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Texas Cop Shaun Lucas Charged With Murder of 'Hometown Hero' and Unarmed Black Man Jonathan Price

In general, people have a taste for shit as demonstrated by the crap on TV that most everyone uses as a guidepost for “entertainment”
You can hate me due to my skin color but I can not do anything about it. I have one sister who is an evangelical catholic and another who died of a H overdose and two brothers who go to meetings. They are of limited assistance to me so you can have them. And you can hate because of my skin color but it does not matter to me or you either.
“Black people, they hate white people.”

how about 90%? free up lots of moolah for better purposes.

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This is the way to deter Black men from being Good Samaritans.

and fear

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We don’t hate you. We hate the systemic racism that harms us all, the 400 years of “reasons” we’ve been given for our need to “wait” for its removal, and the recognition that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

Racism is endemic across the globe and it is not only a black-white racism as you probably know. What has and is causing slavery is capitalism and its thirst for power and money. Without class in the discussion racism will persist. Those in power must have an enemy to blame for the problems in the world that they themselves create. It keeps the workers fearful and distracted.
My comment above was meant to use the plural you and me. As someone who has visited the civil rights museums in Memphis and Atlanta and the Lynching Museum in Montgomery Alabama I would expect blacks to hate whites. Anyway it is far past time to engage in dialogue which must include class. Those who have a clear vision of the problems are in the minority and the system is rigged against the working class.
Also I made the dumb comment about hate so I could ask, “Who are you to say that I have not worked against the system” ? That is a plural you by the way.

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My you is plural as well