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Texas Republican Louis Gomhert Becomes Latest Anti-Mask Lawmaker to Test Positive for Covid-19

I live in Texas. We are home to millions of morons just like Gohmert.

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Back in the olden days there was a big earthquake, and when the shaking was over all of the fruits & nuts had settled here in the lower left corner of the contiguous 48.  I’m talking about California, obviously, which has at least as many morons per capita as any other state excepting possibly Arizona, Idaho and Montana (and that’s only because they have such small populations).

Why ONLY half?   I cannot think of ANY 'Poop-Lickens OR DamnocRats for whom I would feel sorry if they perished
of C-19 in the next three months, and a great many in both parties for whom I’d say, “Good Riddance!!”

Because sometimes straight lines invite snappy retorts.