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Texas Sued (Again) for Latest 'Insult' to Women


Texas Sued (Again) for Latest 'Insult' to Women

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Reproductive health advocates have filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas for its latest unconstitutional attack on women's right to access safe and legal abortion.


Good grief- what are they putting in the water there????


Fracking chemicals - can't you tell?


And moonshine maybe????


I've tried to read the actual regulation, but what was published was only a catalogue of proposed changes — strikethroughs mean remove, and here's what's new, with a number of bits noted only as "unchanged." And that was the proposed rule, which was softened just the little bit to not require women to identify and gather up the remains of miscarriages they suffered outside of medical facilities. It also doesn't seem to say anything about a required burial ritual, only that interment happen in an approved "memorial park." It comes under the rules for handling of "pathological tissues."

Still. of course, adding restrictions on health-care providers does add to restrictions on women seeking those providers' care. And no, it does nothing for the woman whatsoever. And most ridiculous, if a woman doesn't have to distinguish the "pathological tissue" of an early miscarriage (aka failure to implant) from her normal menstrual blood for purposes of burial, but a provider has to have the tissues removed in a D&C buried or cremated and interred, well, it's another case of trying to hide your real intent. Ridiculous indeed.


These old white men are still suffering from "plantation mentality". They are always about control and the plantation mentality says that you are the owner and everyone else does what you say, you own them and that includes your wife.
They fight to go back to those days when they were king of their plantation and everything around it. They insist their women do as they say as well. If she wants an abortion it could be because the baby isn't theirs? They are selfish, petty and paranoid of losing control that motivates this type of aggression on women. It's not about saving the baby. I lived in Texas for a few years and got a really good look at the average man. This is all a cultural thing passed on to the sons.


May all the legislators and governor of Texas suffer the pain and subsequent anguish of an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage QUINTUPLED for at least a week! And may they also be forced to look at the remains for 24 hours. They know NOTHING and worse CARE NOTHING about the physical and emotional pain and suffering that women (and their families) go through with a miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, or decision to end a pregnancy for VERY PERSONAL REASONS. Bible belt = gateway to hell.



Good grief- I always knew I had no reason to travel to Tx. Even ten feet of snow sounds better!


They only "care" about the rights of the unborn. Sounds like a cult to me, and also it is NOT a poltical issue- it's a personal one. Wish th bahble belt would secede already- long overdue.


Well, maybe the should secede ( We can change the law) and have their own leaders, and if these women want to live that way?


Correct-once you are born you are on your own. Of course, humans of any age or sex, even if pregnant, are not important and can be killed when we invade any country we like to kill terrorists.


Nobody is stopping those who wish to from mourning in whichever way is right for them.


Yes, it is sickening, and certainly makes it look like we AMericans are all like that.


I won't even go there to visit a family member there. That is one crazy state.


Kind of a sweeping generalization, dontcha think? Perhaps many of the poor and young people work two and three minimum wage jobs and cannot take time off to vote regardless of any law saying they should be allowed this time (in a perfect world). As for minorities, how many non- whites and Hispanic work low-to-minimum wage jobs in the state as well as suffering targeting by the gendarme just because of the color of their skin? Many feel that their vote does not count anyway along with a deep sense of powerlessness, which poverty exacerbates. And you failed to mention the rampant and blatant gerrymandering for which the state of Texas is famous due to the likes of Tom DeLay, Mr. Pest Control himself.

Thank you for your efforts to bring about change!


Not even moonshine, just plain store bought rot gut. Texas breeds alcoholism, and every 7th grader gets a free 6 pack of Colorado piss water (Coors) at the end of classes day 1.


"Abolition of a woman's right to abortion, when and if she wants it,
amounts to compulsory maternity: a form of rape by the State."
—Edward Abbyey

For you bible thumpers, you have no argumentative foot to stand on using the Bible, or the Commandment "Though shall not kill." Nor any words/teaching of Christ or NT.

In fact, God called for abortions, in the order of brutal slaying of innocent pregnant females in war. (Virgins were normally captured for wives--aka sex slaves.)


That might explain it.


Once drove through over thirty something years ago on the way to CA. Gas station owner wouldn't allow me to use the facilities - wrong state plates!


How about humans and other animals killed through a bad economy and constant gun violence.