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Texas Readies to Kill Man—Who Killed No One—for Murder


Texas Readies to Kill Man—Who Killed No One—for Murder

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Texas—the state that leads the nation (pdf) in number of executions—is on the brink of killing Jeffery Wood.

His execution is scheduled for Aug. 24, which is "just five days after his 43rd birthday, for a crime that everyone, including prosecutors, admits he did not commit,"Jordan Smith wrote at The Intercept.


Wow! Don’t expect any leniency from the Texas governor.

How about Obama - can he step in here?

This is just shameful. Texas is the most f-ed up state in the union.


He can but it is doubtful that he will given the point he has made about pardoning nonviolent drug offenders. Never mind that Mr. Woods was not violent and had no clue what his pal was up to. The entire culture of this nation is one of death. I do hope a miracle happens in this case to stop this abomination.


another sacrifice tothe gods of american savagery.


I don’t believe he can. My understanding is that the Constitution only gives the President the power to pardon those convicted of Federal crimes.


Is there a way that this law can also be used against the Governor of Texas?


Surprisingly for Texas, he’s not black or Hispanic.


People do not go to Texas it’s barbaric! The barbarians who are in power there are devoid of compassion, no soul, only cold icy hearts. Maybe we can get a refugee program here in the states to aid the citizens there who want to leave, but can’t leave for what ever reason. I know the refugee idea won’t fly, It takes courage, and Obama, and company have none. Travel bans, every state with guts, stand for something. Say no to Texas barbarians!


Ours is a sick country. Texas is a sick state.


Why do we continue to allow Texas to be a part of the United States?

Can’t we hold a national referendum questioning whether or not Texas should be allowed to remain a part of the USA?


Grant leniency?
He kills folks on a routine basis overseas.
So he’s probably the last person on earth that we should look to for some mercy to be shown.


You’re an expert on assholes are you?
Your kin must be proud?


I remember this case.

The felony murder statute exists in most states. But, it is general not considered a death penalty offense, but second degree murder, the same as felony drunk driving that results in a death, even if the drunk driver did not intend to do harm, even if the drunk driver did not cause the fatal incident.

IIRC, it was critical that Wood intended to commit a crime to get the death penalty, or at least knew it was likely a crime would occur. The court ruled that whether or not Wood had any knowledge a crime would, or would be likely to, occur, he was guilty because he knew the shooter had a criminal record. I think the court accepted the defense argument that Wood may very well have been just giving a friend a ride, but ruled it was irrelevant.

If this argument was applied to cops in Texas…


You know in Mexico with all their drug cartel murders, Mexico does not even have the death penalty. The old testament living Evangelical Christians of Texas love executions. I have experience in this, although my Mother was a Cuban immigrant, and Catholic, and my Father was a first generation Norwegian non believer, my sister went to the dark side, and is an Evangelical Christian who loves executions, just like in Texas. Texas is laced with Evangelical execution lovers, and they go to the old testament, I swear, every time to justify their evil ways. Furthermore, not even the Innocents Project, nor Sister Helen Prejean can reason with these people.


Read the case of Cameron Todd Willingham. Convicted and executed for starting a fire that killed his three children. He was innocent of the crime. Texas injustice is so blatant that they execute innocent white men. Cannot imagine the extent of injustice levied on men and women of color. The more conservative your “Christian” beliefs, the more people you like to execute or bomb, and the more you like to beat your children into submission. I grew up in it and know.


Texas is the most Christian and " churched " state in this deeply Christian and " churched " country. We trail only Saudi Arabia in this measurement of " "churchiness "; even if them guys and gals go to mosques. Both in Texas and S.A. your degree of deep " churchiness " is exemplified by how far you’d drive your 9 passenger SUV to either an oil field or to a religious service. If it’s to an oil field then the blessedness of God/Mohammed is surely in your eternally blessed spirit. And, if that’s the case, you can damn near murder any dumb son-of-a bitch that you want to; even Presidents. So sayeth the Big Oil & Gas Man ( Big Cloud Guy ) in the name of the Father, the Father, the Father, the Father…and whoever them Arabs pray to. BTW- God Bless America and remember the 3Gs of " churchiness ": god, guns and ( beer ) guts ( on both the men and women since god loves them both, just from different positions ). Amen and whatever Saudis say, only double.


I’m a 67 year old native Texan, I believe a big part of the change in the culture in Texas is a result of the “Prosperity Doctrine”, which basically preaches that god loves the Rich and that greed is a sacrament—that getting rich is the way to serve god’s plan.
I would like to point out that Texas has witnessed a huge influx of new residents from other states, this has fed the transformation as much as native Texans changing their values. This suggests to me that the moral decay is common across the whole of the US. Greed and intolerance has sealed our fate. our country is about to self-destruct and nobody has a workable solution.
The only way out is to replace the failed leadership with better people. I don’t see that happening until we see a true collapse big and broad enough to take down today’s corrupt rulers.


Wood “has a history of emotional and intellectual impairments, and an IQ consistently assessed at about 80” and is scheduled to be put to death for a crime he didn’t commit.

Supposedly Hillary Clinton’s IQ is 140 and she can legitimize and approve of the killing of countless innocent people, lie, cheat and steal to/from billions of people and we “must” allow her to lead us? I’d like to see what her emotional intelligence (EQ) is.

Something is very wrong…

“The means we use must be as pure as the ends we seek”
-Martin Luther King


A perfect low down as to what is going on.


In that case: Will he pardon Leonard Peltier? Somehow I doubt it.