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Texas Progressive Jessica Cisneros Announces Primary Challenge to Unseat "Trump's Favorite Democrat" in Congress

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/13/texas-progressive-jessica-cisneros-announces-primary-challenge-unseat-trumps

Justice Democrats are a for-profit group? Where did he get that info?

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You know who establishment Dems hate more than anyone?



Where did you get your info?

Justice Democrats functions like a party within the Democratic Party – running our … to the campaign), so we do these services at-cost to us, making no profit .


Excellent. "Border security hawks in Congress have encouraged CBP/OAM to put DHS drones at the disposal of border law enforcement agencies, particularly the Texas border sheriffs. At a July 15, 2010 hearing of the House Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security, Henry Cuellar, then subcommittee chair, suggested that OAM could provide real-time data streams from Predator surveillance directly to the border sheriffs.**


I agree w your pemise, but want to quibble about a term for the good of the order–and my own instruction. In several places I have been reading that “liberal” now actually means 3rd way Dems–corporate dems in other words. Similarly, we are beginning to see the term “progressive” attached to all kinds of non progressive types–and it’s one of my favorite terms and ideologies btw. I would like to see comments from others on how to navigate through these increasingly meaningless labels, and would say that it’s the media and talking heads who generally have led the way in distorting their meaning–not you, not me.


I, for one, am not going to let the right or the media co-opt the term “liberal.”

That running scared from labels that we allow Frank Luntz to turn into denigrations (with appellations such as “tax and spend” liberals) is another sign of the cowardice that has been the hallmark of the d-party for 40 years. If you choose, like so many other Democrats, to hide behind the term “progressive,” that’s fine. Hillary Clinton called herself a progressive. Same with Joe Biden, for fuxsake. To me, the term is a meaningless catchall vaguely connoting “not Republican.” In that sense, it fits the d-party perfectly.

I’m a liberal. I’m no longer a Democrat, my views are far to the party’s left. Cuellar is a conservative. As such, he represents the wing of the Democratic Party that holds all the power.


I, too, am a liberal and as such I have little to nothing in common with the democratic party as presently constructed. I would love to have a viable third party option; however, lacking one I vote with the democrats even when I have to hold my nose.


Ahhh this will make the DCCC sphincter pucker.

Well I"m going to have to scrape together a few bucks to send to her.


My nose-holding days are long gone. I proudly vote my conscience and no longer pretend the d-party is the LOTE. Insofar as they enable the r-party by moving rightward, they’re the bigger OTE.


my point exactly

Sounds like great news to me. I will something to help Jessica win. Hopefully we hear more

The republican spin machine started the bashing of the word liberal. The best way to fight that is to get everyone to agree on a derogatory word for the right wing nuts. And spread it like wildfire.

I propose “right-wing nuts.” It’s simple, accurate, and we already have it.

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Too bad we can’t get rid of Ted Cruz, Cornyn, and the rest of those bums.

Right-wing nuts is good. I also refer to them as to what they are, Fascist.

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no “progressive” dem with any power has signed up for peace in the Korean Peninsula, so far. not Sanders, not Pocahontas, not Wyden, not Markey, not McGovern. about 40 no-name reps have expressed their support, knowing full well there is no chance in hell that DC political class will support any peace process in Korea. that’s your “progressives”.

I’m looking for her web page.

Sounds promising, considering that Cuellar hasn’t signed 1384, the new Medicare For All bill. What a disgrace he is. On the other hand, I hope this Justice Dem is more thoroughly vetted on foreign policy than AOC. I am disappointed in her silence regarding important issues there (unless I’ve missed the comments), and when she has spoken, for example, on Venezuela/Latin America, I was taken back and disappointed. She sounded like a soft coup supporter. Many people have since challenged her in this area via social media, and she has not responded to their concerns. Plus, I am really tired of how they ingratiate themselves with corporate Dems who are women. I just this trio of twitter posts the other day with Hillary Clinton, Neera Tanden and AOC and I wanted to throw up. Let Jessica Cisneros show us that she’s better than this. And before she’s elected.