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Texas Study Shows How Defunding Planned Parenthood Actually Increased Abortion Rates


Texas Study Shows How Defunding Planned Parenthood Actually Increased Abortion Rates

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Illustrating the potential consequences if Republicans fulfill their threat to defund Planned Parenthood nationwide, a new study shows that when Texas slashed state funding for family planning clinics in 2011, the abortion rate among teenagers in the state actually increased.

"This certainly isn't the way to have fewer abortions."
—Dr. Diane Horvath-Cosper, Physicians for Reproductive Health


Excellent article, thank you!


Republicans couple their pro-life/anti-abortion agenda with preaching abstinence. The problem is that preaching abstinence does not work! Preaching abstinence and placing barriers to contraceptives does not reduce teen pregnancies! These numbers of increased teen pregnancies presented in this article also point out that preaching abstinence does not work! Republicans want to place barriers to obtaining contraceptives for teens because they falsely believe that doing so "sends the wrong message." When in fact, it does not send the wrong message. Rather what making contraceptives available to teens does is effectively decrease the rates of teen pregnancies! Human behavior cannot be bent according to one's religious/political/social ideology; it must be accepted as it is and effective ways to work with human behavior must be developed. Otherwise, history shows us you will create more problems than you solve. And that's what the republicans have done here- increased teen pregnancy rates.


Do we really want to return to a time when women died because of botched, backstreet abortions?

I don't.

Do we care so little for the health of women that we deny them access to diagnostic tests that will reveal a disease while it is curable?

I don't.

Are we really willing to say to poor women that the only health care that you get is in an emergency room full of other people with no alternatives?

I don't.

Are we going to say to them just wait until the pain is so acute that you can no longer stand it and then go wait and wait and wait in an emergency room for an overworked doctor to tell you that he or she can't help you because you are screwed and nothing can be done?

I don't!

Do you really think that other people's health care decisions are your business?

I don't!

Do you really think that any civilized moral code or any "spoken" or "written" "commandment" by a mythical sky fairy allows you to deny health care of any type to another human being?

I don't.


This was a no brainer, it is the result I predicted would happen. Along with a higher mortality rate for infants and mothers who would not receive care. Texas already had 3rd world infant mortality rate before they passed this, they had tied with somalia and sudan, the world's worst.
Republicans think denying women health care and contraceptions will result in no sex for unmarried women and many white babies for married women. I remember Santorum arguing that white women needed to get pregnant as often as possible to stop white people from becoming a minority. Plus republicans think sex should not be for enjoyment, only making babies.
Which considering that in the bible, men had multiple wives and concubines. Those men were certainly enjoying sex.


Agree with all of you're post except "pro life". Most repugs are pro birth, not pro life. They don't give a dam once a life comes into the world.


Came back to Tejas after over 15 years. State is full of hate.

All they understand here is guns and money. So do not visit. No hotels, flights, buses whatever. Hotter than Hell here anyway.

Spread the word. Make them pay. Money talks.

Go somewhere freedom is permitted:


I do not even think that they are pro birth. They do not care if women have access to maternity care or adequate nutrition both necessary for a healthy baby.


Good point.


Defunding Planned Parenthood increased abortion rates? Is it because Planned Parenthood would have otherwise encouraged the mothers to keep their children? Would they have offered other options besides abortion? Just trying to understand this stupid logic, of this study that was probably funded by Planned Parenthood or another abortion propaganda supporter.

Will the writer of this bogus article consider actual facts through today's science, and ultra-sound technology? This information exists in probably thousands of medical journals and articles. However, it's not too hard to find if you look for genuine information that goes beyond pop culture media resources.




Based on the truth we know today, it's time to De-Fund Planned Parenthood.


Fun fact: Did you know that Richard Nixon started the WIC Program- providing nutrition supplementation for pregnant, postpartum mothers and infants and children to 5 years old?


You seem to be laboring under the delusion that Planned Parenthood only provides for abortions; or at least you are willfully ignoring all the other services Planned Parenthood provides. If you'd look into what all services Planned Parenthood actually provides, you'd understand how abortion rates actually increased when all those other services decreased- because no one else is providing family planning services. I'll give you a hint: the more unwanted pregnancies there are, the more mothers there are who will want abortions. They call themselves "Planned" Parenthood for a reason. Perhaps you should study up on that since you want to be all talking about "the truth we know today." Follow your path and even more mothers will want abortions.