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Texas Is Flooded Because Our Democracy Is, Too


Texas Is Flooded Because Our Democracy Is, Too

Basav Sen

“It’s flooding down in Texas,” goes the old song. “All of the telephone lines are down.”

With apologies to Stevie Ray Vaughan, there’s a lot more down in Texas than telephone lines now. Power lines are down, homes are destroyed, and cities sit underwater. Dozens have died.

For me, this is personal. I worried intensely about friends and family in Houston and Corpus Christi.


“Let’s get money out of politics…and renewables in.” Very good, Basav, but you don’t expound on how we do that. We mostly know the outlines of our problems-turning -into-crises in America, and many on CD have written eloquently and passionately and wisely about them. As to actions, plans, a structured proposal for how we accomplish the overturn of the 1%, not so many have put forth their plan.


Legalized Bribery - worth repeating


The answer is not new. It is practiced in some countries.

Public Financing of Elections
Mandatory time limits for campaigns.

The Elections Business, and it is a business, has grown too large, and as soon as one campaign is over, the next one begins. Elected officials at every level have to spend too much time getting ready for the next election, that it’s no wonder they get so little done. Even when they know what needs to be done, they cannot get enough support to do it, for fear that they will be “primaried”.

Our political system is broken. Our “democracy”, such as it was, is over.


Getting money out of our political system will call for a change in the constitution, thanks to decades of corporate, big-money friendly Supreme Court decisions. For sure, the current makeup the Court is very much in that category and you can expect the Court to protect the 1% against any attempts to lessen their influence. “Money is speech” and “corporations are individuals” doesn’t leave a lot of room for significant limits on campaign spending.


Don’t blame carbon dioxide.
Don’t blame methane.
God is doing this!


THE WAY to stop all this nonsensical destruction is to publicly fund ONLY all elections; local, state, and national. When we spend multi-millions of private money to elect some yahoo to the US senate for a measly 2 yr. term these fools spend all of their time raising money and no time governing. The days of I’ll take your big fat check and vote against you are over. Instead, we have ALEC writing our laws, laws enacted by a corrupt congress and signed by a corrupt president. Laws that insure more money for the rich corporations, and the wealthiest among us, laws that allow for the poisoning of our planet and the wanton destruction of any future our children might have had. I don’t want to live in a nation of laws I want to live in a nation governed by JUST laws.


The American democracy is somewhat of an illusion. If you look at this history, the government has basically been run or controlled by people with money and power. The people have been led to believe that they somehow play a role in all of this but mainly they have just endorsed those who are already chosen. Money has infected politics local and national. How does public financing go to those who don’t already have political clout?

The other problem is that government uses force. If people really believed in their government and that we needed services - they would willingly contribute. Now people appear to be forced to pay - like they really don’t want to unless forced. Can people be put in a position to believe in the projects of our government where they will willingly contribute of their time and money or must they be forced? That is a very serious question.


It is the house of representatives where a two year term is served and they are up for re-election every two years. The senators serve for six years.


It will take a long time to rid the nation of those who would stand in the way of progress. The only way is for people to elect enough progressive minded people to overcome those who stand against progress. This is not an easy task given the sway of money and power.