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Texas Seeks Sessions' Approval to "Speed Up the Death Penalty Treadmill"


Texas Seeks Sessions' Approval to "Speed Up the Death Penalty Treadmill"

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Texas is seeking permission from Trump administration Attorney General Jeff Sessions to opt-in to a federal law that would fast-track executions, a move that critics warn could lead to the state killing more people—including those who are wrongfully convicted and those deemed too handicapped to be executed.

"Opt-in would speed up the death penalty treadmill exponentially."
Kathryn Kase, defense attorney


As I have said over and over again BOYCOTT TEXAS. But if you want to move here so badly, you can take my place!


Moving toward a more fully Nazi America.


Texas is a beautiful state and it might be ok if it weren’t for the people. Even then, there are a lot of great people in Texas but there are even more that don’t seem to be all that great. That last class includes most of the politicians who are usually repugnant in all they do and say. Love Jim Hightower. Remember Maury Maverick and Ralph Yarborough!


Since they are in such a hurry, maybe they should visit Auschwitz where they can get ideas from the Nazis they appear to admire so much. Maybe Beauregard Sessions will give them a pass so they can go back to lynching -that southern tradition. Or maybe they could grow up and become human beings with respect for life, decency and fairness. Why do they seem to move towards evil and backwards ways?


True words indeed. The people that I used to respect that voted for this clown. Texas has a yellow/red streak of conservative cowardice down its back. That’s what too many are, misguided, cowardly fools.