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Texas Demands Planned Parenthood Files in 'Politically Motivated' Raids



Thugs. Vile fascist thugs. What else can be said?

I will assume that PP has already stated that the information "subpoenaed" by the Texas redneck-thug filth is protected under federal medical privacy laws and they will not be complying with it, and that appropriate federal agencies have already been contacted.


This also reminds me of when the "Commonwealth" of Virginia AG subpoenaed the entire contents of the office of renowned climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann at the U. of Virginia. The AG was exploring charges of "engaging in fraudulent science". Fortunately, through much effort, he was able to get the State Supreme Court to throw the AG's case out, and Mann quickly fled across the M-D line to Penn State. He continues to face harassing lawsuits from various Ayn Randte Koch-funded groups - even though (having met him) Mann's political views are fairly "free market" right-wing.


Texas has become the leading state in the country in many ways. Unfortunately, the more progressive parts of the state's population and power structure were largely defeated and removed from power by the "Republican Revolution" that occurred the 1970s to the 1990s. The somewhat luckier state history of Texas, as compared to to the Deep South states, was submerged by the vicious reactionary forces of Neo-Confederate Capitalism. While trumpeting the mantras of self-reliance and free markets; the real power of the South is derived from militarized domestic and foreign dominated enterprises, based on infrastructure, provided by taxes largely extracted from the hated North, and low wages and poor social services.

The attacks on Planned Parenthood fall right in line with this overall milieu. The real program of the right-wing, the socioeconomic and political subjugation of most of the population, for the benefit of the elites is never openly discussed. Always the right uses divisive social and cultural issues to mobilize its adherents and disguise its real agenda. The women of the elites and other upper crust members of the Texas ruling class will never be affected by these cuts and attacks on basic social services. Production of hideous weapons of war, the storage of data by domestic spy agencies (The NSA recently built a massive storage facility in San Antonio as well as in Blufton, Utah), the exploitation of prison labor, and all the other abuses continue apace, in Texas and in much of the rest of the country.


What Jesse Ventura says about Planned Parenthood (and more):



Interesting that we can see something like six women in the picture --
including some with signs which suggest they are Spanish speaking.

And that this fascist brigade suggests that women are trying to get rid of contraceptives and abortion.
Is that believable?

Meanwhile, Pope Francis is calling out the right wing fanatics in the RCC on a number of issues -- women, abortion, homosexuality, same sex marriage, divorced couples.

His advice to Catholic families is that they "don't have to breed like rabbits."
And that fanatics should stop their "obsession" with abortion and same sex marriage.

Ironically, 99% of Catholics use contraceptives --
and just as many Catholic women as any other women have abortions.
Catholic majorities support reproductive care, including abortion -- and CHOICE for any reason.
When Latinos/Latinas are included the majorities are even higher.

Is Texas trying to increase the population of slave labor in the state?

I doubt that the women of Texas are any different from any other women --
likely just very oppressed by the state of Texas.


Before I had even read down to the last line of the article, I was thinking "because witch-hunts are so yesterday, these fools are going after Planned Parenthood." Modern day witch hunts is all this is.