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Texas Floods Sending Toxic Fossil Fuel Runoff into Public Waters



Great. Texans generally hate environmentalists, being an overwhelmingly red oil state. I say, let em drink it.

It's what you get when your whole worldview is Faux News owned by Rupert Murdock at Newscorp and funded by the Rottenchilds: World-Wide misery and extinction.

The One Percent who run this world do not deserve to, and they are not very good at it. We should dispense with the outdated idea of rich dynasty families who Lord over the Earth based on nepotism only. A millionaire is an unacceptable burden on Society. A billionaire is a curse.



Even the denizens of the gated communities of Houston where the wealthiest reside are immune to toxic ground water. One would think that the cattlemen would urge their fellow oilmen to do something about the environment in the Lone Star State...both eat the stuff. Money does not taste good and provides no nutrition no matter how many vault- fulls one has....


I always find it interesting that people say things aren't being regulated when this happens. I have to say that this IS regulated. This just shows how poor our gov't sees regulation, which ultimately is the peoples fault for allowing regulation to be lax. As for Texas, this is their version of regulations. Feds and States getall this payment and yet it goes where? Obviously not into regulating anything lol.


Should fossil fuel companies be financial responsible for pollution they cause during "acts of God"? Yes, first because weather is going to be predictably uneven, second because they exacerbated the "acts of God" themselves


To be more exact, it's a direct consequence of de-regulation. Sad, sad, sad.


Live by the sword, die by the sword.
But the tragedy is, so many innocents and children will forever have their habitat - their homes and waters, farmlands - polluted because officials and the industry didn't give a shit about anything but their own profits!
Of course "environmentalists" are loudmouths, always complaining and all, but who really cares about the people? The oil & gas conglomerate and chemical industry who didn't plan for this, or those pesky environmentalists? The "industries" didn't care about the consequences, and that is often called criminal negligence! Think about that next time someone says we ought force industry to prepare for floods and toxic poison runoff to protect our families health and our lives!


And thereafter everything the King of Texas touched, turned to oil.

Greek Myths, revisted.


Toxic fuel flood. Very good, clear English usage to replace "oil spill". A 'spill' happens to a glass of milk, quickly, easily mopped up. A toxic fuel flood has no resemblance to any kind of 'spill' and goes into the soil forever.


I agree and disagree. De-regulation is the regulating of the industry. We might not agree, but it is being regulated, just poorly.


Inotherwords, there's not enough regulation going on...at all.


Texans trust their Republican guvment to protect them from libral environmentalists.


Don't know about Clinton/Gore. You might be right. But Bushes were 100 times worse. And Rethuglicans today are totally evil.


We don't enforce what we have anyway.


Good one. :blush: Instead of the Midas Touch, it's the Rockefeller Touch?