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Texas Cop Shaun Lucas Charged With Murder of 'Hometown Hero' and Unarmed Black Man Jonathan Price

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/06/texas-cop-shaun-lucas-charged-murder-hometown-hero-and-unarmed-black-man-jonathan


Another coward cop shooting an unarmed man in the back.

You cannot reform that level of murderous intent.

Get the gallows ready.


No cop under 25 should carry a gun. Cut the police and military budgets by 25% across-the-board as well. Put the money into education.


If a cop does not have his body cam or dash can available, the victim or perp should get the benefit of any doubt.
Make it so America’s police forces.
And if police come armed with deady weapons to any protest, the protesters should have their own registered gun owners on hand to offset the intimidators.


Sorry to judge a person without data

But just at first look

Not sure I would hire this guy and give him uncontrolled access to a gun
Then turn him loose unsupervised


Excellent idea. A balance of power. Right on!

I got the idea from watching a program on Antifa. They go where the KKK, skin heads, racists, and confederate red necks go, and their front lines are armed.
Everyone wants to intimidate everyone else.
Anyone know where I can purchase an RPG rocket launcher?

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Smh… y’all have refused to deal with the racism amongst your brethren for too long. But then you feign surprise/indignation when the proverbial chickens come home to roost. Even you “progressives” do it🤦

The fundamental problem with this country is the cowardice of non-racist whites in their dealings with overtly racist ones. You guys allow the worst element of your race to dictate the behavior of the entire race - you allow them to terrorize you into giving them free reign. Cowardice…of losing your white privilege; of being treated the way we are treated. Cowardice: that’s you people’s fatal flaw

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The story I saw this morning about this incident claimed the cop bonded out of jail with-in hours. So where did a 22 year old cop get $100,000 with-in hours?


I bet Cabelas is not enjoying the publicity.

Sunny Surplus?

White Supremacists R US Bail Bonds.


If this kid/cop isn’t an infiltrator from the boogaloos or proud boys white supremacist movement, I’ll eat my hat. How long was this 22 year old on the force for crying out loud? Couldn’t have been long, must have been a rookie, wasn’t he on probation or training or anything? Why wasn’t a training officer or someone with him? Of course if it was a fellow racist it wouldn’t have mattered but still…

His bail was a million $ and he’s already bonded out? Sure is nice to have friends…son of a bitch.


Point made. After the Civil War, the Union would have served the country better if they’d have ran down all of the murderous slave owners, and sent them on to the next world.

For them, Hell.


When i look at the photographs of Jonathan Price I see a peaceful kind person. Shan Lucas looks like a vacuous blob.

The-beautiful while I do understand the basis of your premise I have heard it said by Afro-Black americans that it is not correct to lump all Afro-Black americans into one “type” I believe that it is not possible to call any class of people one typical of all.


Prove me wrong, then. Take my comments as a proverbial throwing down of the gauntlet for non-racist whites to man up and stop letting the absolute worst among you be the representatives of your race.

i refuse to pretend that the white race is not the architect of the destruction of the natural world, especially as the world goes to hell.


“To be black and conscious in America is to be in a constant state of rage.”

James A. Baldwin


Again I do agree with you. Since 'white people" are a minority I am waiting for the brown. black and yellow and every color that there is to take the power that is due them. I have survived many a trauma and as a single white little old lady of 75+ I’m only good for part time fighting. I did work four decades caring for the sick and now I do not have medical “insurance” except for the basic so I’m working on small scale commitments.

PS I cannot solve the problems caused by hateful, greedy people.


Too late, the time for that was pre-1945. You guys (much like Republicans) would rather burn the world down than accept egalitarian reforms. And, yes: i know it’s not your fault, personally.

White people: they’ll only ever be as good as the worst among them permit.