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Texas Slapped With ACLU 'Travel Warning' Over Sanctuary Cities Ban


Texas Slapped With ACLU 'Travel Warning' Over Sanctuary Cities Ban

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The backlash against Texas Governor Greg Abbott's recently-signed ban on sanctuary cities came immediately this week, starting with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) issuing a "travel warning" that visitors to the Lone Star State may have their constitutional rights violated by law enforcement.


This is a no brainer. BOYCOTT TEXAS!


As the old song goes
Next time I'm going to LA via Omaha
Boycott Divest Sanction
Hit em in the wallet
Meet them in Court


Hey, The Donald just signed an executive order allowing Christians to obey God's law over man's law - is this protecting the stranger and the week and vulnerable?


The ACLU needs to be dismantled.

Their failure to defend our rights, ALL of our rights makes them a danger to American society.



Americans also need to rise up and halt the spread of Socialism/Communism/Fascisim orr we will become another Venezuela.


Prupis passed over a few important points. First, persons fearful of being accused of being non-citizens will be discouraged from calling law enforcement when they learn about criminal activity, and discouraged from cooperating with law enforcement when that would assist in arresting or stopping criminals. Because evidently the law says nothing about how officers will determine that they should inquire into citizenship status, they will tend to interrogate non-whites because of racial profiling. However, they will have the freedom to interrogate (harass) whites who get their attention but otherwise wouldn't be susceptible to being stopped. Also, I wonder how law officers would determine who's a non-citizen -- by self-admission? Would officers be required to trust that they're being told the truth? Will people be required to carry "papers" to prove their citizenship?


A news report out of Corpus Christi yesterday said local restaurants whose clientele includes "illegals" have lost much of their business because their former customers fear being detained and deported and/or because they're saving money -- not eating out -- so that they'll have more money to deal with the results of arrests and deportations of non-citizen family members. This is even though the Texas law isn't supposed to go into effect until September 1. I guess Gov. Abbott is happy about that.


Illegal aliens don't have civil liberties. But they keep wages down, so they're good for business profits.