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Texas Mothers Jailed Five Days in Louisiana over Two Hot Dogs


Texas Mothers Jailed Five Days in Louisiana over Two Hot Dogs

Bill Quigley

Two Texas mothers, who police said had no criminal record, spent five days in a notorious Louisiana jail over charges they ate two hot dogs, milkshakes and an icee at a convenience store. The women were ordered held on $1500 dollar bond each despite the fact they had just voluntarily driven over 400 miles from Dallas to show up in court to contest the charges against them.


Just think what would have happened to them if they had done something really egregious like crash our economy or lied our country into an illegal war.


This is the type of shit that probably motivated Rev. Jeremiah Wright to proclaim “God Damn America.”


I’m no expert, and I think we’ve all seen similar cases, but until these rampant municipal shakedown schemes, that deploy illegal and unconstitutional bail and debtor imprisonment, are met with systematic ABA disbarments and U.S. Justice Department prosecutions against these prosecutors and judges, there will be no broad based incentive for change at the municipal level, and these state sanctioned crimes against innocent citizens will persist indefinitely.


This looks like a shakedown for cash. Louisiana is one of those states that advocates low taxes in order to attract business. This leads to underfunded departments such as the Justice system. They than address these shortfalls via extortion from the poor.

The choice for many becomes pay a lawyer 2000$$ to fight your case in court or come down and fight it at your expense or just pay the town a fine


Immediately on reading the headline, I thought “good gracious”. No I actually thought, “WTF”. Louisiana is a poor, backward state, a racist state, a State in the state of profound ignorance. I perceive that the few who are well off there control the whole governing class and couldn’t give a damn for anyone else who lives there or visits there. The entire mechanism for providing the Constitutional right to legal aid for all, including those who cant afford it, has gone to hell with public funded defense having been rendered broke. The probable attitude of the ruling class, with a few exceptions like Moity, if “who gives a shit”.

The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer It has never yet melted.”

                                                         DH Lawrence


Between the covert return of the poll tax (in the form of voting ID laws, and such); and for-profit prisons with stocks traded on Wall St. requiring enough warm bodies on the inside to keep profits rising; the war on the Black Community and/or the poor is real.

Whenever church and state begin to merge, authoritarian structures become more and more punitive and restrict more and more human liberties. Today’s U.S. spy state is a primary example and a good percentage of Republican voters vote the White Christian Authoritarian Brand and the result is governors like Scott Walker and the creep in Michigan (whose name escapes me).

Essentially, the right to a trial, an attorney, and the presumption of innocence are nullified and in their places, the ruling ethos is: “You stand accused!” (It’s got a real “Inquisition” Deja vu feel to it, too.)

Look at the amount of money the state will waste on a trial, or even paper processing for a nonsensical accusation (stolen hot dogs) that any arbiter could see was mistaken, if not contrived.

There should be law students who get credit for doing community FIELD work. Cases that involve fees under $500 can have arbiters do the footwork and look at the evidence and determine if any party is culpable. They should have the authority to merely write “tickets” which like parking tickets, have a span of time in which they must be paid.

Otherwise, to tie up courts with this nonsense is a ridiculous use of public resources and a mockery of what’s left of the Justice System.


It gets worse. CD ran 2 articles addressing the fact that some of these tabs–even for parking tickets and minor traffic violations IF unpaid result in jail time. And the “felon” is then charged for the nights they spend in jail! Many emerge effectively tethered to an invisible Debtors’ prison. I think this criminalization of the poor scheme was brought to life in Mississippi or Alabama. (I don’t recall the state.)

The usurpation of all branches of society by Big Money means that those who suffer from the LOVE OF MONEY disease are running everything. Through deft lobbying tactics (legal bribery) they finagled all these deregulatory policies that allow them to skim all profits–like cream–off the top, and leave the mess for local citizens, government (which means citizens’ tax dollars), or paid entities to clean up.

Alan McDonald defines this as the externalization of costs. The Libertarian “free” trade types take it all for themselves under the guise of freedom; and then they leave everyone else to pay the tab, and/or repent for their fiscal and ecological sins!

There are so many fronts where injustice is running the show that people can only commit to a cause or two at best.

