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Texas Women Strike Back Against State-Mandated Abortion 'Propaganda'


Texas Women Strike Back Against State-Mandated Abortion 'Propaganda'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Women's health advocates in Texas are outraged over the contents of a misleading and state-mandated booklet that's handed out to women seeking an abortion.


Hand it to the woman with the warning:

Here is the hateful piece of Anti Abortion Propaganda that the Texas Republiklan Party says we have to hand out. Don’t worry. It’s all Lies, but the Legislature is 100% Fundamentalist.


So who is writing these pamphlets?


Remember Anne Richards was not so long ago Governor of Texas?

That was just before the Bush’s took over – and at one point state was near turning blue.

These are decisions being put in place out of fear of what birth control and
abortion actually do – i.e., limit labor for capitalist profit.

ROME, November 14, 2002 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In the first visit of a Pope to the Italian Parliament in over 120 years, Pope John Paul II called on Italian parliamentarians to encourage openness to life among Italians. The Pope called the “crisis of the birthrate, the demographic decline and the ageing of the population” a “grave threat that bears upon the future of this Country.” In some of the strongest language he has used on the topic the Pope warned: “Raw statistical evidence obliges us to take account of the human, social and economic problems which this crisis will inevitably impose on Italy in the decades to come. Above all, it encourages - indeed, I would dare to say, forces - citizens to make a broad and responsible commitment to favour a clear-cut reversal of this tendency.” The Pope assured the politicians that the Church would contribute to this needed development with promotion of openness to life. However, he stressed, “there is also ample room for political initiatives which, by upholding recognition of the rights of the family as the natural society founded upon marriage” which “can make the task of having children and bringing them up less burdensome both socially and economically.” See the full text of the Pope’s address: http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/john_paul_ii/speeches/2002/november/documents/hf_jp-ii_spe_20021114_italian-parliament_en.html See BBC Report BBC NEWS | Europe | Pope urges Italians to have children

At one point, Pope was telling them to “make women have children.”


Everything’s bigger in Texas

Especially the lies


Why the scare quotes around “propaganda” in the headline?