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Texas and Ohio Use Coronavirus Pandemic as 'Cynical Cover for Abortion Bans,' Ordering Clinics to Halt Care

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/24/texas-and-ohio-use-coronavirus-pandemic-cynical-cover-abortion-bans-ordering-clinics

Gestation slavery assholes want fetuses and mothers endangered by the virus, and they want new babies born to women who don’t want to birth the babies, during a pandemic.
They want fetuses made by rapists and incest to be born.
I despise these misogynistic fascist clowns and wish they had been aborted.

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This is not logic nor reason

it is the fanaticism of “Christian Crazies” which has reached highest levels of government,
despite that this is a liberal nation which supports reproductive freedom.

And which supports Federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

Kim Davis, County Clerk in Kentucky refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses –
and thereby “smoked” herself out for the world to see her religious fanaticism.

Let’s see if the press will put as much attention finally on these states and officials
working to stop abortion due to their religious beliefs –

Looks to me like it’s only the GOP and Trump who want rule in America by Evangelicals.

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The health and well-being of women and children suffer the most in states that have the most stringent laws that restrict access to safe and legal abortion. •

Compared to states that support women’s health, those states that oppose safe and legal abortion spend far less money per child on a range of services such as foster care, education, welfare, and the adoption of children who have physical and mental disabilities (Schroedel, 2000). •

The states that have the strongest laws against safe and legal abortion are also the states in which women suffer from lower levels of education and higher levels of poverty, as well as from a lower ratio of female-to-male earnings. They also have a lower percentage of women in the legislature and fewer mandates requiring insurance providers to cover minimum hospital stays after childbirth (Schroedel, 2000).

Also, there is no requirement in the U.S. for paid maternity leave.


THEY can wait for anti abortion legislation until young’uns don’t have to grow up without parental time for them, food on the table, and safe neighborhoods to grow up in.

fern, Thanks –

And it certainly doesn’t bode well for women and children – or the future of the
nation that we exist under the control of fanatical “Christian” Evangelicals –
or the former slave-holding states who now rig our elections with Electoral College

There’s also this today on the Electoral College, though I haven’t read
the Newsweek article as yet –

According to researchers, Republicans are favored to win up to 65% of future elections unless we “completely abolish the Electoral College”.

No half-hearted ‘reform’ attempts. Only the complete removal of this antiquated and unjust system can save American democracy!

We need also to get busy to demand VOTE BY MAIL, PAPER BALLOTS for 2020 –

The primaries were a disaster with low turn out – and who knows how much rigging for Biden.

I agree, and it is important that we have constitutional protection with a separation of church and state to prevent these circumstances. I think we just need to use what we already have starting with the most direct abuses of which this issue is one. We already have a constitutional protection in place we need to acknowledge and respect this. Morality issues have been brought about mostly by women because they didn’t have political power to change things that directly impacted them. This issue will never go away by suppressing it, at least historically for several thousand years. I can’t believe how barbaric some of these options are,

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