Oil drilling
Closing public schools
The purchase of elections
The corporate control of media
The pervasive spying
The treatment of the Muslim community
The treatment of the Hispanic community
The treatment of the Black community
The treatment of women particularly regarding their access to birth control
The machine-like use of standardized tests
The infusion of ridiculous levels of vaccines into babies’ bodies
The manipulation of elections from voting rolls to vote counts
The wars!!!
The decimation of public health through a cast of artificial ingredients, pesticides, GMOs, etc that have millions of people struggling with Cancer, Diabetes, Depression, Obesity, etc.

Every just thing has been inverted!

The center cannot hold.

Watch for falling debris.


Do you recognize the dichotomy you’ve just expressed?

On the one hand, you delineate the ACTS of “the ruling class.” But then in the D.H. Lawrence quote, what is true for them is then generalized to signify the American Soul.

This is a lot like the memes that take the 18% of the U.S. population who enthusiastically supports Trump and from that limited demographic goes on to make all sorts of generalizations about AMERICANS, as a whole.

It also works this way when what is done by professional killers, the armed forces, is then generalized to represent the American People.

It’s done when malfeasance that is specific to a particular actor or entity is also generalized to somehow comport with the whole of humanity or the whole U.S. citizenry.

These are duplicitous frames. Whether they are the result of a conscious wish to distort truth (*as in trained disinformation tactics) or just the result of words thrown at a blank canvas (in a manner reminiscent of the painting style of Jackson Pollack), is impossible to know for certain.

So once again… do YOU see the inherent contradiction generated from juxtaposing these 2 quotes?


Add to the 18% who support Trump, Cruz supporters and HRC supporters, and you come up with a larger number. Of course, not everyone supported Hitler. There were many good Germans. Alas.


History tells us, that they would receive a rich pension for it.


The report does not state the race of these two women, but by the treatment they received, it is save to assume, that they were not white


Reminds me of the graduate law class I took four decades ago. Instead of a bell ringing at the end of each class, the professor would say “whatever we said here today, always remember that it really comes down to how much justice you can afford”. That was our cue that class was over.


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I’m filing this article under “Human rights, American Style.”


hopefully, the attorney will recognize the opportunity to tap the deep pockets of the convenience-store chain for bringing false charges against them, and the not-so-deep pockets of the police, solicitor, and judge for … well, just for being scum. let each try to pass the blame off on the other, in court, under oath, and they build your case for you, while building their own scaffold.



I would normally leave it at that. But I’ll add a little here. RichSmith gets a spanking from Sue, the emphatic and eloquent Sue. The guarantor of the English language and the semantics thereof. But no, there is no dichotomy here with abuse of power by civil authority in the US vis-à-vis Lawrence’s view of the American soul. His quoted assessment is in tandem with a direct reference to James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking, to his Natty Bumppo on the one hand and to the soul of America on the other.

To quote Lawrence in his essay “Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking Novels”:

The passionate love for America, for the soil of America, for example. As I say, it is perhaps easier to love America passionately, when you look at it through the wrong end of the telescope, across all the Atlantic water, as Cooper did so often, than when you are right there. When you are actually in America, America hurts, because it has a powerful disinte- grative influence upon the white psyche. It is full of grinning, unappeased aboriginal demons, too, ghosts, and it persecutes the white men, like some Eumenides, until the white men give up their absolute whiteness. America is tense with latent violence and resistance. The very common sense of white Americans has a tinge of helplessness in it, and deep fear of what might be if they were not common-sensical.”


But probably, one day America will be as beautiful in actuality as it is in Cooper. Not yet, however. When the factories have fallen down again”.

America is not there yet.

The correlation is still there and together. Lawrence’s concept of “whiteness” does not refer solely to skin color. Black people and indigenous people and hispanic people, the “aboriginal demons”, are still there and may be until the homo sapiens disappears from the planet.

Sue, get off your Semantic Hobby Horse. Everything we perceive is through our senses and never corresponds unequivocally to reality. There are only instances of a perception of what is. You assume too much in your act of perceiving.


The first thing that came to mind when I read this is the documentation of bizzarre twistings of “civil forfeiture”; the institutionalization of illegal revenue stream enhancement by criminalization through minor traffic infractions in Ferguson; and the militarization of police departments that has now spread a viral distortion of the role of what are supposed to ‘peace officers’ in this country.

I in no way mean to make light of the case of the abuse of the fundamental Constitutional rights these two women, but to add the context being experienced all over the country in hopes that what John Oliver satirized will help keep the sheer scale of the problem front and center


As American as hot dogs


I have researched American ideas of justice and find that there is systemic injustice in the US “judicial” system. This is just more proof of my point.