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Texas Mothers Jailed Five Days in Louisiana over Two Hot Dogs


And so???


Just as prosecutors who alter or withhold evidence to send innocent people to death row should be charged with attempted murder.


Why no mention of the skin color of the Texas mothers? It seem reasonable to assume that Walnetta was black from the name, presumably Tristan (normally a guy’s name) was too? We live in a deeply racist country, and their skin color almost certainly was factor in the way they were treated by the convenience store owner, police and justice system. To not mention their skin color in the context of this injustice in reporting it is like not mentioning a driver was drunk in reporting a fatal multi-vehicle car crash.

The highest form of racism is the racism-denialism - a deep wish to will color-blindness into being by imposing a sort of willed blindness to it’s existence and not speaking out against instances of racism when they occur.

But then again, maybe the victims of this injustice were white this time. But pardon my skepticism that arises from wide-open-eyes.


“Ms. Reid said she jail was very hard. “I was praying and praying because I could not figure out why God put me in this situation…”

Religion is the cry of the oppressed…” - Marx


Thanks for posting this. Frightening and hilarious… proof of how much U.S. Law and Order has drifted into Theater of the Absurd.


Why didn’t the operarator / owner of the convenience store come to the fore to say they hadn’t stolen the hot dogs and ice creams?

Remind me not to visit the USA.