a hired assassin like Eric Prince could profess religious bona fides... or that the U.S. air force is absolutely full of Christian Chaplains whose purpose is to override the consciences of young drone pilots so that they WILL kill on command... one has to recognize that religious institutions have taken a distinct turn to the Dark Side.

Masculine identity
Christian fealty
Blind patriotism
American Exceptionalism
Hollywood's narrow "good guys/bad guys" frames and how these condition the beliefs of the masses
Financially tough times acting as a back-door to the draft
Lies told often by a captured corporate media
The now fully established power of the Military Industrial Complex

There are MANY factors. But what's remarkable is how so many strain to make gender irrelevant when it's a KEY component of how this programming (for war and soldiering) works!


Right. What Texas does speaks for ALL of humanity.

Just as Dede keeps insisting that the SOUTH is morally off-balance.

These are ridiculous, broad-stroke frames that spread blame so thoroughly around as to disguise the roles of the actual ACTORS.

The South, like any other region, has its share of maniacs. It also has gerrymandered voting districts which allow right wing Republicans to write the rules and enforce them.

This is Trump's audience and it's mostly composed of angry white men.

They had primacy for a long time and resent losing it... they are told that this loss is due to Blacks, Hispanics, women, and Muslims taking "their jobs."

What most of this ilk misses, since it gets its news from Fox T.V. and is not particularly interested in reading books.. is that it's the machinations of Big Money that have led to the depressed life and job opportunities this group experiences.

But this group is the same group that was fooled by the Nazis. It's easier to look horizontally and blame the person who doesn't look, think, or act like you do... rather than analyze the hierarchy of power... which is to say look at things from a top-down vertical perspective.

And angry men who think something has been taken away from them seem to think the GUN can equalize the equation. As if.

Most serial killers are white males.
And almost all big shoot-outs are done by angry white males... lots of them, teenagers.


"Is it something in the water or the air?"

Lol, it's the chemtrails Endgame. Chemtrails and ULF radio waves being used to control our minds.

Beam me up Scotty...there's no intelligent life down here, just a society that has been overcome by mass insanity.


The University of Texas at Austin
Legal to carry guns in classes, law passes by a demented legislature
The beginning of the end of a great university.


Excellent comments - yes indeed, having constructed and 'educated' people to unquestioningly believe that we are separate, competing individuals that should behave worse than animals, we have constructed a sick civilization that has blinded itself to the roots of our humanity - cooperation, equality, peace, creativity, providing for all in harmony with the planet. Of course, this essential wisdom has been belittled and ignored, and propaganda has captured so many uncountable millions, making them believe ignorance, secrecy, power and the commodification of life and our world is our purpose. The heart of humanity in unity with this planet's bursting intelligence is our true hope. For now, we must continue to expose the truth about our madness and work for radical change.
Strength and health to you!


George Carlan? It's Carlin.