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Texas Freeze Illustrates a Failed Economic System

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/20/texas-freeze-illustrates-failed-economic-system


Needless to say , but it has to be said , is that in these worst possible outcomes scenarios , those same private enterprises that are there churning profits actually see profits increase when these events occur.

The Gas industry is crowing about how high price prices are climbing. The Drug industries profits climb when there a pandemic. The war industry churns greater profits when there war and not when there is peace. All of the things that make life “good” are less profitable so the entire economic system revolves around creating misery.

This a recipe for disaster and is what we see happening the world over as far as the people go while at the same time making the 1 percent even wealthier.

Deregulation is all about surrendering even more power to the 1 percent “investor class” and ensures that the profiting off misery and suffering remains. The very idea of what the Capitalists call “The Free market” and their advocacy towards surrendering all of the peoples power that the Government is supposed to represent has to be abandoned.


Absolute bull’s eye. The second arrow splitting the first, your marksmanship is so amazingly precise in that observation: They profit from killing us. Not metaphorically or even indirectly. More misery for us means more money for those in control, who distinctly are not us. Are not even recognizably human. It’s the monstrous Ouroboros phase: Leviathan curling in agony to mindlessly consume its own tail.

Ecologically, politically, financially, agriculturally… it hardly matters which major system you dial up, they’re bursting all the seams anymore, all around. Moments of this nature, raising generalized catastrophe to everyone’s consciousness, might be taken as a signal to pause in our pursuit of whatever led us here (maybe even consider turning around?) I guess it could happen, as this unraveling progresses. Not bloody likely, though.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    9 WEEKS              CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   9.  02/07/2020          11          11
>  18.  04/10/2020     492,405     492,416
>  27.  06/12/2020   1,545,928   2,038,344
>  36.  08/14/2020   3,247,202   5,285,546
>  45.  10/16/2020   2,742,786   8,028,332
>  54.  12/18/2020   9,362,938  17,391,270
>  63.  02/19/2021  10,420,073  27,811,343

So we know the system doesn’t work.Its dysfunctional, this is so we can put Humpty Dumpty together again for the highest good of all.

Take away right and wrong ,say what’s so and do what works.

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Capitalism is sociopathic, Socialism is: We need to begin changing our fundamental ethic, from “I’m getting mine. Screw you,” to “We’re all in this together.” Because we are.


Will even hundreds or thousands of Texans dieing from what is being called a combination of " Perfect Storm " system failures, fundamentally change anything in that state? Would millions of Texans dieing from this week’s weather; which triggered a complete collapse of the 9th largest economy in the world, change anything?
Despite all of that being possible, of the catastrophe that would be, I’m not convinced the people of Texas have the self-awareness to do things differently in the future. Other states and places in America yes, but Texas, no. They’d rather have people like Gov. Abbott, or Sens. Cruz and Cornyn, show the world what real " self reliance " looks like. Even if it kills you and all of your family and friends.


Your comment, Ann, reminds me of an admonition that Dr. King suggested:
“The world now demands a maturity of America that we may not be able to achieve. It demands that we admit that we have been wrong from the beginning of our adventure in Vietnam, that we have been detrimental to the life of her people.
In order to atone for our sins and errors in Vietnam, we should take the initiative in bringing the war to a halt…”
This address was delivered in April, 1967, and the US remained in Vietnam until the airlifts, April 29-30,1975. Eight long years of lacking “maturity” and self-awareness.
As you state, do “the people of Texas have the self-awareness to do things differently in the future”?


Genocide, human bondage and Manifest Destiny. We’ve been wrong from the very beginning, period.


Does “human bondage” in this context refer to the tens of millions of US voters who are afflicted with Stockholm Syndrome ?


I suppose it could, given our enslavement to a political duopoly that tends to be single-minded in its defense of predatory capitalism.


“We like livin right and being free” - Merle Haggard in Okie from Muskogee, 1969


Isn’t that what all the meth, opioids and solvents are about? Confusing piss-poor impulse control with FREEDOM™. Little hits of calming dopamine, calming an inflamed amygdala, by craven obsequiousness? Going along to GET along.








Indeed. “Freedom” for the miseducated is “doing whatever you want to do, regardless of piss-poor impulse control.”

True freedom is living a life of honor. A life of honor includes empathy, compassion, sharing.


When it comes to obdurate, dead-eyed entitlement, you just can’t beat NooYawkCiddy? Loutish narcissistic personality disorder, specious obliviousness and inebriate grandiosity are obviously ALL Murika’s next most prized commodities (after denial, projection & transference!) NPD/ BPD were removed from DSM-V, the same as Inuit have no single word for SNOW, & Yiddish has ~857K words for, “LOUD asshole?”







Truth be told it was Ted Cruz’s and Rush Limpbaa’s hot air suddenly disappearing that resulted in Texas getting so cold. Now that Cruz’ hot air returned and there are hundreds of contenders for Rush’s hate throne (including Colorado City, Texas Mayor Tim Boyd) Texas will heat up quickly.


That article on Bidens health care plan is interesting. When Obama was promoting ACA I was insisting it would lead exactly to all of things the article outlined. Here the thing, this not because I am some sort of guru. Any person who put their thinking caps on would have come to the same conclusion and in fact many did.

The point here is that the Mainstream Media did not critique ACA for those reasons and the Politicians in the Democratic party absolutely KNEW this as well. This just a clear example of how the DNC was protecting the insurance companies first and foremost no matter the words they spoke when they were promoting ACA. They were a duplicitous bunch of assholes just as Biden is.

It also exposes the MSM for being the frauds that they are and how the media and the two Political parties in the USA act in concert to keep the people duped.


I’ve NEVER figured out WHY the FIRE Sector and PhARMA were against any bogus “public option” ploy; to exclude us OLDS? I’d actually hoped Obama would enforce his 2007 anti-independent contractor bill and stuff the Judiciary. But I’m guessing everybody with a fighting chance at a 3-digit IQ understood Heritage Foundation’s ACA existed to CRUSH Universal single-payer Healthcare. And, if you’d been able to recite Blazing Saddles’ sardonic punch lines before the cast (as most 'Murikans could), that nagging, “we wuz robbed” feeling would have MILLIONS of us storming the Capitol?)






An a point on terminology, what Mr. Freeman is calling “conservative economics” is classically known as “liberal economics” and the resurgence of it over recent decades is known as “neoliberal economics”. I always love the way they get so confused in the Washington Post comment sections when I refer to Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan or especially Agusto Pinochet as promoting “liberal economics” (the latter promoting it with a bloody iron fist).

To confuse things further, in the US the term “libertarian” is sometimes used for this kind of political economics, but in the rest of the world, “libertarian” refers to the anarchist branch of the socialist movement - specifically social anarchism and anarcho-sindicalism.


The real concern here is how natural process and economic process are paired to out wit common sense.

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Earnest statements all, Ray, but your three comments, “Stockholm Syndrome,” “livin’ right and bein’ free,” and “hot air returned” also bring a smile for the wit.
Nice complement to the Sunday comics.

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