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Texas Freeze Illustrates a Failed Economic System

This terminology all being ass backwards when compared to the rest of the world is unique to the USA. I am not sure what the roots of that are but that Orwellian use of language goes right back to the Countries founding (All men are created equal in a Country where slavery was extant).

Neoliberals like we have here in Canada are often labeled as Marxists or Socialists in the USA , this along with that hijacking of Libertarian as a term to apply to a US Version that is nothing like the European one.

It all very strange but it occurred to me one day that people can not really help it when they are born in a system where the use of words and language has very different meaning then in another land and when that language so distorted it very much harder to communicate ideas.

I mentioned a program I heard on the CBC about Americans that had moved to canada 10+ years ago (during the Bush years) and what they found different about Canada then the USA. One guy called in to talk guns indicating he always owned a gun in the USA yet was always afraid. he said he was afraid every time he met a stranger or was on the road or went to a store. He mentioned that one day he woke up in Canada (where he did not have a gun) and realized he was not living in fear anymore. This speaks to how people think and act differently when they are raised in a given environment and how their perceptions of the world are shaped by the same.


I’ve been writing a book on estrangement of humans from the very planet that keeps us alive as well as the estrangement of people from each other. This has been a project I began just before Covid arrived, after several years of research. Suddenly, what I had predicted was happening in real time, and I’ve put it aside. The US philosophy is horribly destructive,suicidal, and insane. It’s based on an extreme I-Me society. If you don’t compete even if you harm other beings, if you don’t make it, if you don’t have the right house, car, clothes, if you’re not famous or rich, well, then, you didn’t work hard enough and are a failure. Failure and self-hate is built into how we raise our children. They have no innate worth, only their value as consumers and earning their place in society in order to be allowed to live.
Interestingly, societies crumpled by WW2 were given complete sets of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House books to teach the children how wonderful the American Way was. To a country, they all were appalled by the racism, the emphasis on being independent no matter what. So they made sure they had good schools, good health care for all, multiple grids of transportation, and, most of all, not to give up the village way of life. Of knowing and depending on each other. Look at the photo of a group of neighbors in Spain having a meal outside in the snow. In the US, someone would call the cops.
This system cannot be changed from without or within. It can only collapse, with those still alive realizing that being alone and not trusting others really sucked. And that we now need to return gifts to Grandmother Earth when we take something.


These are all very good points. Cruelty and overall lack of compassion are pervasive in the US in many forms, both cultural and institutional. And they are accepted as the norm…not so much in my view because Americans as a people are different from the rest, but primarily because the hierarchical systems of power and commerce in the US are merged, and very strong, deviously sophisticated, thus able to impose their ‘culture’ on the general society as a whole - which is by design kept in the dark of the cultural norms in the rest of the world. Too large a topic for a little comment, but in my view the American people are victims of the extremely well organized behind the scenes powers that exploit them.

Anyhow, let’s rejoice for the triumph of progress in Mars, while millions on Earth suffer for basic necessities.


i’m so happy to hear that! There are others here i wish would let us know they are writing books: @JoanRobinson @theoldgoat @Lay-LowStudiosOre-Wa, others too.

i’m writing an article that should be a book about:

  • movements for ecological agriculture around the world;
  • how agriculture needs to work within the boundaries of ecology and justice;
  • outlining the powerful interests that reproduce and profit from the dehumanizing and ecocidal extractive industrial agricultural commodity model;
  • tracing the roots of this model (and of neoliberalism) to the “Enlightened” and “liberal” European colonizers’ enactment of their “scientific” philosophy of white supremacy thru mass murder, enslavement, and grand theft continental, with all the extracted wealth and ownership that resulted from these great crimes;
  • assessing terminologies claimed and used by movements for soil-based and ecology-based agriculture, organic regenerative or sustainable agriculture, permaculture, agroecology, food sovereignty etc, and looking at coöptation of terminologies by powerful interests;
  • asking whether our movements, using varying or coalescing terminologies, recognize and promote the need for worldwide land reform and wealth reform in a process of deep decolonization, reparation and regeneration of “the economy” in which extractive industrial agricultural corporations currently operate;
  • all in the context of and with regard to the existential, synergistic and metastasizing economic social and ecological crises we inhabit…

The people of Texas do have the awareness. But between the GOP gerrymandering and the DLC forcing out progressives, they don’t have much power to do anything about it. Just like the rest of us in this country.


There is a Lakota proverb that says, “When you take a single stick, you can break it easily. But when you take a bundle of sticks, it is very hard to break. Therefore, let us join together as one tribe under the banner of the people, so that all the people will live.”
Perhaps we need to get together jointly to write that book, each with one or two chapters. We all have a story to tell, a way of healing. Hoka Hay!


There are talented writers in the CD commons, @sekhmetsdaughter and @webwalk, and it’s good to hear that your talents are being employed in your educational projects. I visit the commons almost every day, in order to find “the rest of the story” in these comments, added to the news and views that CD admirably publishes. I probably own the record for Likes, but I appreciate you commenters’ informative efforts.


In some states, such as Minnesota, about 70% of the population regularly votes. What’s the % of voters casting ballots in the Lone Star State? Just asking for a friend.
Additionally, it gets really cold in the winter in Minnesota, too. Just like it did in Texas, recently.
It appears Texas needs to become more like Minnesota in a lot of ways. Weatherization, voting, more insulation, more Democrats, building codes and sane regulations regarding the grid. Good luck and god’s speed.


@sekhmetsdaughter @webwalk
I look forward to those stories.

Despite how the news makes me feel sometimes, as a current sub-urbanite [super-rural-ite(?)], not all is lost.


Below are 2 hard-to-stomach symptoms of our failed economic system:

Krystal Ball: Police Guard Dumpster Of Food, Protecting Profits Over People

Heartless Texas Mayor Resigns After Horrific Social Media Post

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your numbers seem off by almost an order of magnitude, the majority of voters in both parties seem to be held in the sway of always voting for the “Lessor of Two Evils(,…but always evil)” candidates.

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I just don’t understand how the freedom to “do as you are told,” is “Freedom?”

Given the state of “common” in this country, adding the word “sense” merely creates an oxymoron.


Capitalism is the failed economic system – the impulse to maximize private profits will inevitably destroy society (social / public /commons).
As private profit and inequality grows - the outcomes and outlook for the general public declines. Initiatives that redistribute wealth and improve resiliency, like Medicare for All, $15.00/hr. minimum, the abolition of Student Debt etc. are steps that will help stop the capitalist rot.
Catch “We are all in it together” towards the end of the 1985 Terry Gillian movie ‘Brazil’, plus a wonderful R De Nero cameo too.

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That was a rather ignorant reply.

There is a lot of history behind how Texas got where it is. A lot of it involves Yankees stealing land from Mexico and then screwing up the government.

A large number of Texans who don’t vote, probably don’t vote because the elections are still rigged by the GOP and DLC, and it won’t matter. Not to mention the large population that is not allowed to vote.

But I’m sure that Minnesota is perfect and has nothing to learn or gain by understanding Texas. Just make sure that you toss out any food, inventions, books, … that came from Texas, if you are going to disparage it.

Sorry Tex. I’ll try to do better the next time it’s below 20-25° in Houston or Galveston. Meanwhile, as Molly Ivins said, " the fight isn’t between the left and the right, it’s between the ups and the downs. " BTW- The downs (70%) have clearly lost these fights in Texas.
In Texas the downs are also going to be thrown out of their homes without some form of relief, as well. Because of a " free markets for a free people " type of nonsense. Molly Ivins believed in regulations in the market and so do most sane people. We’ll soon see what the Texas politicians believe, right?